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Just a married whore who loves sex and affairs! Even my best friends are oblivious to the kinda sex lifestyle I currently live.
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Lay me down
Posted:Sep 20, 2020 8:12 pm
Last Updated:Sep 22, 2020 6:42 am
Over the last couple of months I’ve been working on myself, both mentally and physically. Fucking a personal trainer does have its perks. With a little help from Lanny, I’ve found my passion for running again. It’s very therapeutic and I feel so much better afterwards.

I’ve been working part time and going in little later than normal so I usually meet L for a 2 mile run. He pushes me when I don’t want run anymore. He holds me accountable for the things I put into my body and I him with blow jobs and sex. But our relationship is more of a friendship than anything. When we make plans it’s normally either run/workout or just hangout by the pool. It’s not about the sex, we just understand each other. It’s been almost a month since we’ve fucked.

The last time we really hung out was the night he told me about his brother. He went to California to check on his and then I went out of town so we really haven’t had time. I did get to FT him once on my morning jog along the beach until my husband freaked out about human trafficking. Shiiiitttt they’d bring my ass back.

But I finally got to hung out with him last week. We had made plans to grill some kabobs and to catch . I told him I’d pick some beer and I’d see him around 5:30-6. I always shoot him a text when I’m my way and normally he responds but this time he didn’t. I wasn’t really too worried about and when I got his place I grabbed the beer and walked in like always. The house was quiet and so I started yelling for him. I expected him to greet me with a big Ol’ hug. Instead I found him the couch.

Immediately I could tell he was upset. What’s going ?? He sat up and he told that his family had got some life changing news and it wasn’t good. I would say what it is, but it’s not my news share. I was kinda lost for words, and that doesn’t happen often. I’m not really sure how handle this one. I asked him if there was anything I could do and he just grabbed me and snuggled up. We didn’t move for almost 2 hours.

When he did set up he asked if was hungry and that he would still cook like we planned. I was far from hungry and I asked him if I could fix him something eat. I don’t really know anything about working his grill but I’d sure try. He made a couple of jokes but decided he wasn’t really hungry either. I stayed till about midnight just talking and reassuring him that it’ll all be ok.

Im not sure what’s gonna happen but say a prayer for him. Say one for too, as I try to figure out how to be there for him.
Posted:Sep 2, 2020 8:01 pm
Last Updated:Sep 6, 2020 8:13 pm

I believe that people are put into your life for a reason. Some go as as quick as they came while others can leave an everlasting mark. Last night was reminded how small this world is and how powerful addiction is.

L was busy on the grill and I was saving frogs from jumping in the pool and the music choice was 90’s alternative rock. If I had to pick my favorite band from that era it would probably be Nirvana. I asked L if he had to pick his fav, who would he choose? He said without hesitation, Alice In Chains. I know Rooster and of course Man in The Box but thats about all I knew off the top of my head. I asked him why AIC and he told me it was his brother’s favorite band. I didn’t know he even had a brother, he’s never talked about him. I knew he had a couple of sisters because he talks about his nieces and nephews and not wanting to move and miss out on their lives.

He asked me if I had ever heard Nutshell and it didn’t ring a bell so he found and played it. I had heard it, in fact I knew this song very well it’s just been awhile since I’d heard it. I remember very well the night I first ever listened to it.

During the summer, my friends and I would get together with some of the neighbors and grill for out. A couple of them would bring out their guitars and play until we were too drunk to remember the lyrics to any song. One of the dudes came over and brought his cousin who had just gotten out of jail and was pretty much homeless so he was gonna crash on his couch. He was trying to get his girlfriend out of jail so they could go to rehab. They were both heroine addicts. He was tall and very thin and covered in tattoos. He had on a pair of black rimmed glasses and bleach blonde hair. He asked my bestie for a cigarette and she just handed him the pack told him he could have it. He was very open about his addiction and wanting to get clean, but knew if his girlfriend wasn’t on board, he wouldn’t.

He asked one of the guys if he could play his guitar and he handed it over. He strummed on it for about 5 minutes and he had skills. We asked him what kinda music he knew and he knew a little bit everything. He played some request and he excused himself and went to use the bathroom. He was gone for awhile and we all knew what he was doing. He came back out and picked up the guitar and started playing Nutshell by AIC. Talk about a powerful song. At first I thought he had wrote it. We all sat in complete silence after he sang it. He talked about the conviction in Layne Staley’s voice and what that particular song meant to him.

I couldn’t remember his name for the life of me but I could see him there with the guitar and his beautiful voice. L said the guy sounded a lot like his brother, so I asked if he had a picture of him. He disappeared into the house and came back with a shoe box filled with pics. We joked how our will never know what it’s like to dig through a box of memories. He found one of his brother with a guitar with a cigarette hanging outta his mouth and it was him! That was the tattooed heroine addict that had a voice that touched your soul.

Unfortunately he died about 3 years ago to a heroine overdose just like Layne Staley, his idol. I kept my composure but I knew I had to leave before I completely lost it. I know about the power of addiction. I also know what it’s like to have a sibling that’s in the same spot his brother was in, at this very moment with the same drug. It’s very scary. But I know an addict isn’t gonna get help until they’re ready.

They say sex can be an addiction and I do love it, but not quite sold on the fact that any kinda professional help is needed. But then again I’ve been wrong many times.
Legit Ballers
Posted:Aug 23, 2020 2:05 pm
Last Updated:Sep 5, 2020 9:41 am

This blog is gonna be a long one. I was gonna try split it but the way this site puts these blogs, you’d read it backwards and it wouldn’t make sense.

I’ve seen a lot of people call this non monogamous sex a lifestyle. I prefer to call it being a player in the game. I’ve been in it really since I started my first affair with. I didn’t know that’s the kinda girl I’d be at the time because the 18 year old was in love and thought he was the one. But after the first time he broke my heart and all the shit that he did and didn’t tell me, I realized it was just about the sex for him and I’d change him eventually. Yeah, right! But until he was ready to settle down and wife me up, deal me in and let me play this game.

I’ve NEVER gotten caught on my end or with the married men I’ve been involved in so I’d say I’m pretty good. I cover my tracks well and the most important one, I keep my shut! Now, I’ve had some help from friends along the way but these are very trustworthy friends and usually I had dirt on them. But being a player in this game doesn’t come easy. It’s a lot fun but there’s also a lot of hurt feelings and just straight pettiness that goes along with it. The story I’m about to get into is how I almost got caught up. Right before I met my husband.

I was having lunch at a fairly new restaurant. If I go alone to eat I normally sit at the bar. The manager brought my food out and asked if I needed anything and I heard the printer. So he grabs the paper and gets a glass out of the cooler and pours a beer from the tap. There was a lot of foam and I told him to tilt his glass and he wouldn’t have that problem. He asked if I wanted a job. He was dead serious. I wasn’t really looking but extra cash , why not. So I filled an application and a few days later he called.

Now they didn’t need a bartender which is what I thought I was going be doing. That’s where my experience was but I was cool with waiting tables. Most of the people there was really cool. I’m a very outgoing person so I make friends easily. Now, once again I work nights and it wasn’t long till I was a closer. Most of the time the other server that closed was the same chick and we became really good friends. We’d go have drinks at one of the dive bars after we closed. She was single too and often we’d talk about the good looking guys at work or who we’d fuck and who we wouldn’t. The manager that hired me was very attractive and flirted with everyone. He also had a on and off ghetto ass girlfriend (I couldn’t stand her).

