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Weekly Poll Tally - 5th November, 2018  

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Weekly Poll Tally - 5th November, 2018

Hi, everybody!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I just finish the weekly poll tally for the week between 29th October, 2018 (Monday) and 4th November, 2018 (Sunday), so now we are on the same page and no one is falling behind. Looking at all these polls I have created, I do have a few new responses in comments and votes, especially on a few new polls. I'm also getting plenty of views in my blog, and some have already gotten at least 00 views, which is a great start. Without further ado, here are all the tallies from all the polls.

Tally as of :00AM (0:00), 5th November, 2018 (US Pacific Time)

Sperm and the Number of Women Who Accepted It
[post 46835]
482 views, 3 comments, 13 votes

Zero ("0", none, "I have never donated my sperm any woman."): 4
One ("1"): 3
("2"): 1
("3"): 1
Four ("4"): 0
Five ("5"): 0
Six ("6"): 2
Seven ("7"): 0
Eight ("8"): 1
("9") or more: 1

Even though the choice "zero (0) " has the largest of votes, there are at least a handful of votes from individuals who have donated their sperms at least once. Only one person has made or more sperm donations. So this is a clear indication that there are men out there who have donated their sperms or eager donate their sperm help women form families. (I can't wait donate more sperms help other women.)

Process Preference in Sperm
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2 views, 1 comment, 2 votes

artificial insemination: 0
natural insemination: 1
both: 1

Despite the fact that nobody donated their sperms using only artificial insemination, this poll does get one vote for natural insemination and one for both artificial and natural insemination. While it's too early to tell how popular these methods are, it is clear that there are men out there who really want to use various methods to help women get pregnant. So if you haven't voted, please cast a vote so that at least I can determine the popularity of these methods.

Preference on Meeting Woman at First Sight and Her Clothing
[post 46842]
309 views, 4 comments, votes

Formal clothes: 0
Casual clothes: 8
Business clothes: 0
Conservative clothes: 1
Sexy or revealing clothes: 2
Swimwear (including one-piece swimsuit, bikini, tankini, & microkini): 0
Only her bra and underwear: 0
Only her underwear (no bra or covering on breasts): 0
No clothes at all (completely naked): 2
Other: 1 (including 1 for a combination of sarong, tight shirt, no bra or panties)

Among all the choices in clothing for woman when they first her, casual clothes do rule this poll. Perhaps many men want see this kind of woman if they want meet her for the first time for various reasons.

We now have distant second choices in a tie. One is sexy or revealing clothing. Difficult explain, but I am sure there are men out there who love see women wearing sexy or revealing clothing, partly due exposure media. The other one is no clothes at all (completely naked). I'm sure there are places where men can get meet naked women when they first meet without actually being online. If you know a place where naked men and naked women gather and chat (not the website where naked people chat and exchange messages), please let me know. I really want go there and meet the lovely naked ladies in person.

Best Country/Territory to be Publicly Naked
[post 46981]
282 views, 2 comments, 2 votes

United States of America: 0
Canada: 0
United Kingdom (including England, Wales, Scotland, & Northern Ireland): 0
France: 1
Germany: 0
Brazil: 0
Australia: 0
Taiwan (including main island of Taiwan, Penghu (Pescadores) Islands, Kinmen, & Matsu): 1
Thailand: 0
other (please specify): 0

Again, it's still too early to determine the popularity of these places for people who want to be naked. However, it's clear that there are at least a good, but slowly growing, minority of people who choose to be free from clothing during their vacation. Vacation businesses specializing in naturism/nudism are growing gradually, and there is no stopping from here, as more and more people around the world wants to have a completely naked vacation experience before they die. Taiwan may not be a top naturist/nudist destination for naturists and nudists around the world, but it is well known for its great food, excellent scenery, lively cultural activities, and, most importantly, hospitable friendly people with great emphasis on traditional Han Chinese culture and customs, something mainland China is really missing out. While mainland China bans naturism/nudism, especially with the new rules on nudity that are now imposed at Dadonghai beach in Sanya, Hainan Province, Taiwan is slowly increasing its tolerance toward naturism/nudism and naturists/nudists, both locals and foreigners. Taiwan should start investing in vacation businesses specializing in naturism/nudism so it can attract more naturists/nudists from around the world, plus nurturing and raising more local Taiwanese naturists/nudists to promote Taiwan as a great naturist/nudist destination in Asia and to create naturist/nudist businesses and jobs to improve and diversify Taiwan's economy. It'll be great if these actually do happen in Taiwan.

