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A Pee contest. That my woman beats me at!.. Little rascal!...  

Howard269pee 69M  
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8/19/2021 3:23 pm
A Pee contest. That my woman beats me at!.. Little rascal!...

This is a Pee contest!.. That fits in with my Pee fetish!.. That i would really love do with a woman!... Some time!... When we don't have any thing better do!... And just want have some fun!... The rules are.. We both have empty our bladders at the time!... And we have get 2 big glasses the size!.. And 2 big jars the size Pee in!... And i can only drink water!... But she, can have her choice of "Water" "Beer" or "Wine" Or what ever she chooses!... And we both start drinking fast as we can!.. Until we can't drink anymore!.. And we keep drinking when ever we can!... And when one of us can't hold it any longer!... We Have Pee in the big jar!.. And set it the table!.. see how much we went!.. Example... If i can't hold it any longer!.. And i have Pee right now!.. I have Pee in the jar!.. And see how far!.. I can fill it!.. And now i have wait until she can't hold it any longer!... And she Pee's in the jar!.. And see's how far she can fill it!.. And sets it on the table!... And if she Pee's more than !.. I have swallow, every bit of her Pee down!.. fast as i can!... Without stopping!... And if i Pee more than her!.. I only have drink a little bit at a time!... Not the whole thing at once!... Until it's gone!... This one my little lady!... "Knowing that she is going to challenge me to a Pee contest!... Chugs a couple of glasses of water, "Real fast!".. While i wasn't looking!.. And get a "Hefty" head start!.. "Little Rascal!".. And beats me!... Big time!

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