One night my friend and I got into a discussion about how fine she thought he was and if she was given the opportunity she’d fuck him. I totally agreed that he was attractive but I wouldn’t fuck him, he just wasn’t my type. I’m not sure if I was trying to convince her or myself that I wouldn’t fuck him. Now he was the closing manager as well so we all spent a lot of time together at work. He became a really good friend. We’d talk about everything from relationships to smoking a blunt after work. He never went for drinks with us. Just smoked and bounced.

I had bought a pos car and I was having trouble with it so my friend took it to his shop and was gonna fix it. Leaving me without a ride for like 3 weeks. Now this was when I lived in the apartment by myself and my dad took me back and forth to my daytime job and the restaurant wasn’t too far from my place so if I couldn’t find a ride I’d call a cab. My girl friend would always take me home or my manager friend because it was his way home. My friend said she wished she had car problems so he’d take her home. It wasn’t like that, I wasn’t into him like that. Wellllll one night he dropped me off and went about his business just like always but about an hour later he called and asked if he could come over and drink a beer. Sure, come on. One thing led to another and next thing I know I was fucking him on my couch.

My first thought was, what just happened!!! My next thought was my girl friend is gonna kill me. All this time I was telling her that I didn’t see him that way and there was no way in hell I’d fuck him. Sure I thought he was cute, but nope, not gonna happen. So work was fun and trying to act like nothing happened and listening to her drool over him. One night I was like I gotta tell her because it really wasn’t that great. He could eat pussy but the fucking part was too vanilla for me. He wanted to make love and NO! I need ya to beat it up make me cum. So I pulled her aside and I told her what happened. She was surprised but wasn’t upset, with me anyway. But then she said she had a confession of her own, apparently they’d had been fucking for awhile and just kept it under wraps. Why didn’t she tell ??? In fact he fucked her after he dropped me off went home took a shower and came and fucked me. I was pissed! She was hurt by him.

I know he didn’t come over to fuck me but he knew he had just fucked her a few hours before and knew we were good friends. I felt bad because had I known they were fucking I would’ve never touch him. I’m a but I don’t fuck around with my friends men or interest. That’s why she was hurt too because why would you go and fuck one of my best friends after you fucked me? So it was me and her against him and work was not fun anymore. We couldn’t wait to get outta there. We only talked to him if we absolutely had to. He did call and apologized to me but he didn’t to her and so she really hated him now.

Very seldom did another manager close besides him but there were a few nights. So one of our female managers was closing and one of the guys she used to work with came in. He moved with his job and was in town visiting family and dropped in to see her. I didn’t really talk to him other than the quick introduction she’d given us. She wanted to go have a few beers after we closed and so we all went. We sat at our normal table and had a few more friends join us. We were having good time and then he walked in. WTF is he here for? Well turns he’s friends with the of town guy and came by to say what’s up and have a beer.

My friend said she didn’t want stay there with him being there and wanted leave. I rode with her so it was either leave or find another ride. My other friend said she give me a ride if I wanted stay. It didn’t bother me with him being there so I stayed. He sat at a different table anyway. So that night goes on and he leaves. My ride said she was needed to go “meet a friend” and that JP (the of towner) would take me home. He quickly said, “ummm No I’m not!” I’ll call a cab, it’s not a big deal. I’ll get home, go get some dick.

Soon it was just me and him the table talking and he asked if I was ready to go yet. , I thought you wasn’t taking me home? He paid the tab and we left. On the way to my place the other manager texted and asked what I was doing, he wanted to come over and talk. JP was like you know that’s my homeboy, we go way back. oh really! The playa wheels in my head start turning. I’m about to do him what he did to me and my friend and see how he likes it. So I told him to meet me at my place. I told JP that he was on his way over and I really didn’t want go home. So we headed to Monto Santo Mtn. and soon he was blowing my phone wondering where I was. So he called my female manager because he knew I was with her and she told him she left me with JP.

So now he has an idea that I’m with JP. He called him and he didn’t answer it. What kinda shit do you have me in? I told him what had happened and this was about revenge. I just wanted him to think I was fucking his homeboy. I had no intentions of fucking him but while we were on the mtn. things got flirty and well we ended up fucking. It was like 3 in the morning and he asked if it was safe to go back to my place. It had been awhile since our phones had went off so we went back to my place and fucked again. Some of the best dick I’ve ever had and I’ve had a lot of dick. We were laying in my bed and I noticed his wedding band. You’re MARRIED?!?! He said yeah, I’ve had the ring on all night. I hadn’t noticed it. He asked if it would have made a difference if I had realized the ring before we fucked. Nope! You’re not my first married man.

He had go back home the next day after he went saw his mom and family. We exchanged numbers and I told him to hit me up when he was in town. He left and about two hours went by and he called and asked what I was doing . It was Saturday and I didn’t work till that night so I was just chilling and he wanted come by on his way out of town. He wore me out! We fucked till he couldn’t anymore. He told me his dick needed to rest and he had to go.

I went to work that night and my female manager had questions. What went down last night??? “You fucked him, didn’t you??”, she asked! “ You knew it was gonna happen when you offered him to take home!” It was well worth it. I thanked her and she asked me what happened with with our co-worker. Why was he looking for me. Soooo I told her the what had happened and she was like...... don’t hate the player hate the game.

Over the next few weeks I talked to JP almost every night and he got to where he’d come to town at least once a week to see me. My female manager warned me not to get too invested in him, he’d never leave his wife. Have fun but don’t fall. I told her I knew what I was doing and I was good.

Soon we all left that restaurant and I had moved to where I am now. When I first moved, JP came and seen me a couple of times but it was a bit harder because I was staying with a friend till I could find a place of my own. And him being married wouldn’t settle well with the friends I was staying with. So it was either see him or find somewhere else to stay and I ended things. Soon after I met my husband and found out I was pregnant. This raised some questions.

JP and I was friends on FB and so when I announced that I was pregnant he contacted me and asked if there was any possibility that the baby was his. I was 99.9% sure he wasn’t. There was too much time between the last time I fucked him and when I fucked my husband. After that I didn’t hear from him and he unfriended me on FB .

After I had my second and I was a SAHM I was going through some boxes that I had in my storage and I found his hat. He had left it at my apartment and I told him he couldn’t have it back. When he’d come to visit he always asked for and even put it on like he was gonna wear it but when he left he always took it off and put it on me. He said as long as had his hat, he’d have to come back and get it. The memories flooded my mind and so I looked him up on FB and his page is public so I knew he was still active on it and sent him a message. It had been a few years since I talk him. The conversation quickly went to what happened. Ummmm well, you’re married and dating a married man is kinda frowned upon. He thought it was because I was pregnant. No, I ended things before I met my husband. That’s why he unfriend me because he was pissed I didn’t tell him I was pregnant. He felt that I should have called and told him. But I did! No I found out on FB and I called you and asked. He was hurt and mad and I get it. I didn’t mean to hurt him that wasn’t my intention. In fact I never planned to have this full blown affair with him. It was about proving a point to his friend and it backfired!

