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Are you that somebody  

Hvschickforfun 40F
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9/24/2020 1:12 pm
Are you that somebody

Remember that cocky bartender that I really didn’t get along with but was easy on the eyes? Yeah, welllllllll here’s how that went!

Once again I’m riding shotgun with Urkel and we go have some drinks at one of the local dive bars with some other coworker. One of them said they had gotten a hotel room and everyone was invited to come party. So we went by the liquor store and headed on to the hotel. I had 0 expectations on how this was gonna go.

We get there and there are about 10-15 people crammed into this room. It’s hot as fuck and the smoke was so thick I could barely see. But the vibe was chill and with a few shots and a couple of tokes off the 15 blunts being passed, I was having a decent time. I was chatting up with one of the chicks from work. Wasn’t too long and most of the folks had left and there was like 4 or 5 of us chilling.

Urkel was king of “I gotta go somewhere, I’ll be right back” and would just straight up leave me. He could tell I was irritated but promised 20 minutes tops he’d be back. Hurry up! So now we are down to three people and someone figured out how to open the window so the smoke could escape. Time to break out the dro or loud as they call it these days. I’m talking about three good hits and it would knock a professional weed smoker on their ass. All of a sudden there is a knock on the door. I’m thinking it’s Urkel back.... nope it’s the asshole bartender from work. Great!

He speaks to everyone and he gets to me, “who invited you”, he asked? Go fuck yourself. He said he was just kidding and told me to calm down. Even offered me one his cheap ass beers. Naw... I’m good but you can take a shot of this patron. So we took a couple shots and finished the blunt. Once the blunt was gone so were two of the other people. So it’s me, Jax and some chick that was so fucked up she couldn’t remember her name. Where the fuck is Urkel????? Not answering his phone.

He asked me if I was cool as he pulled a baggie of white powder from his pants. Now ya girl likes her sleep so blow is really not my thing but I didn’t need any more reasons for him to be a dick to me. “Chop me out a line” I said. So I did a couple lines and I was feeling pretty damn good. And we were actually getting along. He did ask me where my boyfriend was, referring to Sam. I was starting to get mad because Urkel was still not answering and it was like 2 in the morning.

We did like 2 more lines and it was gone so now we had to entertain each other somehow. So after we made sure the chick that was in there with us was still breathing, we tucked her into bed and we chilled on the other one. We joked about ordering a porno and charging it to the room, who would know? But instead we decided to just make our own and so it happened. It was one of those “what in the actual fuck just happened” moments. And immediately after he asked me who was better him or Sam? My smart ass replied his daddy! Ha!!!!

Just as I was putting on my bra, there was a knock on the door. I looked at the asshole and told him, “you can’t tell nobody, I’m talkin’ about nobody!” I hope he’s responsible cuz I gotta watch my back, cuz I’m not just anybody. Sometimes I’m goody goody, but it that moment I was naughty naughty. He said our secret was safe and let Urkel in.

Take me home, NOW! He apologized all the way to the elevator and to the car. He probably asked me 121823 million times if I was pissed at him and If I was still his homie. As soon as we pulled into my place I gave him a hug and said I’d see him at work. As I’m walking up to my door he yells, “you fucked him, didn’t you?” BYE URKEL!!!!

Well apparently Jax couldn’t keep his mouth shut and told the with the biggest mouth about what happened and some chick that liked him now hated me and made work a living hell! I mean it came down to me grabbing her by her neck and almost getting fired because she just couldn’t let it go. Not to mention the conflict it caused with Sam. He wasn’t mad about it because we were just FWB but he wasn’t pleased either. I didn’t work there too much longer after that so it was all good!

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