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D/S is Everywhere, but Where's the S&M?  

Horizon137 29M  
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2/16/2021 6:27 pm
D/S is Everywhere, but Where's the S&M?

a sadist. There, I said it. Absolve of the kink-shaming; I can't help it if I get sexually aroused by roughing up a cute lady. I will be the first to say, that there ARE limits here. Specifically, I don't want anyone going to the hospital; heck, I don't want to add any new scars onto my fantasy, hypothetical girlfriend.

But, the point is, I don't want her calling "" or "Master". I'd rather her "OW" with all the biting and/or<b> whipping </font></b>I'd be doing, among other instruments of acute physical pain. Problem is, having a uniquely hard time finding somebody like that.

I actually made a drawing specifically about this matter, just to show what I mean. And, I mean, I've noticed this trend across the board: from Fetlife to BDSM. (or was it .net), and the rare times I'd find a kinkster on OKCupid.

So there stands my question: Where do I find a compatible partner for what looking for?!

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