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Nothing else Matters
Posted:Jun 23, 2019 11:51 am
Last Updated:Aug 11, 2019 9:15 am

So, like I stated I don’t have many AdultFriendFinder stories to share, yet! But I have a few. As many of you know I am married as 95% on this site are. Some have permission to step out and most of us do not. I do not. I’m one of those “what you don’t know, won’t kill ya” kinda people. My family is everything to me. My husband is undoubtably my life partner and the one I plan to spend the rest of my life with. doesn't mean I can’t have fun and do what I want to do and here’s why.

As a female (and a real one at ) I get lots of emails on here. I mean I have well over 0 right now. Now most of them are ones I don’t even open because well, if it’s says 70m, NO! I know I’m not going to even entertain the idea of fucking gramps. But I do get those catch my eye.

Well I got one of those, I opened it up and he said he’d ran across my profile and liked what he read/saw and wanted to chat farther and see where it went. I’m game. So we exchanged names and started chatting. We exchanged a few pics and he was in great physical shape and easy on the eyes. He thought the same about me.

He asked if I could host and I told him no, I was married, he was too but his wife was it of town with the . So he could host for now. I have been seeing someone is great in bed and is becoming a dear friend. And I’m pretty content with just fucking him. We had made plans to “hook up” week but I woke up to my monthly gift and had to cancel. I love sex and great sex at and he’s a really good fuck. Most of the time I get wet just driving to his house because I know he’s going to fuck me hard and I get a couple of rounds. Well worth the drive. I’d make it everyday if I could. Though I’m not sure I could handle his huge cock everyday two or three times a day. I’d be sooo sore. I can tell he’s been there a couple days after we’ve fucked.

Anyways, I was chatting with this guy and had explained I had gotten my period and was out of commission for the next few days. He said he didn’t mind making a mess but it was up to me. Some guys don’t mind and some do. I’m not one for fucking while on my period anyway. But for some reason I was really horny. evening I had gotten word a good friend of mine had suddenly passed away and I was pretty upset. I had just talked with this persona week or two ago. Of course my phone was blowing up with other friends calling to ask what had happened and to check on me. Once again I was reminded of how short life can be. Life is ours, we live it our way!

The next day I get up and go to work and I get a message from the guy and he asked if I just wanted to at least meet and see if we had any chemistry and I was like, fuck it, sure. I was going to be out night anyways. So he shoots me a message when he got home from work and gave me his address. I let him know I was on my way. I get to his house and he comes to the door. Very nice home. So I go in and he introduces hisself and we talk for a few. He then just starts kissing me and I’m a sucker for a good kisser! His were good, really good.

He knows Its time of the month and I could tell how bad he wanted to venture down there with his hand while he was kissing me. And then tells me he has a very roomy shower. And starts kissing me again taking off my shirt and bra and sucking on my tits (which I love). Ok, now I’m horny AF! He ask if I want him to start the shower and I was like, YES! Let’s do it. I’m horny, he’s horny and we both want to fuck.

We go into the bathroom and he turns the shower on and we get undressed. Damn his body! Yummy! Now he’s just a little taller than me (I think) he may be the same height, not the 6’6” guy I’m used to. But he’s hot and is hitting all of my buttons. He tells me to get on knees and suck his cock, I’d been stroking while we were kissing.

I get on my knees and begin sucking his cock. He begins to fuck my face and I can hear him breathing hard and enjoying the blow job. He pulls me to my feet and we hop in the shower. He pushes me against the wall and kisses me and finally he gets to massage my pussy and fingers me. Fuck, I’m beyond horny now and I’m ready to see how his cock feels. He turns me around and bends me over and I feel his hard cock enter my pussy. He slides right on in. And says “ damn, you feel amazing”. He begins to fuck me. Harder, I tell him. OMG, he already wants to cum. Not yet! You just got in there. He pulls out and turns me around to face him and starts kissing me, raising my leg up so he can enter from the front. I feel him slide back in and he’s fucking me at a good pace. Our hands exploring each other’s bodies, the steam from the shower. It was just hawt! I tell him I’m about to cum, he tells me to cum, cum on his cock.

I cum, and I cum hard! He pulls out and kisses me and my neck, sucking my tits and turns be back around and bends me back over and pounds me form behind. He tells me he’s about to cum. His pace gets faster and I can feel the release of his cum as I cum again. Something about a guy telling me he’s about to cum and fucks me hard, I’ll cum just about every time! He slowly pulls out and I turn around to kiss him. BTW- if I haven’t mention he’s a really good kisser.

