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Holiday Party  

Horny_Pops2013 50M
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1/20/2020 10:43 am
Holiday Party

So, I think I am ready let the cat out of the bag. My company had an office party, and it was an after hours bring a date kind of event. So, the wife and I went for a few hours. We were not planning on staying long.

The wife got chatting up a co-workers wife, so we were there longer then we had agreed. When my wife excused herself go the restroom, my coworkers wife started be extra friendly .I avoided any actions for fear she was setting up, as I had in past made comments about this woman and how good looking she was.

a week or so after the party, I run into my coworkers wife in the parking garage, and I said hello, just to be nice in passing. I asked how she was and she replied saying sh was doing good, just waiting on her husband for lunch. Well, turns out her husband was tied up off site at a meeting ,and he forgot to tell her. when she found out, she asked if she could join me. I said sure I would be happy to have her for lunch (being a smart ass), and she is witty and picked up on what I said!!

when I got in her car, she said, I heard that, and so you want me for lunch do ya, I laughed it off, but told her hell yes I do. I didnt think she would actually take me up on it, but she did and she was ready. because, she took my hand up her skirt and she had no panties on.

I was instantly hard as a rock and she took notice. We drove up to the top level of the garage where no one was around. I jumped into the back seat, where she slid up her dress and sit down on my face and let me enjoy her moist wet pussy until she came. My face was flooded with her juices. she then began to<b> stroke </font></b>and suck me off until she finished me off.

We have been meeting once a week since and it has been wonderful. More stories to come.

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