I thought we’d be friends since reconnecting and even planned to meet up but then SB came back in my life and all my focus was on him and I was married with two now so my men juggling days were over. I had never been on this side of a affair and needed to play my cards right. There’s no room for error. So I never saw him and the conversations stopped.

Last week I was going through my clothes and getting rid of the clothes they no longer need. At the top of the closet was his hat. I guess I threw it there. So I put it on and took a selfie and sent it to him. It was serval hours later he messaged me back: looks better on you than it ever did on me. That was it. No how are you? I did look at his FB page that is still public and he’s still married and doing good from what I seen. He does follow me but still won’t accept my friend request.
Can You Stand The Rain?
Posted:Aug 16, 2020 2:48 pm
Last Updated:Aug 21, 2020 9:05 am

Rain I can handle, storms not so much! I’m finally getting of the funk I’ve been in for the last few months. I have some help at the office, will are back in school (kinda) and I’ve stuck to my diet. I just felt like the world was caving in on me a and I just had to take a step back, take a deep breath and figure shit out. I tried to reach out and apologize to my FWB but he told me I made a decision and I should stick with it. I tried to explain I just had too much going on and I just snapped. I feel like I was a good friend and when I needed some understanding it wasn’t given. I guess it hurt more because I didn’t expect him to be so mean about. It is what it is though.

The pool guy asked if I wanted to go on a hike. He knows I’m trying to get back into shape and he knows a thing or two about working out and dieting. I was hesitant because I really don’t want to get too close to him because he is moving soon and I do have attachment issues. But he convinced me it would be a great idea and he’d take it easy on me.

He asked me what time I could be at his place so we’d have time before the sun went down. So I met him around 5:30 and we jumped in the Rubicon and drove to the destination. I knew this place, me and SB used to go there all the time. So we grabbed our waters and headed into the woods. We were about 20 minutes in and I heard the thunder. I asked if it was supposed to storm and he said he didn’t think so but he didn’t watch the weather so it could be just a pop up shower. I didn’t have my phone on me so I couldn’t check the radar. We both left our phones in the car. Great! He told me I wasn’t going to melt and to keep going.

It started to rain and it actually felt pretty good because it was hot! Then I seen a bolt of lightning and that’s when I started to freak the fuck out. I asked him if we should turn around and head back and he said no and kept pushing forward. Soon it was a torrential down poor and lightning all around us. I was really freaking out and he was as cool as cucumber. He was trying to calm me down and he just grabbed me and told it was gonna be ok. We kept walking and it finally stopped storming. We made it up to a clearing and the view was beautiful. There was a perfect double rainbow that went across the entire sky.

“I told you were gonna be ok!”, he said. We found a huge rock and sat and admired natures beauty and got into deep conversation. He told about how after years his ex wife decided she was a lesbian and asked for a divorce. He said he never saw it coming. She never talked about even being bisexual. It’s been two years and he still doesn’t understand how she just jumped ship. And then when she left she moved California be with her now wife and took the . It’s been a tough couple of years. His friends teased him with the “I bet y’all had 3somes with hot chicks all the time” jokes. Nope, he said he would’ve understand a little better if they had. How the fuck do you spend almost 18 years with someone and then they throw that kinda curve ball at you??

The sun was starting to set so we headed back to the Jeep. He asked if I could stay for dinner and he had to grab a few things at the store. When we got back to his place I helped him get everything ready for you the grill. We had stuffed peppers and some fresh bacon wrapped asparagus. It was so good. I helped him clean up and loaded the dishwasher. After that we sat outside, listened to some music and talked about life.

I looked at my watch and it was almost midnight, “SHIT, I gotta go!”, I said. I didn’t realize it was that late. He told me I could stay there again. Not tonight I can’t. But I do need a good fucken before I go. He said he needed to shower first and invited me to shower with him. Perfect! Just don’t get my hair wet. Sex in the shower is one of my favs. It’s just so hot and steamy 😜. He so sweet and gentle, I wish he was a little bit rougher when he’s fucking . But my pussy is tight so he’ll quick if he gets any rougher. Really missing the multiple orgasms but..... what can ya do? Beg? Nah, I tried and that didn’t work.

We’ve been in a meme/TikTok war since we started talking. I never know if I’m gonna laugh, puke or roll my eyes but today he sent: When it rains look for the rainbow and when it’s dark look for the stars. I appreciated that, especially today. I don’t even think I told him what today is but what I do know is I sure do miss her more than anything. Don’t take time or people for granted!
Posted:Aug 1, 2020 2:32 pm
Last Updated:Aug 11, 2020 12:12 pm

I got a song filled with shit for the strong willed
When the world gives you a raw deal
Set you off 'til you
Scream, "piss off, screw you"
When it talks you like you don't belong
Or tells you you're in the wrong field
When something's in your mitochondrial
'Cause it latched on to you, like
Knock knock, let the devil in, malevolent
As I've ever been, head is spinnin', this medicine
Screaming, "L-l-l-let us in"

I usually don’t stay mad or too upset for long. I get over shit pretty fast. My husband tells me I’m bipolar all the time. Nah, I just know how short life is. I’m not an angry person, even after all the shit I’ve been through. But after last weeks episode of, “ I’m over this bullshit”, I just needed a break from it all. So I sent my off and my husband and I loaded up with some friends and got off the beaten path for some fun. I got from my cousin asking if they could take my the beach with them. A week without my ..... ABSOLUTELY! My husband also said he’d be gone all week as well. See ya! I have an entire week myself. It’s been at least years since I’ve had alone time for any length of time. I was here for it!

My first thoughts was what kinda trouble am I gonna get myself into? I looked through the sausage fest on here to see if maybe someone sparked my interest. Dug through my emails and after awhile I just gave up and thought welllll I’ll just shoot my FWB a and see if he’d break off. But then I learned that my instincts were point and basically I needed know my place and stay in my lane and accept the fact that I’ll never be good enough be let “in” the thoughts in his head. Got it!

So after I gathered my thoughts and went through the emotions of processing what I had just read I needed him understand something and this is the reason I’m writing about here Incase someone else finds theirselves in a similar situation, that just because someone catches feelings doesn’t necessarily mean they want you wife them up. And it’s absolutely ok if the other person doesn’t have those same feelings. I’m a pretty strong female but I do wear my heart on my sleeve always have and always will. What you see is what you get. If I’m mad, you know, if I’m sad, you know it and if I love, you’ll know.

I hope this is not how my week of “freedom” is gonna pan out with feeling sorry for myself. So work came and went and I kept myself busy harvesting the garden and getting a few projects done around the house. But when it was bedtime the thoughts were in my head. Not how I foreseen this week at .

It had been awhile since I’d heard from Will and he always cheers so I texted him the next morning and we chatted for a bit. He said he wanted see so we met and he’s so weird about shit. Always thinks someone is gonna spot him and tell his wife. So I jumped in his truck and we hit the back roads. We got about a mile down the road and he lifted the console and pulled out a blunt. I haven’t smoked in years other than a toke here and there but at this point I was down. So he fired it and of course he’s got a system in the truck. Why? You’re are almost 40! He’s said, “BECAUSE I WANTED IT!” His wife asked him the same thing. Kinda felt like times.