We wash off and hop out. He hands me a towel and I dry off. We get dressed and as I’m walking back from the bathroom I told him I’d done something I said I’d never do. What’s he asked? I said fuck inside someone else’s home while their wife wasn’t there and didn’t know about his naughtiness. I’m going to hell, he said I’ll be there with you. He explains they’re in separated/ trying to work it out/ it’s still not working stage. He doesn’t even know when or if she’s coming home. eases my mind a little.

I grab my purse and he walks me to the door, he leans over to kiss me bye and I shove him up against the wall and kiss him just like he did me when I first got there. Damn, he’s a good kisser! I pull back, give him a peck and tell him bye.

On my way home I was just replaying what just happened in my head. He was good. I enjoyed it. I get home and he had sent me a message (which is rare). I usually send a message. But he tells me he hopes I enjoyed . Absolutely, I did! Not quite the anaconda cock I’m used to getting, but it was good. I’d take it again. His kisses made up for anything I was missing.

If I had to pick, I’d still go with my “regular”. Those kisses tho! Damn it!

I never opened myself this way
Life is ours, we live it our way
All these words, I don't just say
And nothing else matters
Trust I seek and I find in you
Every day for us something new
Open mind for a different view
And nothing else matters
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On the other hand
Posted:Jun 16, 2019 6:40 pm
Last Updated:Nov 8, 2019 1:24 pm

So after the close with Mr.Sexy a few days go by and I’m sitting in my office working and just couldn’t get what had happened off my mind. So I shoot him a message. All of a sudden my phone rings and it’s him. Well hello, how are you? He told not to him because his wife goes through his phone and that I should instead. What’s up with you, he asked? Just working or trying least. What’s going on in your world? Same, he said. He then ask what time I took lunch and to him then.

Finally lunch rolls around and I leave and as soon as I get in the car I was like should I him? I did. He answered and asked where as I was. I was leaving work and heading home for lunch. Where are you, I asked. On your road. As soon as turned on my road I saw his truck. He tells follow him up the road he had a job check on. So I did. He got and went and did what he had do and came back and asked how long I had. Well usually I take an hour, why? Follow me, he says. Ok! So I follow him a store. I hop up in his truck and he asked where are we gonna go? Hell idk?

Follow down here another store. So here we go again to a different store. He motions for get in. So I hop up in his truck and he says lock your doors (meaning we are leaving). So we go yet another random field where one of his work trucks are. He explains he’s doing a job over there but he sent his guys lunch so we don’t have much time.

Once again here we are in the back seat of his truck, this time with no interruptions and sober. So we can’t blame being drunk this time. It was cold but we were far from cold! After he pulled came all over my stomach, he ask if I thought it was as good sober as it was drunk. Absolutely! He found some random shirt and cleaned up his mess. I sat up and he was putting his pants back on. He grabbed me by my thighs and leaned in and kissed me. I enjoyed it too, he said. Duh, I said with a smile. You’re a little fire cracker, he said. And a good fuck, I replied! Yes, yes you are.

On the way back to my car we are trying to figure how this is going to work. Neither one of us want to give up what we have at home but the sex was good and we both wanted more and often. I rambled off a few places as we pull into where my car is. He said we’ll figure it . We talked for about ten minutes about him getting caught before. Wellllll..... the chick got pissed off because he wouldn’t leave his wife for her (although she had a BF) and went and told his wife about the affair. I won’t do that. I have just as much to lose as you do. He knew that.

The next as I’m getting into my car for lunch he calls. What’s up? He says he’s tired because he didn’t sleep well the night before. Why didn’t you sleep well? His conscience was eating at him. He didn’t think he could see anymore. I’m not going say that I wasn’t disappointed but I understood. He said to let him sleep on it that night and he’d get the next .

I figured he’d around lunch and I never heard from him. I got back work and finished the work . As I was getting in my car go pick up my the phone rings and it’s him. Sooo did you get some sleep? No, I didn’t! I just can’t do this. I thought I could but I don’t want lose my family. He said the previous evening he went home and was spending time with his and what had happened the last time he choose fool around on his wife. He had left or moved but since had worked things and was going marriage canceling. He apologized and said he had a great time and if it wasn’t for the he’d be down.

I explained that I understood, it sucked, but I completely understood. He thanked me and told he had fun, a lot of fun to be exact. But just not worth losing his family over. And he knew my husband and considered him a friend (although we never hung with him). They wasn’t that good of friends but he knew my husband was a good guy and would also hurt him if he found . Ok!

