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Bare With me  

Hvschickforfun 40F
53 posts
1/23/2021 3:21 pm
Bare With me

Happy New year!!! First blog of 2021 and so far so good! I made my husband take out for New Year’s. After sitting in the house for most of 2020 I’m determined make 2021 a better year. Besides I don’t think we’ve even went out on New since having . So I got glammed up and we hit the town. Nice dinner and we ended the night at a friends party.

Work well wor I’m enjoying my new position. Although last week my patience was tested. I’m pretty chill until I’m pissed then...... just don’t fuck with . People are always saying my hair color matches my attitude. Don’t with fire!

My sex life is really boring at the moment and it ’s not for lack of men being interested, It’s more of me just not being ready. I mean the idea sounds great and the want is definitely there. But I get that point and I can’t follow through with meeting anyone new. I’m just not ready myself back out there. Most of the men are understanding and some say I’m just fake 🙄.

I also want say I was never led on in any kinda way. This was me and getting in my own head. It just happened. Will it happen again? I don’t know! I have somehow figure out how keep the sex and the friendship separated. I mean I like the idea of one just one person. But I don’t want that bitterness when it ends.

My biggest issue with Doc, is not that it ended but the person it ended for. The way she treats him and shit he puts up with, it still leaves me saying WTF dude. But he allows it and he chooses sit alone and drink his misery away. Only wake up next day and do it all over. I don’t feel sorry for anyone who chooses misery over trying make changes try and be happy.

I’m not quite ready hang up my hoe heels yet. I might be 40 now, but pussy is still as tight as it was when I was 20. I’m sure there are some cocks that need that kinda experience, lol. I don’t know when exactly I’ll be ready, so just bare wit me!

Curiousflorguy2 53M  
8 posts
1/23/2021 9:17 pm

You’ll know when you’re ready . . .
Wish we could meet just to chill . . . Take some photos . . . Lol

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