We spent a couple of hours just catching up and him making fun of me because I don’t smoke and I was high as hell! He took me back to my car hugged me bye and told me not to be a stranger. I didn’t really want to go home but I had nothing else to do so I went home and worked with the pups some. I was right back in the head space I didn’t really want to be in. I need some dick. I kept fighting with myself.... just fucking text him and go get some good dick. But I wasn’t up to be told no either. So I went to bed.

The next morning I was getting ready for work and I got a text ,it was Will and of course he was like let’s go get a hotel room. NO! I’m not starting that shit with him. And he doesn’t do anything for me. My pussy is dryer than the Sahara dessert when I with him. A perfect example of I love him very much but I don’t want to be with him. Now you take his demeanor and Doc’s dick and you can bring me the divorce papers NOW! Ha!

I get to work and I just so happened to check my emails on here and there he was.... please be real! He sent a couple pics and left his number. I don’t people and I don’t like give out my personal number. I sent him and by 5 I still hadn’t heard from him so I sent him a text the number he had left. If worse comes worse I can just block him. About 5 minutes later he replied with - is this the chick from AdultFriendFinder? I said, maybe! So we texted for the next few hours. He was interesting. He asked me if he could call me, he had some things he needed both hands for but wanted continue the conversation. Sure. So he calls and we talked till about 10 :30. He said he need get a shower and asked if he could when got out. Sure.

I had gotten ready for bed and put my hair and taken my makeup off and washed my face. I crawled into bed and grabbed my phone to read our banter from earlier and it rings and it’s FT. 😳 NO! I didn’t answer it and called him back and he asked if my FT worked. I didn’t think he meant do that. He did. I explained that I was ready for bed and he said he didn’t care and wanted see who he’d been talking . Then went through the scenarios of why I wouldn’t FT. So I was like fuck it.... this week can’t any worse. So I pressed the FT button and...... he’s pretty! Like really pretty! We talked till like 2:30 and he asked if I wanted come his place and hang by the pool. He’d cook dinner and just chill. Sounds good .

I had an appointment at :00 the next day but I could get free after that. So I texted him when I was done and he sent his pin. I was nervous even though I knew he was attractive I was still doubting myself. But went anyways.

I pulled and noticed the Trump flag immediately, I already knew he supported our President but didn’t take him for the type that would have a huge flag outside his home. I knocked the door and he greeted with a hug. “I like your flag”, I said. He said, “ I hope you like more than my flag.” Calm down, we’ll see! He asked if I wanted a beer. We talked about this during the hours the phone so he knew I wasn’t too picky. He grabbed a beer and I pulled my coozie outta my swim bag.

I followed him through the house the back yard were the pool was. Nice place. We sat at the table in shade next the pool. It was hot as shit. He asked if was gonna get in or was he gonna have throw in. You better not throw in! You don’t know if I can swim or not. I’ll throw you in the shallow end. Fuck you! So he jumps in and tells it feels a lot better in the water than sitting in my chair. Bring your beer and get in. So I took off my shirt and my tank and went to the diving board. Thought you couldn’t swim? So I dove in and grabbed a float. He was easy to talk to and had the same personality as I do. We get each other’s banter.

He cooked me dinner and we played a drinking game that we found in the App Store on the phone. Who knew? It was fun and it had been awhile since I had laughed that much. He was hilarious and just gentleman. I knew I had to stop drinking so I could drive home and he told me I could stay there. There isn’t anyone at your house anyways. I’ve gotta go to work! Ok, well I’ll get you in time. Stay here and have yourself a good time! You are having a good time, aren’t you? I was having a great time. I said I needed some fireball..... let’s go get some. So we hopped in his car and went and got fireball. We barely made it in time thanks memaw and her can’t buy alcohol after order.

When we got back I immediately jump in the pool and we took a couple shots of fireball. I was feeling pretty good and things got flirty. All this time and he hadn’t made a move. We’d been a little touchy feely in the pool earlier and he’d made a few comments during the drinking game but that was it. I wanted him to kiss me.... bad! So I got outta the pool and he soon followed. I grabbed the fireball took a shot and handed him the bottle. He sat down and I sat in his lap. Oh, you like me now that you got some liquor in ya. Ha! He finally slid his hand around the back of my neck and kissed me. Fireworks went off..... in my head anyways. Sooooo you staying the night? Yes, I’ll sleep on the couch. I bet that’s exactly where you sleep.

I found another drinking game on my phone but this was a sexual game and after we laid out some ground rules it was on. After we were completely naked he picked me up and jump in the pool. We finished off the fireball and it was almost 3 in the morning. So it was time time to go inside. He gathered up some blankets and a pillow and threw them on the couch. Really!!!! That’s where you said you wanted to sleep. He grabbed my ass with one hand and my hair with the other and gave me one of those “I’m fixing to fuck the shit outta you” kisses. He did not disappoint! It’s around 4:30 and he said you’re not going to work. No, no I’m not. So we passed out and I woke up to the smell of breakfast cooking. Did you have a good time? I had a great time! Thank you. He told me I’d already thanked him several times. Got time for one more? He was down!

So I fucked him goodbye and told him to call me later. He had told me during dinner that he was selling his home and moving to California to be closer to his . It’s a gorgeous home so it’ll probably sell fast. He’s already got a place in some city I’ve never heard of but told me I’m welcome there anytime.

I got in my car and as I was driving home everything that was trying to not think about came rushing back. WTF.... Yes I had a great time and it’s what I needed but it didn’t change my feelings of last weeks episode of: He’s just not that into you. I still want to fuck him. I don’t want to just walk away from something I’ve invested time in. That’s not who I am as person!
Posted:Jul 22, 2020 4:49 pm
Last Updated:Jul 27, 2020 6:26 am

I should be getting ready go get some dick but I’m writing this instead. I’ve been under a lot stress during this whole pandemic bullshit. My job has taken more turns and twist than I was prepared for. I’ve thought about leaving several times but I couldn’t have a better boss than the one I’m under. Makes it hard leave. My husband took and new job and he’s gone all the time now and when he is home seems that summer chores and sleeping comes before anything. He got a huge raise and even told me that if I wanted to quit work and stay home for a while I could. I’ve been a SAHM and FUCK THAT! With the uncertainty of the upcoming school year, I’m not gonna be cooped up in the house with these minions of mine. I love them more than anything but I just don’t have the patience for it.

I also decided to end the sexual relationship with my FWB. I found myself getting mad at things I shouldn’t. I knew that I had to end it before it got out of hand and having things end on a really bad note. I mean we both knew that feelings were gonna get involved and I was up front and honest from the when it became more than just a fuck for me. And he stayed quiet to spare my feelings, which is smart. Pussy is power, right? Lol

I can’t fix his emotional problems and he can’t fix mine. Especially when that’s not why we started this whole thing. So for those of you that want nothing more than than a sexual relationship with just one person, think about it and make sure you are both on the same page. That takes communication from both people. When it becomes one sided, end it! It’ll save you tears and unnecessary heartache.