It ended as quick as it started! It’s all good dude, promise. You’re not mad , he asked. No, I’m not gonna lie and say it didn’t suck. I enjoyed playing with him. His kisses made melt. Especially the one he had given me after the last time we fucked. I could’ve fucked him again right then. But I would get over it.

A couple days went by and I called him on my lunch had asked him how he was and if had gotten his sleep back. He said yes! I said one more time? He said nope, he couldn’t do it. It had nothing to do with me but he just couldn’t do it. Things between him and his wife were better than they’d ever been and she didn’t deserve it. Well, asking never hurts, I said. He said I know. It’s not that I don’t want to, I just can’t. My conscience just won’t let me. Ok, I laughed! If you change your mind you know how to reach me.

A few months go by and we had talked a few times just to check in on each other. Some drama had stirred up and I heard his name come up so I called to warn him. He was aware of the situation and it was taken care of. Word on the street is that he had slept with a fiend of ours. He denied it of course and his wife was aware of this one too. He said he’d been accused of about 4 or 5 and my name was the only name that didn’t come up and the only one he had fucked.

It’s field day at the ! Our are the same age and I hadn't talked him since the “warning” phone . I had found someone that gave me what I needed that I wasn’t getting at home and really hadn't thought about him lately. Well I go the for field with my and I saw him of the corner of my eye. I just kept on trucken! I didn’t want talk him. I was over it! As soon as get in my car (I hadn’t even pulled of the parking lot) my phone rang. I saw it was him and debated whether answer or not. I did. You can’t speak? Huh, what are you talking about? You walked right passed and didn’t say a word. My bad, I didn’t see ya! (I did). Where are you going he asked? Back work. Meet me the store. NO! I’m not playing these games. You can’t change your mind now. Oh so you’re seeing someone else? That’s none of your business! You had your chance and you said you couldn’t do it. This time I can’t do it. Haven’t heard from him since.

So many lovers games, I’d love to play with you
On that hand there’s no reason, why it’s wrong
But on the the other hand theres a golden band
To remind me of someone that would not understand.
On one hand I could stay and be your loving man
But the reason I must go is on the other hand! -RT
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Posted:Jun 15, 2019 5:23 pm
Last Updated:Jul 22, 2019 9:54 am

I don’t care how many times I go back and edit my blogs make sense. I mean do they just pick random words and delete them. I mean I stated that my grammar would not be on point (unless they wanna me for it). Lol! But just add the word that would make sense. Since AdultFriendFinder is retarded! 🙄🙄🙄 STOP CHANGING MY SHIT! How aggravating!
Posted:Jun 15, 2019 4:40 pm
Last Updated:Nov 23, 2020 9:51 pm

I don’t care how many times I go back and edit my blogs make sense. I mean do they just pick random words and delete them. I mean I stated that my grammar would not be on point (unless they wanna me for it). Lol! But just add the word that would make sense. Since AdultFriendFinder is retarded! 🙄🙄🙄 STOP CHANGING MY SHIT! How aggravating!
Take me home tonight
Posted:Jun 14, 2019 7:42 pm
Last Updated:Nov 8, 2019 1:11 pm

So my girlfriend calls up and wants to know if I wanted to go and have a few drinks, she’d drive and have home by . I ask my husband and surprisingly he says sure. So I get ready, she picks up and off we go. We get to the bar and she orders us a round of drinks. We make our way to the back and place our quarters on the pool table ( meaning we take the winner) for those of you don’t know. It’s our turn to and we are playing a pool shark. We knew he’s good and he knows we suck. But he let us win anyway. We played a couple more games and had a few drinks and she gets a message from a friend who is another bar. She asked if I wanted to ride over to where he was. Sure! Off we go.

We get there and are greeted by some friends and we used the bathroom and order a round of drinks. This is not huge bar, but it’s not small either and has a different room where the pool tables are. So while my friend is talking with the dude invited us (her) there, I make my way to the back to see if I know anyone. As I was was coming back there he stood, tall dark and just plain sexy! He was there with his buddy who I also knew fairly well. They instantly hugged me and asked where my husband was. home with the ! Momma needs a nite every now again. I had already been asked this by everyone I knew. His buddy smoked and there was no smoking in this particular bar. So he stepped to smoke and I chatted it up with Mr. Sexy. There was a little flirting but he too was married so it was very subtle.

It was colder than a witches tittie outside so everyone wanted to go to another bar allow smoking inside. My girlfriend asked if I wanted to go and I was down for whatever. I wasn’t driving and I had a pretty good buzz at this point. I quickly invited Mr. Sexy to come and he quickly shot me down and said he had to work the next and had to get his drunk buddy home. “ ok well if you change your mind, you know were i’ll be”! I hugged them both and went to the other bar.

