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Bad Habits  

Hvschickforfun 40F
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8/27/2021 11:25 am
Bad Habits

My bad habits got me married with a couple of . That question got brought up at one of the “backyard sessions” Could I ever be content with just one guy for the rest of my life? The answer is, I just don’t know. If there ever comes an opportunity for me someone I’m sexually attracted then I’m going probably take it. That’s the problem with me, I care way too much not to give a shit when it comes to my sex life. But here we are………

No, I’m not to fucking anyone new or right now. I’m very content with everything in my life at this moment. Why do I keep my AdultFriendFinder profile active, well for this blog and it’s the only way I can keep up with a few of the ones I’ve met on here. I finally took the kick app off my phone because I just don’t use it. But if the opportunity for me to someone, I would do it. L knows this and understands it and we talk about it all the time. Communication is KEY dealing with affairs and random hook ups.

My favorite type of hookup is the types you don’t see coming. The ones that you can cut the tension with a knife but always lean towards the “don’t do it, this can cause problems”…….. but when you do take that one chance and go for it and it’s even hotter than you’d imagine. That happened with Mike.

Mike and I were co workers and at this point in my life I was single and having fun and so was he. Mike is a few years younger than me and back then it was a turn off for me. But Mike was pretty sexy. The hair was always in place and that goatee was perfected with a straight blade. He had that bad smile that made me just want jump his bones. Of course we flirted but we never really hung out outside of wor No one really ever talked about us be overly flirty with each other. We were just co workers. When you work in the hospitality field, drama is gonna happen. Whether you choose be a part of it or you stay out of it, it’s happening.

One night at work things got tense, really tense. I mean it’s a Friday night, everyone is busy but there is some shit going down. Mike and I was kinda over it and so we headed outside for a quick smoke break. There was always empty kegs out where we smoked that we sat on. We both looked at each other like what the is going on tonight. We were both over it and I told him we should make out and really throw some spice into all this drama going on around us. He told me he’d love to make out with me and so there we stood in on make out session going down and his friend (they are still friends now) walked out , turned around and walked right back in saying, “this can’t be real life!”

Oh but it was. We made out a few more times that night like when he walked me my car that was parked in front of the window where everyone could see us. But still nobody really talked about us which was kinda strange but we were ok with it. I’m not sure who quit first but I do know I hadn’t seen him in a couple months when he came into the bar that was in my blog Legit Ballers. This was way before that even happened but anyways, same bar. He came in with his roommate to have a few drinks and shoot some pool.

After a couple hours and several shots later, things got flirty and those sexual innuendos were being used heavily. He mentioned that I probably didn’t need to drive and that he lived across the street and I should come play cards with him in his roommate. Strip poker to be exact. We were all drunk and horny. I remember us starting the game but some how I ended up in the shower with Mike. I think that’s when I realized how much I enjoy fucking in the shower. It’s just hawt!

After the shower fuck session we laid down in his bed. We were still extremely intoxicated but got into a deep conversation about causal sex and what would happened to us after this. We wasn’t super close after we didn’t work together and after that night I never really heard from him. Not until the POF days, around the time I first found AdultFriendFinder so I was doing a lot of fucking more from the POF side than AdultFriendFinder. I was pretty sure I saw his profile and checked it out first. One day I get this very lengthy email from him on POF. He went into telling me about his POV the night we finally hooked up.

During our drunken conversation about feelings he fell asleep and me being the horn I am wanted more, so I woke him up and got one more round. The next day we just woke up and he took me back to my car and I think he thought I was too drunk to remember the conversation and what happened and I thought the same of him. But he did and reading that many years later was kinda… had me in my feels. We messaged back and forth a few times and he decided that POF is not where he needed to be and that he needed tp try and make it work with his baby momma. So he turned his profile off and I didn’t really hear from him.

Somewhere down the line we become Facebook friends and so I’ve kept up with him and all his relationship issues. I think the relationship with his baby momma was one that should’ve never lasted long but she got pregnant and so he was trying to make it work and his infidelity to her was just something she wasn’t going to handle anymore. They had a together and they would simply co parent. And from what I can tell, they do it well. I’m probably way wrong per use….. but that’s what I see. I know that the see both parents and they throw joint bday parties and all that jazz but she’s remarried and he is still trying to figure his life out. He’s constantly posting about what expects out of a relationship and why he thinks relationships fail. I just want to be like no dude, you have to find a relationship that works for you. Stop trying to fix issues before it’s even an issue.

We all have some bad habits and my bad habits lead to late nights ending alone, conversation with a stranger I barely know swearing this will be the last time but it probably won’t. My bad habits lead to……….

SC: Ed Sherran

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