I think he was over it anyway and probably relieved that I made the . He has a way of doing that without drama. Now he doesn’t have feel bad for hurting my feelings and he can move on someone who can just fuck him and be ok with the “lifestyle” so speak. I’m too damn stingy to be unfazed to know about about the the other women. I plan to remain friends with him and keep in touch. I don’t want to cut all ties because I do care very much for him.

So what’s next for me?? Fuck if I know. I’d like to find someone who is married and kinda far away and just available for maybe once a month hookups. Someone I can’t get attached to. Because clearly I issues with that. I have 0 plans to end my marriage. I’ve got and I’m not sharing them with anyone either! Maybe this is just part of it and I know lots of married folks that understand that. But I also don’t think that one dick can keep me satisfied for any length of time.

So when life get rough just take Whitney’s advice and just exhale! Everything will eventually work itself out. But don’t be like Mrs. Huston and smoke crack. That didn’t end well for her! 😂
Party Monster
Posted:Jun 23, 2020 4:05 pm
Last Updated:Jun 24, 2020 10:03 am

I wanted to blog today, you’d think with nearly two months off I’d have plenty of time. Not with my around! Between zoom meetings for work and teaching the rest of the school year, my time was taken. I haven’t really been on here much. Other than reading my emails. I guess you could say I did my part and stayed at home. So it’s been awhile since I’ve had satisfying dick. That was my decision. I did it for two reason, 1. I’ve got and didn’t want to risk them getting it and 2. I needed to make sure I was gonna be ok for when things with my FWB comes to an end. I will be. I think.....

There’s a lot of thoughts going through my head. Should I stop while I’m ahead? I really don’t want to, I mean it’s one of those, “don’t fix it if it’s not broken” type of things. More like great dick is few and far between and I really don’t want to start over. And while I may hook up with a new fuck here and there, it absolutely will not be a FWB type a situation. I can’t handle it! The jealousy in me is real but at the same time I know my worth and well don’t hate the player, hate the game!

The Weekend is one of my favorite artist and Chrissy’s cover of his song Party Monster was exactly what I needed to hear. I left the lyrics below but go check it out on YouTube!

I’m good, I’m good, I’m great
Know it’s been awhile, now I’m mixing up the drank
I just need a boy who gon’ really understand
I just need a boy who gon’ really understand
I’m good, I’m good, I’m great
Know it’s been awhile, now I’m mixing up the drank
I just need a boy who gon’ really understand
I just need a boy who gon’ really understand

And, I know he got a proper stack of bands
I’m schemin’ like evil with a plan
I’ve seen him switch rides by the day
Bugatti, Friday I knew I had to play
Oh you fine, oh boy can’t deny
Occupy, oh boy I got time
I’ve been dreaming, all night I’ve been dreamin’
Of up and leavin’ show you my demeanor

I’m like, got up thank the lord for the day
Leavin’ with you boy got me feelin’ type of way
Fiendin’ for you boy got me doing crazy things
Thievin’ from you hoes that be gettin’ in my way
Im like, got up thank the lord for today
Leavin’ with you boy got me feelin’ type of way
Fiendin’ for you boy for me doing crazy things
Thievin’ from you hoes that be gettin’ in my way

Paranoid...... but I see something in you!
Porn star dancing
Posted:Feb 18, 2020 8:49 am
Last Updated:Feb 18, 2020 9:09 am

Nothing like watching porn with your FWB bring out those insecurities! I think we all can be critical of our self image, especially naked. I don’t ever recall a time (sober) that I took off my clothes with the confidence I have with my clothes on. NEVER! And for about 5 after HS I was in the gym 3-5 days a week trying stay in shape and looking back on those photos - damn! If I could turn back time, right?

As a mentioned before I gained a lot of weight with my pregnancies and I worked extremely hard to get that off and I did plus some. While I was over here being proud of myself there came the “you’ve lost too much weight” comments. The speculation of being on drugs because of my past addictions. So with my new found confidence came the shadows of doubt. And it didn’t help that even my doctor told me that my ketones were too high and then asking me what I all I was eating because they too needed to lose some weight and had heard great things about the new crazed keto diet.

So with all the chatter and the advice of my doctor I slacked off the diet and gained some of the weight bac No, I’m nowhere near nor would I ever let myself get back the weight I was when I started the diet. But damnit I like eat. I’m from the south and we eat EVERYTHING fried! It’s true, even Oreos. Lol

Then there’s those times that I tell myself that I’ve had and that does take a toll on ones body. Not everyone spits out a and returns to their previous body. A lot of that is genetics. I’m getting older and the older you get the harder it is to lose weight. But then you see a 50 year JLo and 43 Shakira and there goes your confidence once again. Some may say they are famous with lots of and they can afford personal trainers and surgeries. NO! Those women work for those bods! And probably harder than most. That takes willpower and dedication.

It kinda sucks hear about past lovers and those recent random hookups and not get any credit of your own. Makes ya question yourself a bit. But these are my insecurities and my demons within myself. And that’s part of being in this lifestyle. Gotta take the good with the bad. Besides I can alway count on Will for those moments of doubt. He’s always came with the compliments. That’s just who he is. Or log into AdultFriendFinder and read my emails. There’s always a compliment or in those.

I’m not here tear myself down. I know my worth and what I need work on. One thing I know is good is my pussy! And that’s not changing anytime soon. I have a 97% return rate of all the cock I’ve had. They all come back for more. Someone doesn’t want good pussy because I don’t fit their mold of what I should look like naked, well I wish them luck in finding it. Everyone should have standards and trust me I have mine. I don’t settle for anything I have doubts about. With that said, I don’t want get comfortable and completely let myself go. Some reassurance from those I keep close is alway much appreciated.
Everything that glitters is not gold
Posted:Jan 21, 2020 3:30 pm
Last Updated:Jan 22, 2020 6:38 am

I like watch cams from time time. I like the interaction, especially if they cum which is rare catch. I know most of the ones I enjoy watching like edge for awhile and well after about 20 minutes or so I lose interest and I’m on something else. But of course I like watch the hotties with a body and I nice thick coc There’s usually more guys watching than chicks so more times than often I get a message and the cyber sex is on! It’s fun. But most of them are too far to actually fuck but there have been a few that I’ve gotten to with.

I was going write this blog a lot sooner but I’m not into calling people out or want to hurt someone’s feelings, so I’ve waited a few months before blogging about this experience. I wanted to write about right after it happened.

So I was watching cams and saw a hot dude stroking his very nice cock and almost immediately he said hey. He was one of those that was too far away to actually meet but he said that he worked in Huntsville from time to time and would love to meet up. Sweet! He was gorgeous, very nice bod and his cock wasn’t bad either. The good thing about cam dudes is you see exactly what you’re getting and don’t have to go off pics and wonder if they really look like that and are be disappointed later when they look nothing like their pics. That happens way more than it should and I know that goes both ways. So we made plans to meet.

We chatted about our likes and dislikes and I sent him some photos of me. He was for sure that I would like him and his bedroom skills. Actions speak louder than words. So I was ready to put him to the test. He told me he’d give me his room info when he got here and settled in. I couldn’t get free the night he got here so we made plans for the next day. He had some free time that afternoon and it worked out perfect.