Preference on Meeting Man at First Sight and His Clothing
[post 47318]
313 views, 2 comments, 3 votes

Formal clothes: 0
Casual clothes: 1
Business clothes: 0
Conservative clothes: 1
Sexy or revealing clothes: 0
Swimwear (including swim shorts, swim briefs, swim trunks, & G-string thong): 0
Only his undershirt and underwear: 0
Only his underwear: 0
No clothes at all (completely naked): 1
Other: 0

Although only people voted, there were evenly divided opinions on what kind of clothes should a man wear when women meet him in person. There are obviously some women who wanted see him in casual clothes. There are some women who want see him wearing conservative clothes, perhaps partly due culture, religion, or maybe the seriousness of the atmosphere. But there are some others who do want meet a naked man, just like some men who do want meet a naked woman. Again, there must be places where women can get meet naked men when they first meet without actually being online. If you know a place where naked men and naked women gather and chat (not the website where naked people chat and exchange messages), please let me know. I really want my female family members, relatives and friends go there and meet the lovely naked gentlemen in person.

One Thing You Love About Hong Kong
325 views, 4 comments, 3 votes

The view of Victoria Harbor: 0
Efficiency and/or Large variety of public transportation system: 0
Wonderful/Delicious food/beverage: 2
Great shopping: 0
Local people: 1
Variety of entertainment, sports and/or leisure activities: 0
Beaches: 0
Tranquility in rural areas (including small islands, hills, and villages): 0
Convenience in the use of stored value smart card (Octopus card): 0
Other (please specify a reason): 0

With zero doubt, the food in Hong Kong is wonderful, which partly explains the reason people voted wonderful/delicious food/beverage. Only one voted for local people, which is pretty rare, given the fact that most people in Hong Kong were super busy in life. We have wait for the poll gather more votes get a better picture of what they think they love about Hong Kong.

The Vegetable You Hate The Most
[post 47979]
368 views, comments, votes

onion: 1
tomato: 0
cabbage: 2
peas: 0
carrot: 0
celery: 0
broccoli: 1
beets: 2
kale: 4
other (please specify): 4 (including 3 for Brussels sprouts)

It's not surprising that there are a couple of people who do hate certain kinds of vegetables, especially cabbage, onion, broccoli, beets and kale. What is surprising, however, is that a good handful of people do hate Brussels sprouts. It appears the farmers who raise these crops are struggling to sell these vegetables as the demand for these vegetables decrease gradually. Perhaps they should start growing some delicious vegetables or create a new variety of these crops to make the existing vegetables more appealing to consumers.

Your Preferred Destination in Japan
[post 47987]
318 views, 4 comments, 4 votes

Tokyo (Tokyo Prefecture): 0
Kyoto (Kyoto Prefecture): 0
Osaka (Osaka Prefecture): 1
Hiroshima (Hiroshima Prefecture): 1
Nagoya (Aichi Prefecture): 0
Yokohama (Kanagawa Prefecture): 0
Kobe (Hyogo Prefecture): 0
Sapporo (Hokkaido Prefecture): 0
Kanazawa (Ishikawa Prefecture): 0
other (please specify): 2 (including 1 for Aomori (Aomori Prefecture), and 1 for Okinawa Prefecture)

Despite the fact that only four votes were registered in this poll, it was clear that Osaka (Osaka Prefecture), Hiroshima (Hiroshima Prefecture), Aomori (Aomori Prefecture), and Okinawa Prefecture are taking the lead together. Ironically, Tokyo (Tokyo Prefecture) and Kyoto (Kyoto Prefecture), which are the top destinations in Japan, have gotten zero votes in this poll. I have a gut feeling that both Tokyo and Kyoto are too crowded to the point where tourists are now shunning Tokyo and Kyoto and instead go to other places in Japan, where the crowd is minimal or even none at all.