As soon as I walked into the bar I was greeted by some very good friends of mine were plastered! So my friend and I order another round of drinks and she sits with her guy of interest (who was a good friend of mine as well). So I get me a beer and he hands me a shot of whisky. “Happy belated bday”! Now this particular whisky makes me kinda wild. So I found some random dude and we struck up a friendly conversation about nothing. He then notices my wedding bands and asked me if I was married and where my husband was. Yes, I’m married and he’s at home with the . It’s a girls night . He then tells he can’t talk to a married chick. I mean it’s not like I was trying to fuck him! Maybe ’s what he was after? Who knows. So I make my way back to the bar a I was handed another beer. I looked up and there he stood.

I immediately made my way over to him and said, “I thought you wasn’t coming?”. He said his buddy needed some smokes and so they dropped by the bar anyways. He asked if I wanted a beer, sure! So we chatted and had a few more beers. Some of my friends lived close to me were there and was leaving. It was getting late and I was already past the time I was supposed to be home. So I see them walk .I hugged Mr. Sexy and his friend and he was like you invited here and now you’re leaving. I tell my girlfriend (who is in deep conversation with her interest) I was gonna catch a ride with the folks lived close to so she wouldn’t have to back track and could do her thang with ol dude.

I walk outside and scanned the parking lot for their car and didn’t see them or their car. I go back into the bar where Mr. Sexy was standing right by the door. Thought you were leaving? Yeah, too! So his buddy offered up Mr. Sexy to take home. FUCK NO, he said! Are you trying to get us both in trouble? He was married too and well known. So I was like, well fuck you too! I wouldn’t let you take me home. And walked over to my girlfriend who was like, I thought you left. Ummmm I got left! No biggie, I’ll take you home. My friends brother hands me a beer and a shot of whisky.... WTF! I’m feeling pretty good! I walk back over to Mr. Sexy and was giving him hell about the way he reacted to taking me home. What are you think something ’s not supposed to will happen? He smiled and shook his head. Are you ready to go home? I shook my head yes. And his friend said take the girl home, I’ll find another ride. You ready, he asked? I then went back over to my gf and told her I had found a ride home. She looked up and saw him and smiled and said have fun and be careful, love you! Gave her and her interest a hug. Mr. Sexy said let me go start the truck up. Wait about 5 minutes and then come out there. So it doesn’t like we are leaving together. So I did. I climb up in his big ass diesel truck. He said where are we going? He knew where I lived. I said ummm to my house? Where do you want to go. To bed, he replied. Ok so take me home and go home to your bed.

Wellllll, next thing I know we are in some random ass field. Where are we ? He told he owed the piece of land and he cut the truck off. WTF have I gotten myself into? He said, “you’ve been talking shit all night”! You wanted me to take you home. No one made you! He said.... welllll whatcha wanna talk about about. Me? Nothing! What do you want to do? Are we in ? About time he leaned over and kissed my. My throat was in the bottom of my stomach. Holy shit! This is really about to to happen! He cranks the truck back up. What are you doing? Well it’s cold and these clothes are coming off! He hops out of the front and into the back. I just crawled through the seats. There we sat. He leaned over and kissed me again, this time I felt It. He takes my shirts off, undoes my bra and admires my tits. Those are nice. Thank you! He takes his shirt off and pulls me down into the seat. Heavy make out session is in full swing. He whispers in my ear, this is all your fault. I give him come fuck me grin and the pants come off and we are fucking like two teenagers in the back seat of his truck. All of a sudden my phone rings! Holy shit it’s my husband. It’s 2:30 in the morning. I didn’t answer the first time and 5 minutes later it rings again. I’m pulling up now! Gave him some BS story of why I’m not home. Me and Mr. Sexy are both freaked out, putting our clothes back on. And he knows my husband and well! And remember he drives a diesel and it’s loud as fuck. How the fuck am I going to get you home? He’s gonna hear my truck. Drop me off at the end off my driveway and I’ll walk. What if he sees my truck? We’ll cross bridge when we get there. He pulls to the edge of my driveway, we exchange numbers. A quick kiss and I hop out and go into the house where I find my sleeping husband. Whhhhhheeeeewwww! couldn’t ended bad but it was fun!