He had sent me several pics of him at his room with his gorgeous body and I was excited! I texted him when I was on my way and we had sexual banter the whole way there. I was horny as fuck when I got there and though I already knew he was attractive I was still a little nervous. I get to his room and knock on the door and he answers. He’s gorgeous! We had small talk for about 5 minutes or so and it was show time!

We began to make out and he’s a great kisser and usually if they’re a good kisser they can fuc He takes off my clothes and he takes his off, that body YES! He lays on the bed and eats my pussy, again he’s good with his tongue. In fact I came rather quickly and that doesn’t normally happen that fast but hey, I was ok with it. After I sucked his cock for awhile I was ready to be fucked. He gets a condom and I’m super horny. He flips me over into the doggie style position and I feel him slide in. He’s fucking me at a pretty good pace and I’m like WTF, maybe it’s the position so I flip over on my back and he starts again. Like minutes later he starts convulsing. I was thinking WTF is happening?

Now I know everyone cums differently. Some are loud, some let out a sigh of relief and some are quiet. Never have a had one go into convolutions though. And after 2 minutes. He quickly got up and took the cum filled condom off and asked me if a came. If you have to ask me if I came, I assure you I didn’t. I left very disappointed. I know I have some good pussy but minutes, missionary position.... after all the shit he talked about how I would love his “fucking” skills! No.... just no. He asked if I wanted him order food and have “dessert” but I was ready go. I gave him an excuse of why I couldn’t stay for another round of disappointment and he said he’d stay in touch if he ever came back to North Alabama. He’s blocked on here as well as my chatting services.

So just because they look good naked, doesn’t mean they can fuc False advertising....
The chair
Posted:Dec 17, 2019 2:07 pm
Last Updated:Dec 19, 2019 7:06 am

I’m on one today! Sooo sick of the smart ass motherfuckers in the world. It’s one of those “ leave me the fuck alone and let me deal with shit my way” kinda days. Christmas is in a week, I barley have any shopping done, my husband is a asshole, my job is getting to me and I’m on my period! Thank god for Adam Levine and his cover of sex and Candy. It took me back to Sam’s place. Here’s that story....

I had gotten myself into a bit of trouble and needed a second job to cover some expenses. So I picked up a second job bartending at a restaurant downtown. Now I didn’t know the first thing about bartending as I was always on the opposite side of the bar drinking my problems away. So I needed training and had to follow the white version of Steve Urkle. This dude was as awkward as they come but he was cool as shit. Everyone loved him from coworkers to the folks that came to dine in.

I trained for a week and took a test on what I had learned and I was told the schedule would be posted the following Monday. I dropped Monday after my first job and everyone was gathered round the board checking their schedules and I over heard a chick saying how she just couldn’t believe Sam was coming back. He was a loser that had gotten suspended cussing someone out or had gotten into it with another coworker. I don’t remember but this chick and a few others wasn’t pleased to have him return to work.

I think I started my first real shift on a Wednesday and I thought I’d be working with Urkle but come to find out he didn’t bartend, he just waited tables and I was stuck with a rather good looking fella. Oh, this must be Sam, probably hurt chicks feelings and thats why she was bitter. Nope.... his name was Jax and he’d been on vacation. He was kinda an asshole with , “I know I’m fine as fuck” attitude. Let’s just say he’d met his match as far as attitude goes. Sure he was easy on the eyes but that didn’t get very far with me. He was shocked that I gave him attitude right back and didn’t give into his good looks.

It’s Friday night and my second week there so I kinda knew most of my coworkers now. The way the schedule was set up people staggered in at different times. I was pouring a beer and I looked up see a dude wearing a trench coat. The vibes I got off this dude was he probably lived I his mommas basement learning how make bombs to blow up the city. He was just creepy! He took off his coat and walked into the kitchen liked he worked there. Who is this guy???

About 10 minutes later he comes from the kitchen and walks to the bar. He speaks to Jax who is checking his hair in the back mirror behind the liquor bottles. Jax says he’s glad to see him back and goes about his grooming. He looks at me and walks back towards to main dining area. Fuck you too is what I was thinking. I asked Jax who he was and being the conceded assholes was told me he was my boyfriend. I returned with a smart remark with he was jealous. Oh the web we weave!

The bar got busy fast and soon the entire bar was wrapped. The drinks were flowing in from the main dining area too. Jax handled the folks at the bar and I would make the drinks that came in from the dining room. As I made the drinks and stuck the printer paper with the drink on it to let people know who’s it was and where it was going, I noticed one of those had the name Sam on it. Ahhh, so that’s who the strange creepy guy is. I went to pour a beer and I heard, “is this mine?” I asked if it had his name on it? He said he was just making sure, didn’t want to mix anything up.

The night went on and Urkle had checked on me a few times and asked me if I was ready to quit yet. He said the GM told him it was his job to make sure I was comfortable with the job and to make me feel like I was one of the staff. Other than the jerkoff I had to bartend with and his smartass serial killer looking friend, I was great! Everyone else was cool and ask how I liked it so far when they came to get their drinks. A couple of them told me I was doing a great job.

The night came to an end and it was time clean up and go home. I was exhausted after working all day at my normal job and then after a very busy night behind the bar. Jax volunteered to count the tips while I cleaned the bar mats and the taps and whipped everything down. He did scrub the floors and bring up the ice. But I did most of the cleaning while he sat on his ass counting our tips. Urkle and a few other servers sat at a table counting their and I noticed Sam was one of them. He was chatting it up with Urkle. Now, like I said everyone liked Urkle so I wasn’t too surprised that he was chatting it up. I get my earnings and go home.

About a week later Jax calls in and so I’m the only bartender that night. I stayed busy and learned I could handle it on my own. But cleaning it myself wasn’t going to be fun. Urkle stepped up to me clean and asked if I wanted go get a beer after we were done. I told him no because I didn’t want to drink and drive. That’s the whole reason I’m here. So he told me he’d follow me home and I could ride with him. So I did. We get to this hole in the wall and order a beer. Soon about 3 other coworkers showed up and we drank and chatted it up. Soon after Urkle gets a phone and wants know if I wanted ride over to Sam’s place and I was like, ummmm NO! I didn’t like Sam. He was weird and he wasn’t very friendly to me. But Urkle was nice enough to come get me so I was like sure.

On the way I asked if Sam was going us and Urkle thought that was funny. He assured me he was cool just miss understood. I didn’t have good thoughts going through my head but here I was. We get to Sam’s place and it’s an apartment. I noticed is was tidy and dimly lit. Why are we sitting in the dark? This motherfucker is fixing us! WHY???? There was a couch along the back wall and a recliner with an end table it. I quickly sat in the recliner and was told Sam that was his seat, but I could sit there. WHY AM I EVEN HERE? I was ready to go.

Urkle asked if I wanted to smoke some pot. During training we had talked about what we did as far as smoking and drinking and I was down with both. I was quite the pot head back then. So Sam proceeds to roll a blunt and we smoke. Sam doesn’t say much and Urkle decides to tell him my thoughts of him while we were on our way over. I hauled off and smacked the shit outta Urkle! Why? Why would he tell him? Now he really is gonna us. Luckily I’m a bit of a smartass and played it off. You never know, I told Sam, you never know. All of a sudden Urkle gets a phone from his baby momma and needs to take her something. He asks if I minded chilling at Sam’s for about 20 minutes. Ummmm NO! He checks with Sam and asks him if he minded if I chilled there till he got back. Sam said he didn’t mind. Of course he didn’t, he’s gonna murder as soon as you walk out the door. Sam said he’d wait at least 10 minutes before he’d slaughter me. I told Urkle to hurry up as he walked out the door.

