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Hvschickforfun 40F
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4/22/2021 11:12 am

What is up? I know ’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. I’ve been extremely busy with work, sports and just life. So what have I been up ? How’s my sex life? Any new adventures off the site? How are my relationships going? I’ll answer all of those in this blog.

Now that things are finally getting back normal with people getting the vaccine and the mask mandate lifted in Al, it’s been great. It’s starting warm up and spring has definitely sprung. My allergies are not so great. But nothing a Zyrtec can’t handle. I absolutely love being outside and getting off the beaten path.

As I mentioned before I took a new position with my company and I absolutely love it. It definitely keeps me busy and it can get stressful but I’ve got a great team backing me sooooo yeah, I’m really enjoying it. On the weekends I’m usually in the woods and enjoying a cold beer somewhere.

Have I met anyone new off the site? No, I haven’t. Lots of opportunities but to be honest I’m ok with not meeting anyone. That could change or I may be done altogether with it. I don’t want to say I’m completely done because as sure as I do, something will happen. If it happens it happens and if don’t, it don’t. I’m not looking for any new meets.

How are my relationships? Well, my best gal pal and I have made more time for each other. We’ve been together most every Saturday with our families and just getting back the bonding time I was missing. It’s really nice to have her back. She’s got some exciting things going on and I’m glad I get to be a part of it.

Will turned 40 a few weeks ago and OMG, you’d think he was dying 🙄. I did meet him for lunch two counties over because #married. It was nice catching up with him and reminiscing on the “good ol days” like always. Of course he asked if we could go get a room and get naked, ummmm NO, sir! He tried everything but I just don’t want to go with him. He’ll never give up though. Bless it!

And although 2021 is panning out be a great year so far are a few bumps and things I’m still figuring out. One of those is my relationship with L. After he moved back from Cali we decided just be friends and leave the sex out of the equation. The #1 reason being that we never wanted lose the friendship aspect of something like what happened with Doc. Obviously I have feelings for L. Would I be ok when he decided start seeing someone that he could see a future with? That’s a whole other blog. I’ll write that one soon. But for now, L and I are in a good place and the sex is even better.

Speaking of Doc, yeah that relationship died the night I walked out of his house and drove away. I fought all I cared fight for even just a simple friendship with him. Absolutely no effort on his end was or has been given. It still makes me sad when I think about it but it is what it is. I really thought we’d remain friends. But I was just another partner in his “lifestyle” 🙄.

I hope everyone else is doing great and remember when life gives you lemons, just mix them in your drink! #wildcard

DurdyDeeds 39M  
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5/17/2021 9:11 am

I'm glad things are going well/better for you and you're making time to bond! Heart and emotional healing is key to happiness and I'm rootin' for ya. Let me know when you wanna grab a beer under the trees sometime. I'm down for friendships only. Happy spring/summer!!

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