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Dream Lover  

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7/13/2020 5:28 am
Dream Lover

It started out that I went this class. At this class there was a handsome male instructor, and 6 other people there for the class. The class was outside in a grassy fenced in area. There was a football game being played off in the distance. You could stand by the chain link fence and see the player's practicing. So the instructor started the class, talking about romance, and romantic things one can do to inspire their partner. I was wondering why I was here and if I should stay as I was standing by the fence watching the guys in the distance, when the teacher came close behind and leaned in close my ear from behind and whispered into my ear something sexy, then he pressed his body into my back and Bentley brushed my hair behind my ear. That gave me goose bumps and was starting to turn me . I could feel his manhood swelling against my butt. He began lightly kissing the side and back of my neck, telling this is what turns a woman the other member's of the group. And it was getting me excited, and I was able relax for the moment and enjoy the feelings engulfing me. He instructed the class member's pick a partner and begin practicing what he was showing everyone do. I looked around and everyone was doing just that. He held tighter in his embrace, wrapping his arms around and lightly running his finger's across my neck downwards slowly then around my breasts and circling closer each of my nipples then he softly made a circle around and top of my nipples. I was enjoying his masculine touch and I could feel myself becoming moist. My breath was labored and I felt myself moaning in response. I could hear other classmates moans as well, so I knew they were doing the same things as the teacher and I we're. I leaned back into his warm, comforting embrace and as I did he gently lowered both of us to the grass where we laid spooning each other. He continued to whisper sexy love whispers in my ear followed by his tongue tracing my ear, then changing to kisses down the side of my neck, as his hand continued caressing my breasts, then I could feel the warmth of his hand on my breast under my blouse caressing my nipples then pinching the effect nipple on it's tip then rubbing the palm of his extended hand across that nipple. I had my eye's. closed just savoring the feeling and that moment. He continued tracing his warm fingertips over my tingling skin downwards swrilling, over my tummy around my belly button then dipping lower and pausing at the top of my pubic hair. Swirling and twisting the soft blonde curly hair around his finger, then drawing a big circle around my pussy several times. Continuing to kiss my neck, ear and breast with his other hand. My heart was beating wildly in excited anticipation of what he would do next. I didn't have to wait long, his big circles started to become tighter and closer to my clit, which was throbbing unrentlessly now, and I was so wet, I could feel the wetness dripping down the crack of my ass and on my thighs. Then very suddenly he stopped touching me everywhere. I could hear him whispering in my ear 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on 20, then he resumed his caressing onslot like he had never stopped. I was aching and throbbing, wiggling around, waiting and my entire body screaming in silent agony touch me, touch me now, I need your touch right now before I explode. Then at last he touched the tip of my throbbing clit with the tip of his finger one time. then he stopped and waited, counting to 10 in his sexy whispering voice, I couldn't stand it! I wriggled pushing my bottom off of the grass into the air hoping to find his finger again so he could continue touching it. My body was involintarily begging for his touch, I couldn't control my passion. When he reached the count of 10, he placed his fingertip on the opening of my clit and paused, feeling the exciting throbbing that he had created in me. Then he rubbed that finger in a upwards motion, then repeated it 5 times in a row. I was insane with my passion ready to exploed in any second. I was moaning so loudly by this point I was lost in it! then he placed that finger inside my hot dripping wet pussy as far as he could reach, then he began to<b> stroke </font></b>my throbbing clit with his thumb and opening my clit up and nesteling his thumb inside of that small crevice, all the while stroking the inside of my pussy walls with a "come here" motion which he kept repeating and dragging his finger in and out of my pussy, slowly finger fucking me. I was ready to burst! Then he rolled me onto my back, he pulled down his jeans and out poped his Hugh swollen rock hard cock pointing right at me. I smiled and moaned then grabbed his arms pulling him down on top of me but he moved slowly with steady intentions and slowly inserted himself into me, the slowness of the pace was sexually frustrating me, it felt so increadiable, having waited for so long. I could feel every inch of him climbing deeper inside of me stretching out my vagina, until we were one with each other. When he reached the end, where he could go no deeper he paused yet again for count of 10, I sighed, feeling my throbbing and the rapid pulsation of his hard cock mixing together is a feeling like no other on earth and as deeply gradifing either. Savoring that small pleasure, wishing it would never end, then he began to move inside of me, very slowly, not fast and rushed like most men think is what a woman wants but a steady super slow agonizing pace which is really and truly what every woman wants and desires! Always super slow at first, second and third, it's not until the end right before an orgasim that speed is wanted. The key is always, " How slow can You go?" moto. Always let the woman orgasm first then the man or to be able to time it together and climax at the same. Those pulsing sensations are fantastic, amazing and desired every time a man and a woman join together in love making. There is nothing better than that! If you are left wanting, yearning and not able to have that ultimate release, stresses you out and makes you upset and mad. Especially if only the man is the one who gets off!