Best Country/Territory for Having Excellent Beaches
[post 48755]
337 views, 4 comments, 4 votes

United States of America: 1
Mexico: 0
Jamaica: 1
France: 0
Spain: 0
Brazil: 0
Australia: 2
Philippines: 0
Thailand: 0
other (please specify): 0

While the United States does get a vote, Australia beats USA by just one vote, making Australia the champion for being the best country/territory for having excellent beaches. It's no surprise that Australia is the only country that covers a whole continent, plus it has more cattle and other animals than all humans living there. (Just pray that the crocodiles are not munching on humans, mate.) With urban areas take up a small percentage of all land in the "Down Under", this vast country does indeed have a large percentage of land reserved for natural scenery, including beaches at most of the coastlines, especially in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, and Western Australia. I really want to go there for an extra summer season when most places in northern hemisphere are in cold, winter season.

Another interesting country to look at is Jamaica. Again, like United States, it only gets one vote. There's no doubt it has some of the great beaches around the world, especially in Montego Bay and Negril, plus the people there are very friendly and social. (Just be polite, respectful, and peaceful to them and have an open mind and you'll be fine in Jamaica.)

Best City in the World for Being Most Sex-Positive
[post 48952]
332 views, 3 comments, 3 votes

Paris, France: 0
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: 0
London, United Kingdom: 1
Los Angeles, California, USA: 0
Amsterdam, The Netherlands: 1
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA: 1
Berlin, Germany: 0
Bangkok, Thailand: 0
Melbourne, Australia: 0
other (please specify): 0

While it's still pretty early determine which city is the best city in the world for being most sex-positive, Las Vegas, Amsterdam, and London took the lead. I was not surprised to see Las Vegas being one of the leading cities, as it is called "Sin City of USA", which is famous for having a lot of gentlemen clubs and sex services. There's no shortage of advertisement of beautiful sexy women, from billboards even small business cards. I was also not surprised that Amsterdam also made the lead, as it is known for having some of the famous red-light districts in the world. In the Netherlands, the Dutch people there are very tolerant of sexuality, and so they really have healthy sex life, which is something many Americans, Canadians, and many other nationalities are really envious of. London was a surprise to me, given that London is not only the capital of United Kingdom, but also a city with uptight, cultured, socially conservative attitude. I'm not sure how sexy the British women are, but I'll be surprised if London does have an adult entertainment club like the ones in Las Vegas.

One Thing You Love About Canada
[post 48989]
418 views, 13 comments, 18 votes

Natural scenery: 7
Efficiency and/or Large variety of public transportation system: 0
Wonderful/Delicious food/beverage: 0
Great shopping: 0
Local people (including First People, the native tribes living in Canada): 1
Variety of entertainment, sports and/or leisure activities: 0
Abundance in wildlife: 2
Tranquility in rural areas: 0
Quality of life in cities: 1
Other (please specify a reason): 7 (including 4 for excellent universal health care, 1 for unique spoken dialect)

In this poll, there is no doubt the natural scenery of Canada is the top reason for many people around the world who love Canada. Canada is a big country with large percentage of land reserve for unspoiled natural scenery, especially national parks, some are as big as the state of Texas. Abundance in wildlife is another reason for people loving Canada because of plentiful of undeveloped land in Canada. But what surprises me is a handful of people love Canada because of excellent universal health care, just like in United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Taiwan, Switzerland, France, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Sadly, there are many countries out there that still do not provide great healthcare for all people. Perhaps elections resulting in changes of leadership in national government may start a new chapter in getting the great universal health care everybody should deserve, but only time will tell.

