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Little Effort with Little (NO) Reward  

Howdy3328 58F  
756 posts
5/31/2016 4:11 am
Little Effort with Little (NO) Reward

How many of you get the emails that say " HI "
why bother sending just that??

How many of you read "profiles" that only say. "If you want to know anything, just ask"?
ok, why wont you actually FILL out your profile

How many of you see in a chat room, something like...:".Ladies, I am on IM"
well thats great for you, even better if it is working.

My major gripe about these and similar lame type posts.........
That's ALL the effort you are going to put into trying to meet someone??
thats probably ALL the effort you will put into a bedroom preformance.

good luck
I'll probably be in chat room later
if you are interested

eye roll

LunaRose69 52F  
18 posts
5/31/2016 4:17 am

Amen! HowdyGirl!

charlio71 75M
596 posts
5/31/2016 4:31 am

I couldn't agree more. How about the blogs that you open to find the words, (You are not authorized to view this blog) W. T. F.

I believe nothing until it has become history!

Han54boat 67M
11667 posts
5/31/2016 6:11 am

Those are good points.
I use to sent out long email after reading their post and trying to do the right thing. There was too much work and no return. Now, I just blog and making nice friends which is better.

Cum to my blog and respond. Have a great kissing fun time.

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