But before either one of us has that climax, he pulls out and begins kissing and licking my clit and dipping his finger inside of me at the same time.... OMG.... what a feeling that sends racing through every nerve in my body, leaving me very tingling. I scream out his name and hold his head in place not wanting him to stop, and enjoying every moment of this intiment kissing! I am so fired up it's hard to breath, my body is glistening with loving sweat, I want to taste of his hard pulsating cock in my mouth, sucking and licking up, down and all around the sides with soft kisses and little bursts of cool air sliding in between my lips as I have all of his cock in my mouth, then while I do that I gently<b> stroke </font></b>the shaft with my fingertips, sometimes tapping it then caressing it, always some new sensation for him to enjoy. Repeating the same motions and actions until he is dripping and ready to explode in my hot moist mouth with my soft plump lips embraced around his love machine!
He grabs my face in both of his hands and raises me up and he lays down upon the grass where he guides me to sit a straddle of him and ride him to sweet obliss! I guide him inside of my hot juicy pussy savoring again the slow entrance into me! OMG..... it feels so increadiable, then as I get into my groove, riding him like a wild firery stallion I can feel the starting of the orgasim building up inside of me, I hold my breath so I don't loose the intense feeling over coming me, I can feel my body getting tense, and the heat rising upon my skin, then I feel it coming quickly now that wave of the orgasm building in strength I cry out, " I'm going to cum! Then there it is engulfing me in it's fantastic electrical pulsating hurricane of feelings and emotions! At that time he says, I can't hold it any longer, I'm cumin too! and a bursting forceful deep moan springs forth from his lips.... OMG! The air around us is at a stand still, all but silent except for the labored breathing of two entwined lovers in orgasmatic bliss! I don't move, he holds my hips in place encouraging me not to move yet! I look deeply into his sparkling eyes, and smile at the pure pleasure we just shared, I lean into him and place my lips upon his. and we kiss so sweet and passionatly. Miles apart, it lasts for a wonderful moment in time, etching a new memory in our scrapbook of life. That was absoultly amazing we both say in unison.

The bond and close friendship we have created has never been able to be duplicated with another. It has left us wondering and wanting something like we had together, but is always just out of reach. We we're that awesome beautiful couple at one time many years ago. We have been through a lot with each other hurt, pain pleasure, fun, and many sheddings of tears. But one thing I have learned is that we we're a very happy fun and exciting couple of friends there ever was! I will never forget all the wonderful moments we shared together!
I can honestly say that I truly love the wonderful very handsome man you are! We have always been very compatible with each other,. Maybe one day I will again be able to kiss your soft lips, kiss you passionately,, and leaving me with the exciting feelings of butterflies in the pit of my stomach, like I used to get every time we have been together. Wishing you would take me in your arms and kiss me passionately like you used to do. No body else has ever made me feel like the way you make me feel
I believe I was dreaming of You my lover!!!

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