Your Favorite Cereal Grain
[post 48994]
362 views, 3 comments, 8 votes

wheat: 1
barley: 1
oats: 2
rye: 0
rice: 4
maize (corn): 0
sorghum: 0
millet: 0
fonio: 0
other (please specify): 0

Rice is, no doubt, the big champion of cereal grain around the world, as rice is eaten by at least billions of people worldwide, mostly in Asia. Now, many North Americans, particularly people in United States and Canada, are incorporating rice into their diet, which is great news for rice growers in Thailand, Australia, and the United States, as most types of rice have no gluten. People who choose to avoid gluten can now consider eating rice as part of their diet.

Your Preferred Destination in France
[post 49017]
367 views, 5 comments, 3 votes

Paris (Île-de-France): 1
Marseille (Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur): 0
Lyon (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes): 0
Toulouse (Occitanie): 0
Bordeaux (Nouvelle-Aquitaine): 0
Strasbourg (Grand Est): 0
Rouen (Normandy): 0
Rennes (Brittany): 0
Dijon (Bourgogne-Franche-Comté): 0
other (please specify): 2 (including 1 for Cap d'Agde (Occitanie))

What a surprise! Only chose other, including one for Cap d'Agde (Occitanie), while only one chose Paris. The rest of the cities got no notes at all. Perhaps it was because too many tourists had gone to big cities, like Paris (Île-de-France) or Marseille (Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur), and some of the tourists just got tired of the presence of large of tourists. The next time I arrive in France, I'll just forget Paris and take a high speed train to Agde and then take a bus to Cap d'Agde, so I don't have to worry about the tourist pressure in Paris or Marseille.

Your First Wonderful Sex
[post 49326]
382 views, 2 comments, votes

17 or younger: 6
18-19: 3
20-24: 4
25-29: 0
30-34: 0
35-39: 0
40-49: 0
50-59: 0
60 or older: 0
I have never had sex in life: 1

Wow! This poll result is rather unusual. A large of people had their first wonderful sex at 17 or younger. A good of people had great sex at the age between 18 and 24. (I'm praying they had proper protection against premarital pregnancy and STDs.) It appears many people are really bold in sexuality, plus they are getting younger, despite being in their cultures where sexuality is either restricted or sanctioned.

The Fruit You Hate The Most
[post 49667]
467 views, 3 comments, 6 votes

durian: 2
pomegranate: 1
passion fruit: 0
currant: 0
fig: 0
jamun (jambolan, Java plum, black plum): 0
grapefruit: 3
papaya: 0
cherimoya (chirimuya): 0
other (please specify): 0

Grapefruit is now the champion of this poll, which is surprising. I have tried grapefruit and it is not bad. The downside is the bitter flavor on the white part, but the mildly sweet juice does partially compensate the bitterness of grapefruit. I'm not sure why many people would hate grapefruit, despite the fact that it is a healthy, nutritious fruit.

Durian takes the second place of this poll, which is both surprising and not-so-surprising. What's not surprising is that durian is one of the most disgusting, unappetizing, or unpleasant fruits many people have experienced, as durian is famously known for its odorous stench. It is said that only people with tiger crave can really eat durian with little or no difficulty. (If you are in Singapore, make sure you don't bring durian into your hotel or public transportation. All hotels and public transportation in Singapore have signs that forbid guests from bringing durians there.)

Your Favorite Nut
Your Favorite Nut
747 views, 3 comments, 21 votes

peanut (groundnut, the goober): 0
almonds: 2
walnut: 1
cashew: 5
pecan: 3
pine nut (piñon, pignoli): 1
pistachio: 6
Brazil nut: 0
macadamia nut (Queensland nut, bush nut, maroochi nut, bauple nut, and Hawaii nut): 1
other (please specify): 2

Woooooooo! Now pistachio is the king of all nuts. Many people love pistachio because it is not only tasty, but also very healthy, which is good for the circulatory system, especially heart. You can eat it as itself or add it into your cereal, oatmeal, ice cream, yoghurt, or even salad. The farmers of pistachio will have to keep up with the production as the go by.