Here I sat, as hell with the freak from work. He offered me a beer on his way into the kitchen. Sure, get and drunk before you murder me , I joked. He brought a beer and disappeared into a room down the hall. I knew it, I knew he was gonna me! Now, those of you who smoke pot or have ever smoked pot you know how paranoid one can get. You start to believe the crazy shit that’s going through your head. I was convinced he was coming with a machete to wack off my head. He comes back with a guitar.

He sat on the couch and was messing with the strings. He told me he’d broken a string and asked if I minded him fixing it instead of chopping my head off. Seeee I knew you had funny business going on! It then became a joke. He asked me what kinda music I liked. Me, I like all kinds of music. We sat and talked about our favorite bands while he fixed the string on his guitar. Soon Urkle was back and it was 2 in the morning. So I needed to go home.

The next week at work was awkward with Sam. He’d make some kinda of murder joke every time he’d come get his drinks from the bar. Jax didn’t get it so with him was fun. I think Jax was more worried about why I didn’t play into his pretty boy swagger and joked with Sam. Because he had some jokes!

One night it was storming and Sam didn’t live far from where we worked and had walked to work that day. He asked Urkle if he could give him a ride home. He said he would ask me but a murder on a stormy night just seemed to perfect of a plan and he’d knew I’d turn him down. You know what, smartass, I will take you home. There’s enough people here if I don’t show for my next shift, they’ll know I’ve been murdered. Everyone laughed and said they had my back. Sam asked if would take him the store he wanted to get some beer and I told him he’s doing too much, he just asked for a ride home. Sure, I’ll run ya the store.

We get back to the complex and he asked me if I wanted to come up and have a beer. I explained I didn’t drink and drive and he promised he wouldn’t me. He then asked if I wanted smoke so being the pot head I was, I went. I asked him if he fixed his guitar and he went and got it. We sat and smoked and again talked about music. He told me I wasn’t the stuck up bitch he originally thought I was. Thanks! And he wasn’t the Alabama bomber/serial killer I thought he was. I asked him if was gonna play a song and he asked what I wanted hear. So I picked a song I was for sure he wouldn’t know, George Straits, The Chair. YALL, he got up of his recliner (that was his seat) and asked me to trade seats. I was a bit confused but when he played the first few chords and began to sing, “well excuse but I think you’ve gotten my chair” I about fell out. No fucken way!

Needless to say I grew kinda fond of Sam and of course it lead to sex. No one knew how close we were. We hardly spoke at work. But the ass grabs that no one saw or the time I had go get strawberries out of the walk-in cooler in the kitchen, he’d seen go in there and he came in there just to sneak a kiss and feel me up. Urkle was the only one who knew Sam and I were friends. Jax thought I was joking about some of the things I was really serious about. But that made it fun.

My time with Sam was short lived but I learned everyone deserves a chance. Sometimes the creepy weird ones are not so creepy all.
Building a Mystery- FWB Edition
Posted:Nov 19, 2019 2:48 pm
Last Updated:Oct 28, 2020 11:04 pm

Have you ever wondered what was going through your sex partner’s head? Now I’m a pretty open book those I’m . I’m a talker meaning I don’t shut up, unless there’s a phat cock in mouth. Just kidding but I do talk a lot. There is NO mystery around what’s going through my mind. Life is too short to not let people know just how I feel. I mean after all ’s how you get know each other. And the more comfortable with your sex partners the better the sex is.

I’ve had fair share of FWB and with those come feelings. I think it’s easier for men walk away and not look back, not all men, but most. I can recall one FWB I walked away from and it didn’t bother . He was attractive, had a great job and a good fuck. But I never developed any kinds of feelings for him. And yes he’s someone I considered a friend. We did hookup on a regular basis.

Men in general are more stoic with their feelings then us ladies. No, again it doesn’t apply to everyone but as a whole. So what goes through their heads after a good fuck? Are they wondering what’s going on your mind? Are they just trying to catch their breath from pounding he just gave you? Or are they wishing you’d put on your clothes and leave if you’re just FWB?

I was informed there is something released makes women talk after a orgasm and men become sleepy. I think most of ladies can testify the latter part of the last sentence. But regardless of , I still wonder what’s going on in your brain. And sure some of y’all will be like just ask them. It’s a catch 22. What if’s negative things? Nobody wants hear or say anything negative, especially after a fuck. I think some of would rather live in our fantasy world than hear the truth. If there’s a chance it could be if you asked; what’s on your mind?

So fellas, what goes through your mind after sex?
Drunk Girl
Posted:Oct 26, 2019 12:43 pm
Last Updated:Aug 25, 2020 10:14 am

Fall has finally arrived here in Bama. It’s my favorite time of year for many reason. The Crimson Tide is back on top and hopefully looking for another Championship, time will tell. Falls festivals are going on and of course my want to go. Wrangling that are wanting to do different things in a very crowded place isn’t my idea of fun. It’s just been one of those long weeks. So I want get in and out of this festival as quick as I can.

I had called a friend of mine to see if he was taking his and to call me when he got there. Him and his wife has been having problems for awhile now and he thinks she’s strung out of drugs leaving him take care of the and take care of all the chores and bills. They get there and we head up to the madness to get tickets for the games. I saw another friend that had her 5 by herself and was bitching about how her husband conveniently had to work late. I thought two was bad enough. My wanted wanted go find her teacher so we headed that way losing my friend that I had met up there. I’d catch up with him later.

The played a few games and everyone was handing out candy and of course my was eating it as fast as they were getting it. This is gonna be a long night. One wanted go ride the train and the other wanted go see her teacher from last year. So we walked down the hall to the library where she was last year and found her out in the middle of the hall at a station. As she was asking my how the school year was going and wrangling her own and manning the station while my was trying to talk her.... it was a hot fucking mess! Too many people. I gathered my and was about to head down the hall outside were the train ride was, that’s when I saw him walking straight towards me. Deer in the headlights. Thankfully there was a beam I quickly stood behind hoping he didn’t see me. He didn’t and turned and went on.

After a couple other games the wanted cotton candy and so we stood in that ridiculous line for 30 minutes. My buddy that had met us up there found me and stood in line and was catching me up on his hot mess of a life. He wants a divorce and to sell his house and move away. I can’t say that I blame him. I mean sometimes I feel like I’m raising my alone. Hunting season just started so I won’t see my husband till February. I’m not gonna beg him to choose doing things with , they’ll remember. They eat their cotton candy and we have about 15 tickets left so we go the bouncy house to let them jump all that sugar off or at least some of it. They play a couple more games and we are down 2 tickets. My oldest wants go the dunk booth which is out side and on the way the car. As we are standing in yet another long ass line, I’m handed candy wrappers so I leave the in line and go look for a garbage can. That’s when I walked right into him.