With all th power you’re releasing
It isn’t safe to walk these city streets alone
Anticipation’s running through me
Let’s find the keys and turn this engine on

I can feel you breathe
I can feel your heart beating faster
Take me home tonight
I don’t want to let you go till you see the light
Take me home tonight
Listen honey just like Ronnie sang
Be my little baby!
Oh, oh, oh
Doin’ It
Posted:Jun 12, 2019 7:00 pm
Last Updated:Jun 27, 2019 8:03 pm
Let’s spice this blog up some! After this is what you’re here read or at least it says “share your experiences with people that you’ve met on AdultFriendFinder”. Well for me that’s not many. I mean I used it before I got married and then left for about 4 years. Got married and had . Turns out sex with the person gets very boring and routine! That’s why people cheat! I mean I guess some people could take it or it, not me! I want it all the time. Whether it’s a real dick or a toy, I’m getting off! There’s no better physical feeling than an orgasm!

I want to be pushed up against the wall, passionate kissing, hands exploring my body. Tease me! Make me want it! I want feel you hard cock pressed against me. Because the more turned I am, the better I’m going take care of you.

It’s not easy get a woman off like it is a man! TRUST! Just because you enjoyed it, doesn’t mean we (us ladies) did. Now everyone is different in what that like sexually. Some folks like wear collars and shit 😳! Most of us want that passion. Me, I like start slow and build that intensity. When I say “FUCK ME”, hit it hard! Pound that pussy! Make me cum all over your cock. Trust me, you’re gonna cum too and hard! Anyone I fuck off this this site better bring it! If I come back, you’re doing something right! And those with 8 to 9” cocks, I can handle them! It make take a a few strokes to stretch my pussy . But if you follow the steps above, she’ll be already dripping and you can slide on in!

We get it on The Break of Dawn, damn you're large
How a big like it ?
Nice and hard
Safe sexin' it, flexin' it, gettin' that affectionate
Chewin' it, viewin' it, all while we're doin' it
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Simple Man
Posted:Jun 11, 2019 5:33 pm
Last Updated:Sep 17, 2020 1:49 pm

I wasn’t sure where to start my blog. Should I start from the beginning of when I became sexually active or whatever comes mind? So I’ve decided go with whatever is on my mind. So this blog will be all over the place. I can do , right? It’s my blog after all. However this is gonna be from the beginning, back when I was is HS and dating a guy to this is still one of my best friends. He was my first true love and a first for a lot of things. But one time is all it takes! I’ll never forget phone . See, I co- opt my senior year in HS. He’s older than so he had a job. I always called him when I got home. He was working his grandparents store and cell phones were not a thing. So I called the store and he answered. He said we need to talk. OK! He then told me he couldn’t see me anymore. Wait..... what? Why? He then told me he was gonna be a father. 5 1/5 years down the drain. How could this happen? I know how, but I didn’t understand why! Was I not good enough? Why, why would you do this? It was what it was. Our friends were baffled as well. We had a pretty tight nit . So I still saw him from time time. I was pretty close with his family as he was with mine. He married and lasted a whole months or so. He wanted work it after he divorced, but I just couldn’t let it go. And I kept my distance and tried move on. I graduated HS and stared a job. ’ summer we lost two of our best friends in car accidents just a few months apart. Though they were more of his friends he grew up with, he knew how much I cared about them. He called me both times just to make sure I was ok. I knew he still cared about me. He still does. He always will. One summer night he called me and wanted to see me. So I drove to his parents house and he told me to get in the truck. Where are we going? Just get in. Ok! We made our way up to the place where we always partied. Just the two of us since the break up. We sat on the tailgate of his truck and just talked, about everything. Then Lynyard Skynyad’s Simple Man came on. We both knew the song well. But the words resonated with me. As the tears rolled down my , I looked him and said “Just be a simple kind of man. Be something you’ll love and understand!” He wiped the tears from my cheeks, kissed my forehead and ’s when we both knew we would ALWAYS be friends. Some things aren’t meant to be how we think they should be. Over the last 25 years or so we’ve been there for each other. He’s person knows me better than anyone and still loves me. I will always love him too!
IRIS - Goo Goo Dolls
Posted:Jun 10, 2019 5:45 pm
Last Updated:Sep 18, 2020 8:09 am

Welcome my blog. I’ve debated over even blogging. I’ve kept a journal and I thought why not put my thoughts out there for people read. Maybe I can help someone or learn something from someone else. Now if you’re looking for proper grammar, you’re not going find it here! After all this is a sex site. This is MY blog, MY thoughts, My truths mixed in with a little bit of fantasy and fiction. I am married so dates and names will be altered keep my identity concealed as well as those I blog about. Let’s see how this goes!

And I don’t want world see me
‘Cause I don’t think they’d understand
When everything’s meant be broken
I just want you to know I am.

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