Your Preferred Destination in Israel
Your Preferred Destination in Israel
942 views, 1 comment, 3 votes

Jerusalem (Yerushaláyim, al-Quds) (western part): 0
Tel Aviv-Yafo: 3
Haifa (Hefa, Ḥayfa): 0
Eilat ('Aylaat, 'Aylat, 'Um 'al-Rashrash): 0
Nazareth (Natzrat, an-Nāṣira): 0
Safed (Tzefat, Tsfat, Tzfas, Ṣafad): 0
Netanya: 0
Tiberias (Tverya, Ṭabariyyah): 0
Acre (ʻAko, ʻAkkā): 0
other (please specify): 0

It's no surprise that many people choose Tel Aviv-Yafo as their preferred destination in Israel. Even though Israel is increasing its security partly due increasing frequency in terrorist attack, Tel Aviv-Yafo still have attracted many tourists from all over the world, thanks to its own international airport, plus great nightlife, food, and shopping.

Frequency in Going to Adult Entertainment Club
Frequency in Going to Adult Entertainment Club
69 views, 5 comments, 25 votes

never: 4
one ("1") or more times per day: 0
five ("5") or six ("6") times per week: 0
("3") or four ("4") times per week: 1
("2") times per week: 1
one ("1") time per week: 0
one ("1") time per month: 0
one ("1") or ("2") times per ("3") months: 3
one ("1") time per year: 5
I rarely go there:

There are many people who rarely go adult entertainment club or go there about once a year, which is a bit surprising. I think this is because many people live in places where adult entertainment clubs are banned, sanctioned, or restricted. So people there have go far places, especially in big cities, enjoy the fun. We have one person who is currently living in the state of Maine in United States, which is famous for lobsters, but not so famous for adult entertainment club. Perhaps the majority of people in Maine are very conservative in sexuality, which means a small of people there who could afford travel have go Boston or even New York City to see some sexy ladies in various adult entertainment clubs.

Most Kinkiest City in United States
Most Kinkiest City in United States
45 views, 6 comments, 15 votes

Roselawn (Indiana): 0
New Orleans (Louisiana): 0
Las Vegas (Nevada):
Hurley (Wisconsin): 0
Atlanta (Georgia): 0
New York City (New York): 2
Austin (Texas): 0
Chicago (Illinois): 0
San Francisco (California): 2
other (please specify): 1

It's no surprise that Las Vegas does have its most kinkiest side, which explains why it has the most votes in this poll. It not only has many adult entertainment clubs, but also sex shops and even places where you can get marries in various unusual ways. There is a saying, "What happens in (Las) Vegas stays in (Las) Vegas." San Francisco takes a distant second place, as it not only has many adult entertainment clubs and sex shops, but also has pleasant climate and highly tolerant attitude toward LGBTQ community. New York City also gets a second place, which is surprising, given the fact that this city is very quick-paced, with more than 8.6 million people called The Big Apple their home (if you only count the individuals who live in the five boroughs – Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx, and Staten Island – in this city). Perhaps it is because of the presence of different ethnicity of people representing more than 200 different cultures, which makes them more or less tolerant of different cultures. (Ironically, it is also the birthplace of Donald J. Trump, the current president of United States of America who is also one of the most controversial American presidents in history.) I think there's going to be some battles between the Sin City, the Golden Gate City, and the City that Never Sleeps.

First Time I Saw a Naked Person
First Time I Saw a Naked Person
66 views, 2 comments, 24 votes

9 or younger: 15
- : 4
- : 1
15-17 : 2
18-19 : 1
20-24 : 0
25-29 : 0
30-39 : 0
40 or older: 0
I have never seen an actual naked person in life: 1

WOW! This poll shows an overwhelmingly majority of people have actually seen a naked person when they were 9 or younger. Normally, there are age restriction on reading or watching porn, which is 18 in many countries where porn is legal with some restrictions. Did the start watching porn on the internet in secret? Only the ghosts know.

