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Nylons and High Heels  

HotSexyAssnLegs 66M/70F  
28 posts
8/15/2014 5:16 pm
Nylons and High Heels

Does anyone enjoy when your lady dresses for sex in nylons and high heels, and leaves them on for sex?

rm_oh_435 68M
1 post
8/15/2014 6:04 pm

Yes ... and it is very, very hot isn't it ?

nylontops 62M/63F
4 posts
8/19/2014 9:36 am

hi all;

Hubby enjoys all my ff .nylons

When seated tops always show

some of my welts.


Stockings5x1 65M/64F  

8/20/2014 8:02 pm

We certainly do. Sandi has been wearing for years and has a very extensive collection of hose, heels and garters. And of course, she always wears them when we get intimate.

Timer107 61M
131 posts
1/12/2015 7:00 am

Being a leg Man, I can't emphasize how much I like a woman to keep her high heels and stockings on during sex. I've even gone as far as asking the woman to leave them on or put her heels back on. I find it incredibly arousing and sex appealing. To me it seems more feminine and seductive and somehow works very well for this Male, particularly the way and how good you do it dear! I love your look and those fabulous legs!! Keep me up, or rather I mean keep it up!! Well we know what that means now don't we, lol!!

Phew77 55M  
52 posts
2/25/2015 7:09 pm

Traditional clothes usually cover the body, leaving arms and legs more or less open. It stands to reason that clothes for sex should be sort of reverse - cover outer parts leaving the body naked and accessible for play. Thus I absolutely love sexy women in stockings, high heels, gloves, hats and wearing all sorts of jewelry around their necks, bracelets and such. Love to feeling of smoothness while my hand slides slowly up the leg and thigh in stocking, love the feeling of those silky smooth legs wrapping around my waist. So YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

Viking4uIL 60M  
1 post
4/8/2015 8:23 am

This couple has posted some of the most tasteful and erotic photos in FL. A beautiful woman, and very desirable I'd say!

HotSexyAssnLegs 66M/70F  
14 posts
4/12/2015 3:03 pm

Thank you very much!!

johnxxxooo 55M
1 post
7/8/2015 10:25 am

luv them

dazdnconfused2 70M
1 post
10/3/2015 7:41 pm

i could get into it sometimes. it would add to the erotic atmosphere

PiercedKitty5 59M/59F
1 post
2/19/2016 4:06 am

Heels, Stockings, Garter belt sans panties is my kryptonite lol

havwoody2 65M  
2 posts
3/31/2017 6:07 am

Wrapping the package is a sexy part of opening the package--

BiSingleorCpl 64M/54F  
1 post
8/9/2017 6:59 am

Not really, especially if it’s not just for her hubby’s pleasure…???

ClittyFlickr 66M  
14 posts
4/17/2018 1:58 pm

I love when she has nylons on and ask me to suck her guy's cock for her
it's so hot sometimes she can put her bobbie socks on me while I suck cock

so hot.. so natural and so erotic

ClittyFlickr replies on 8/24/2019 6:17 am:
I like when a guy wears nylons too and he wants his big clit sucked
would love a bi couple that wears them ummm yum slurp

fashionablegma 77F
7720 posts
5/28/2018 4:42 pm

Oh yes I love keeping them on to please by myself and boyfriend

veryoralflaman 65M  
114 posts
9/21/2018 6:15 am

Of course, what is not to like about that especially when she is walking away, what a beautiful view......

shortyforfun1973 47M
44 posts
9/28/2018 5:40 am

I love it when a women dresses sexy during sex just the thought of me cumming all over those Beautiful nylon legs and feet makes me hard

likemindedtastes 56M
10 posts
3/1/2019 6:28 pm

probably one of the most sexiest looks a woman can have...IMHO

Love_My_Toys 57M  
698 posts
3/23/2019 7:16 pm

Love hose and high heels! Toss in a sexy garter belt for good measure..

protection19 61M  
55 posts
4/21/2019 3:16 pm

I do not mind having the woman wearing hoses for dressing sexy but, when it cums to the sex part the high heels comes off

66Letshavefun 60M
10 posts
7/25/2019 11:11 pm

It should be the law sexy panties stockings and heels.

66Letshavefun 60M
10 posts
7/25/2019 11:15 pm

Nice pics love to see more.

It should be the law sexy panties stockings and heels.

Hell, if I wrote the law everyone should have to wear them.

depot3305 44M  
9 posts
11/30/2019 11:56 am

Not only to I enjoy it I prefer it! Love to have her put her feet on my shoulders with the heel locked under my arm. The feeling of those nylons against me works me up that much more!

mikecrazyhorse 64M  
50 posts
1/18/2020 2:29 pm

I love it turns me on big time

fashionablegma 77F
7720 posts
6/2/2020 12:13 am

These days tend to leave all my clothes on for sex not just the hold ups and heels

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