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Why can’t we  

Hornyyooper1x2 60M
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3/15/2020 10:28 pm
Why can’t we

Hard to connect in this area, and the points thing makes it harder yet.
I’m working on more points so I can use IM.
I know there’s has to be more horny people here in the IM/K area let’s get something going and for you outside lovers, springs is cuming fast.
So comment on any idea you have for getting together.
Let’s find something exciting to enjoy.
The first time I was flashed by a guy was when I was much younger and at a wayside north of Green Bay, there were two urinals with no privacy wall between, but further apart.
I was about half way through pissing and someone else walks in.
He comes to the other urinal and undoes his pants and slides the way down so half his ass was showing.
He starts pissing and working his big cock at the same time.
He looks towards me as I’m finishing and I just blurt out, nice cock!
He finishes pissing turns towards me still stroking and growing hard and says oh you like it.
All ai said was very nice, he says take yours out too.
So of course I did and started stroking too. Rubbing my balls and growing hard quickly.
He asked would you like to suck it? I said never have done that but would love to<b> stroke </font></b>that big cock for you and see it cum. I love cum shots.
He moves closer and reaches for my cock I slid to the side some and took his in my hand it was big, 8” uncut and thick. I had never saw a uncut cock live before.
He had a lot of foreskin and I started working it on and off his cockhead.
He moaned and bucked his hips some.
I said that has to feel good sliding on and off your cock like that.
He says yes and your doing it well want to Dee how it feels?
i just nodded and he moves in front of me and comes closer, takes my cock and pulls it next to his cock head, pushes them together and slides the foreskin over both our cockheads.
He starts working it and take and slides my cockhead around his in his foreskin. I said oh fuck and he tells me to fuck his cock pumping us faster, I tell him I’m going to cum, he reaches around grabs my ass pulls me closer and says fuck it faster fill it with your cum, I start to cum and his knees buckle and we are both shooting our loads and he keeps stroking us both. Cum is dripping out all around his foreskin, he starts pumping us both with all that cum and he starts to cum again.
He backs away a d bends down and take some my cock in his mouth sayi g I hate to waste all that cum.
He takes my cock deep and is working his tongue on the under side of my shaft slowly pulling out and REALLY working the under side of my cock head.
I start bucking and mutter oh fuck I’m going to cum again. So takes me all the way down is pushing for more going back and forth until I shoot another load right down his throat.
That was my first double cum and it blew my mind that I could, until he did I ha dado never saw it. I’ve been lucky enough I have it happen a few times. That second one was so amazing, such a build up and release.
I’m hard just thinking about it, I need to go cum thinking of my cock filling his foreskin.

happymopar 72M
4 posts
3/28/2020 3:09 am

Love this. My wish something like this would happen to me. Many years ago a man tried to pick me up but I was to young to know what he wanted. If it happens now I would know what was happening and would enjoy the following time.

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