Your Preferred Destination in Brazil
Your Preferred Destination in Brazil
73 views, 1 comment, 2 vote

Brasília: 0
Rio de Janeiro: 0
Salvador: 0
Paraty (Parati): 0
Manaus: 0
São Paulo: 1
Olinda: 0
Fortaleza: 0
Recife: 1
other (please specify): 0

While this poll does only have few viewership and votes, it manages make Recife and São Paulo as the kings of this poll. Unlike Rio de Janeiro, where there are so many people jam up the beaches, Recife is more pleasant, especially the streets and the beaches. The people there are more relaxed, and I heard the food is much better than the food in southern Brazil. There is no shortage of festivals as well. São Paulo is a bit surprising, since its lifestyle tends be very quick-paced, like Hong Kong and New York City. Whoever voted São Paulo really needs explain the reason for being his/her preferred destination in Brazil.

Your Favorite Stinky Food
Your Favorite Stinky Food
1392 views, 6 comments, votes

Surströmming (fermented herring in northern Sweden): 0
Kimchi (vegetables fermented in salt, chili pepper and garlic in North and South Korea): 3
Fermented Bean Curd (in Shaoxing, Zhejiang province, mainland China): 1
Natto (fermented soybeans in Ibaraki prefecture, Japan): 0
Hákarl (fermented shark meat in Iceland): 1
Époisses de Bourgogne Cheese (in France): 0
Lutefisk/Lutfisk (dried whitefish soaked in lye in Norway and Sweden): 1
Limburger Cheese (in Liège province, Belgium): 1
Funazushi (traditional sushi made from nigorobuna fish in Shiga prefecture, Japan): 0
other (please specify): 5 (including 1 for dried cuttlefish)

Wow! I got a couple of people who really love to eat stinky food. But the king of all stinky food is kimchi, which is surprising and not-so-surprising. What is surprising is kimchi is a very popular side dish in both North and South Korea that complements well with rice, and almost all Koreans actually love it to the point where they don't feel it is stinky. What is not surprising is more and more foreigners are falling in love with kimchi. Perhaps this is why many people around the world now have deeper appreciation of kimchi.

Your Preferred Destination in Canada
Your Preferred Destination in Canada
1378 views, 2 comments, 15 votes

Ottawa (Ontario province): 0
Toronto (Ontario province): 3
Montreal (Québec province): 2
Québec City (Québec province): 0
Vancouver (British Colombia province): 7
Calgary (Alberta province): 1
Edmonton (Alberta province): 0
Halifax (Nova Scotia province): 0
St. John's (Newfoundland and Labrador province): 0
other (please specify): 2

It's no surprise that Vancouver is the most popular preferred destination in Canada. Vancouver is best known for having a mild temperate climate similar to Seattle, plus the sea on the west of this city rarely freezes during winter, which means there is an active port that allows ships to unload and load goods without worrying the port will be closed due to icy water. It also has a diverse population and cuisine, which is something most other places in Canada can only envy.

Your Favorite Country for Having Best Chocolate
[post 45592]
23 views, 3 comments, votes

Belgium: 8
Switzerland: 3
United Kingdom (including England, Wales, Scotland, & Northern Ireland): 1
France: 0
Germany: 2
The Netherlands: 0
Italy: 0
Austria: 0
Luxembourg: 0
other (please specify): 0

Just as expected, Belgium takes the lead and the majority in this poll, as it is famous for having the best chocolate in the world. Not only the chocolate there is delicious, its texture is pretty smooth you'll be sure have more in the future. Anyone who wants the best chocolate in the world will need learn speak both French and Dutch fluently before heading this bilingual country.