FUCK! “Hey, how are you?” I just stood there staring at him. “I’m good, thanks. How are you?” Before I saw him in the hall earlier I didn’t even think about running into him. And I thought I was about to escape without seeing him again. WHY? I found the garbage can and he was trying to make small talk. I didn’t want to be rude but I didn’t really want to talk to him. I was tired and getting home was all that was on my mind.

I was headed back to find my to see they were headed my way. The little one freaked out and thought I left so they got out of line to find . I hadn’t walk 20 feet from them. He had his with him and they wanted pizza and of coarse so did mine. “I’m not paying $20 for a small pizza. Let’s go and grab something on the way home!” Oh but they were starving and threw a fit. He looked at me and said, “I’m going make your mom mad but let’s go get y’all some pizza.” Why....

He’s so fucking sexy and he just does it for me. From his boots to that thick southern accent, goddamn it man! He gets the pizza and there was a picnic table over by the playground that he told the to go sit down and he’d pass the pizza out. I’ll go find something to drink. All I could find was MtDew. So I got his their own and made mine share one. Payback, huh?

I grabbed my phone out of my purse and found a swing to sit in while the ate. I was scrolling FB and I heard him say, “I know you hate .” I asked him why he thought that. He told that every since he had told that he didn’t want fuck anymore that I’ve been avoiding him like the plague. “Whatcha mean?” He told me I didn’t call him anymore, not even a hey, how ya doing? I didn’t know what to say. He wasn’t completely wrong but I wasn’t going outta my way to avoid him. It’s one of those “outta sight, outta mind” kinda things. He reminded me that I was the one who turned him down the last time so he’s the one that should be upset. He was joking of course but I just sat there. He said if he’d known this was going to happen he wouldn’t have fucked me to begin with. It’s not like we were great friends before and I didn’t really know where he got this.

Talk to me, please! He said, “can I be honest with you?” The first time we hooked up, after I dropped you off and went home, I sat in my truck and thought about what had happened. I thought I was just drunk and went on and went to bed. I couldn’t sleep. All weekend I thought about you. So when you texted me a few days later I thought, let’s do it sober. When I went back to work, I was a complete mess. I couldn’t get you off my mind. It scared the living shit outta me. I couldn’t sleep and I was so distracted that I couldn’t pay attention to anything. So I did what I had to do. I didn’t mean to run you off though.

WOW, Thanks for telling that now and I get it. Hell it threw for a whirlwind too. Nobody likes to be turned down and yeah my ego was a little burned but I understood from the family part of it. As I looked at the and reminded him that he made I smart decision. He told all the things he said to me at that time was true and he really felt that way he just left out those feelings about the he felt about me. It was just a drunk hookup after all. It was my fault. I mean I basically encouraged that he take me home that night from the bar. What drunk guy is gonna turn down pussy that’s being thrown at him? Yes, it takes two to tango but I led that dance that night. I’m also the one that texted him that following Monday.

I think we dodged a bullet with his decision to end it when he did. Living and working in a small town where everyone knows everyone things could’ve gotten out and that would be very bad for us both. I assured him that I didn’t hate him and that I wouldn’t treat him any differently than I did before we hooked up.

Sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture and that’s exactly what he did. I’m a “live it the moment” kinda person and sometimes I need to look at things from other perspectives. I’m kinda glad he didn’t tell me that I was part of the reason he decided not to continue because he assured me it wasn’t me at all and I guess it kinda wasn’t but rather his emotions he needed to get in check. I would’ve tried to play on those emotions for selfish reasons. He was a boy that night but in the end he was a man.
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Little Red Corvette
Posted:Oct 18, 2019 7:14 pm
Last Updated:Sep 17, 2020 1:52 pm

I ran across his profile a few years ago and it was very detailed about him and what he was looking for. Not the average liner of “ looking for a hook up” so many people use. I mean it was it was very specific of what he was looking for and what he wasn’t. I was intrigued so I sent him a message. If mind serves correctly we chatted and had plans to meet up but didn’t because he had car trouble. I’m not sure what happened after that. I think I ghosted him.

Rewind a year before that I had put on some lbs with my pregnancies and I was over it. I had do something and I foolishly reached out to Starboy. I hadn’t seen him in years and I met up with him and he hadn’t changed a bit physically. He’s a bit of a health nut and in great shape. I was embarrassed that I had let myself go and he gave me the confidence that I needed to get the weight off if I wanted.

I sat out on a journey to get it off and started a diet and the weight came off. It took a year to get to my goal and I started to feel comfortable in my skin again. That’s when I messaged Doc the first time. I was also fucking Starboy probably once month and didn’t follow through with anyone that wanted to meet from AdultFriendFinder. I hadn’t stepped of marriage before Starboy. But I was bored with the sex and he gave me what I needed. Some shit happened and I learned he hadn’t changed. He’s just pure evil! I’m going to leave it at that.

Fast forward to this year. Marriage sex was still boring and routine so I went looking for someone who could fulfill that need. Every time I logged into AdultFriendFinder I saw his profile and so I messaged him again. We chatted and made plans to meet up again. This time I went. Now I had never gone to anyone’s home before this. I used the site years ago but they always came to my place because weellllll I knew where my gun was if I needed it. Let’s just say I was pleasantly surprised. The yard looked liked something out of Homes and Garden magazine . I was a bit nervous but once I entered his home..... I don’t remember how it went down but it went down.

After we fucked I remember he said, “you know you just fucked a Clemson fan?” What are you talking about? Oh my Bama shirt! I should’ve known he was gonna be trouble from then. But I wanted more so I went back again a few weeks later. His cock is huge.... and it feels amazing. After another pounding I looked at him and said “I don’t know your name .” He told he didn’t know mine either. Guess we skipped that part the first time. He’d much rather make a dig at my love for the Crimson Tide.

A few weeks later I messaged him again wanting more and of course being the southern gentleman he is, obliged my request. Each time I went to see him I got know him. I then discovered his blog on here ( If you haven’t read it go check it out) and got know him a little more. I knew he was smart (smartass more like it) but his ability to write is like reading a published New York top seller. Some he’d told me about and some things I was learning about. Hell still learning. I thought I had read it all but found some I hadn’t. Is there anything this guy isn’t good ? He’s educated, sexy AF, he can cook (so he says), his yard is pristine, his home is not a mess AND he can fuck!

We’ve been fucking for quite sometime now and I’ve let my feelings get involved. I tried not to but shit happens. I care about the shit talker. I don’t know why any of his many lovers hadn’t married him up yet. FOOLS they’re all fools. I mean I’m glad they haven’t because he wouldn’t have came into life. But that’s being selfish. I want his cock all myself. I know he’s making the best of his single life. I’ve read about them. Makes a bit jealous.

I know I can’t keep him as my sex slave and I know I’m not the only one he’s captivated from here. Yes the sex is amazing but he’s just an amazing human being. It’s gonna suck when he finds someone build his life with. He’s made it very clear that he will be faithful and that means I gotta go. Well the sex has go. I hope that we can always remain friends......

With benefits. After all he’s getting me a Lamborghini, a Crimson one . I promise I won’t drive on the grass when I drive it over. 😁😁😁😁 I adore ya, Doc! Even if Bama loses (they’re not) but if do, I’ll still have love you.
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