Your Preferred Place for Group Sex
[post 45603]
41 views, 6 comments, 30 votes

your house/apartment or other living quarter: 5
other person's house/apartment or other living quarter: 4
hotel/motel/resort or other types of lodging or holiday accommodation: 15
beach: 1
ship/boat (including cruise ship): 1
park (national/regional/municipal): 1
road vehicle (including car/bus/van/truck/recreational vehicle): 1
rail vehicle (including train/tram/light rail/rapid transit/commuter rail/monorail): 0
airplane (private or commercial): 1
other (please specify): 1

The hotels, motels, resorts, and other types of lodging or holiday accommodation occupies almost half of all votes in this poll. Nowadays, it's not difficult book a room in many resorts specifically for group sex, especially in Mexico, Jamaica, and even France. So many people, including these voters, do really know how enjoy great sex during a pleasant vacation.

Your Preferred Destination in Thailand
[post 47823]
742 views, 4 comments, votes

Bangkok: 1
Pattaya: 2
Phuket: 3
Chiang Mai: 3
Hua Hin: 0
Ayutthaya (Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya): 1
Chiang Rai: 0
Kanchanaburi: 0
Mae Hong : 0
other (please specify): 1

Phuket and Chiang Mai now takes first place as the top destinations in Thailand. Phuket has many beautiful beaches nearby, plus the local people there are more friendly and relaxed, as this city is once a trading port where ships from India, China, Portugal, and many other countries docked here to trade many different commodities. This city is also not as crowded and hectic as Bangko The population there is pretty mixed, with large majority of people are Thai (most are Buddhists), plus a good minority of Malays (most are Muslims) and Han Chinese, yet they live side-by-side in peace. I definitely want be there when I have a chance.

Chiang Mai is also on the first place for many good reasons. One of them has be the gorgeous scenery and pristine wilderness surrounding this city with diverse population. Another has be the presence of traditional buildings, particularly temples. These factors really attract many types of travelers from all over the world, especially backpackers on budget.

Your Favorite Poultry as Food
[post 47828]
753 views, 2 comments, 16 votes

chicken: 9
duck: 2
goose: 0
turkey: 4
pigeon: 0
ostrich: 0
partridge: 0
quail: 0
guineafowl: 0
other (please specify): 1

There's no doubt chicken is the king of all poultry, as chicken is known for having many uses in food. You can cook it in many different ways, such as steamed, stir-fried, shallow-fried, deep-fried, baked, and roasted. This could be the reason why chicken is a very popular poultry among many people.

How Likely Will You Buy Lottery Ticket for US$1.6 Billion
How Likely Will You Buy Lottery Ticket for US16 Billion
294 views, 7 comments, 19 votes

0%-9%: 3
%-19%: 1
20%-29%: 0
30%-39%: 0
40%-49%: 1
50%-59%: 1
60%-69%: 0
70%-79%: 0
80%-89%: 1

It's no surprise that a good majority of people are highly likely buy a lottery ticket when the jackpot is as high as US$1.6 billion. All I can say is if the jackpot is really high enough be super tempting, it's difficult for many people resist.

How Will You Plan Use US$1.6 Billion After You Win the Lottery Jackpot
How Will You Plan to Use US16 Billion After You Win the Lottery Jackpot
291 views, 8 comments, votes

I will quit my job and then retire.: 1
I will buy a house/apartment/mansion.: 1
I will donate the a charity of my choice.: 1
I will give at least some of the family members/relatives/friends/co-workers/people whom I know.: 2
I will save the for financial emergencies/retirement/alimony/gifts other people (, grandchildren, etc.).: 2
I will invest in stocks/bonds/commodities/other security (a tradable financial asset of any kind).: 0
I will take a long vacation (domestic or international).: 0
I will run my own business/businesses/conglomerate of my choice.: 1
I will move to another place (different city, county, state/province, or country) of my choice.: 1
other (please specify): 3

We got various responses when it comes to using the if they win the big jackpot, and none of them has occupied the majority of all votes. But one thing for sure is everybody has different dream when it comes fulfilling their goals.

Number of Times You Have Been in Vacation Cruise Ship or Liner
Number of Times You Have Been in Vacation Cruise Ship or Liner
186 views, 5 comments, 17 votes

Zero ("0", none, "I have never been in vacation cruise ship/liner."): 7
One ("1"): 3
("2"): 2
("3"): 1
Four ("4"): 0
Five ("5"): 1
Six ("6"): 2
Seven ("7"): 0
Eight ("8"): 1
("9") or more: 0

Even though there are many people who have never been in a cruise ship/liner, there are a handful of people who have actually been in a cruise ship/liner at least once. One person has been in the ship/liner for a total of 8 times, which is impressive.

Seriously, I have never been in vacation cruise ship/liner before. But if I do have a chance, I definitely want to ride one, especially a vacation cruise ship/liner where all passengers are buck naked!!!! So if you know any vacation cruise ship/liner that allows all passengers to be completely naked, please write your suggestion on the comment box ("Add A Reply"). I'll be more than happy to take a look at it and, if it looks right for me, I may book a room for me and at least one of my friends.

Your Favorite Exotic Meat
Your Favorite Exotic Meat
202 views, 7 comments, 19 votes

bison (buffalo): 6
goat: 0
crocodile: 2
venison (deer): 4
elk: 2
ostrich: 0
kangaroo: 1
emu: 0
wild boar: 2
other (please specify): 2

Wow! We got no shortage of people who have eaten exotic meat. There are definitely plenty of people who have eaten bison (buffalo), which is common in the northwestern part of the Great Plains in North America, especially the states of Montana and Wyoming in United States and Alberta province in Canada. I heard the people of Montana love to eat bison, especially the testicles (or balls) of bison. If there is anybody who is from Montana or who has been Montana before and has tried Rocky Mountain oysters made from bison's testicles, let know by writing your comment or suggestion on the comment box ("Add A Reply"). If you know a place that serves Rocky Mountain oysters made from bison's testicles, please write down the name of the restaurant as well. I'll be more than happy try it when I have a chance.

(P.S.: Just in case you are feeling puzzled, Rocky Mountain oysters are not really oysters or some kind of shellfish, but they are actually deep-fried pieces of testicles from bulls or bison.)

Your Favorite Edible Insect as Food
Your Favorite Edible Insect as Food
83 views, 4 comments, 3 votes

cricket: 0
cicada: 0
mealworm: 0
junebug: 0
grasshopper: 1
ant: 1
waxworm: 0
termite: 1
pillbug: 0
other (please specify): 0

Not many people do love eat insect, but we do have one vote each for grasshopper, ant, and termite. It's too early to tell which is a big favorite, but as time passes by, there will be more votes coming in, hopefully we will find a big favorite among all edible insects.

The First Time You Had a Crush on a Particular Person
The First Time You Had a Crush on a Particular Person
54 views, 4 comments, votes

9 or younger: 4
- : 0
- : 4
15-17 : 1
18-19 : 0
20-24 : 0
25-29 : 0
30-39 : 1
40 or older: 0
I have never had a crush with any person in life: 0

It appears there are many people who did have a crush on certain people at a pretty young age. They had met the people they liked in secret, but not necessarily attached the people emotionally. They knew they liked the people, but they didn't have the guts say "I love you", as they were too young to know love back then. We hope they get to meet with the same people they had a crush on once again in the future.

So that brings the updates for the tallies of all the polls. I'll be putting at least one new poll by Tuesday and another one or more polls by Friday, hopefully there will be more people coming to my blog to cast their votes and, most importantly, voice their opinions. Also, I''ll finish the post on the weekly poll tally for the week between 5th November, 2018 (Monday) and th November, 2018 (Sunday) by next Wednesday.

Until then, have a wonderful week, and stay safe for all of you!

Naked hugs

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