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Cuz we like to PARTY!  

Hvschickforfun 40F
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9/24/2019 2:13 pm
Cuz we like to PARTY!

I was finally single and ready to mothafucken mingle! I even moved to the other side of town into a 1 bedroom apartment. I had also gotten a new job. It was the change I needed. Now there are good things and bad things about living in an apartment. The amenities were nice. I could see the pool from my apartment and was excited for the summer to come. One of the best summers of my 20’s.

Every Friday around 6 my girls would come over and we’d get ready and the night life downtown. Two of them had fresh divorces and one thought she was never gonna find someone to settle down with. I was the only one that had never been married or that didn’t have . That’s why they came to my place.

A friend had given me a bottle of Patron Silver as a gift for my new lease on life. It’s Friday night, my girls a there and the music was up and it’s time to break the tequila. We get all glammed and a good buzz and head down town. There are serval bars and clubs downtown and we was good friends with one of the security guys and didn’t have to any cover one of the clubs. That’s where we always started. One of the bartenders was a really good friend of mine so we’d go get a drink from him. He always hooked it up on the mixed drinks.

I don’t remember if the was a band playing that night or not. In fact I don’t remember a lot of what happened that night. Now, I’m no stranger to getting drunk and I don’t ever or had never blacked where I didn’t remember. Thank god I had my girls with me.

The drinks are flowing and I’m sure we were shaking our tail feathers to whatever was playing. Here’s what I do remember.....

I was beyond drunk and was sitting at the bar talking to one of the security guys (not my friend). Apparently we had a nice conversation before my friends found me and was ready to go. The club/bar was closing and we headed back to my place. Two of my friends went home to their place and one stayed the night at mine.

We get back to my place and there was a knock on the door, it’s the security guy that I’d been talking to. How’d he know where I lived? Ummmm apparently I told him and my girl friend knew that he was coming over. I don’t think my girl friend or the security guy knew how fucked up I was that night. So he comes in and sits on the couch and we are talking and I’m trying to remember the conversation at the bar. I had no clue what I had told this guy. But he was ! I’m talking about Magic Mike hawt!

My girlfriend was hungry and I didn’t have much to eat so she was gonna get some eggs, bacon, sausage and biscuits from the 24 hour grocery store that was a couple of blocks away. Me and hottie are left alone and I guess we decided we needed to shower so we did. When I say this man was hot I mean damn. I very vividly remember this part of that night. The sex in the shower was intense. He was cut, ripped, hung and knew his was around a woman’s body. After the shower the smell of bacon filled the air and we had worked up an appetite. My girl was in the kitchen whipping it up and singing like she had just been fucked.

Now Mr. Security didn’t bring extra clothes (guess he hadn’t planned on showering at my place) so his boxer was all he was wearing. My girl had to pick her jaw off the ground and almost burned the biscuits admiring that bod! After we ate me and the Mr. Security headed to my bedroom for round two. Mind blowing sex! From the way he licked and sucked my pussy to the way he worked that cock deep in me while fondling my breast. He was porn star status and I his very willing co-star.

The sun was coming up and he had to get home and get some rest (he wasn’t gonna get that as long as he stayed at my place. My sex drive is already and my pussy got soaked just from looking him. He left and I got some sleep. When I woke up I thought it was all a dream. It was not.

Over the next week we texted and I was still in disbelief that night even happened. I found his name was David and he worked 2nd shift his normal job and worked security on his off days. He was recently divorced because his wife was having an affair..... WHAT? WHY?

We had talk about the night we met and I for sure wanted to see/fuck him again. He worked so much it was hard for him to find time come over. I saw him at the club a couple times but he was too tired to come back to my place. I wanted to fuck him again.... god I wanted to fuck him just one more time! Be careful what you wish for.

It’s the 4th of July and he’s off from both jobs which is rare so he comes over. As soon as he sits on the couch, I’m in his lap. We talked for a bit and I rubbed every muscle in his upper body. I think he wiped the drool off my mouth a couple times. My pussy was dripping and I was ready to get him naked. We headed back to the bedroom and I quickly ripped of his clothes. My my my..... damn it . I am horny AF! We are making and all the foreplay stuff. I’m ready for him to fuck my brains and he can’t keep it hard. WHAT. THE. FUCK! WHYYYYY? He gives up and puts his clothes back in and leaves. He was embarrassed. I was sad. I had missed the fireworks outside because I thought I’d see them in the bedroom. Now I know why his wife was having an affair. I mean if he has problems keeping his dick hard! I don’t know if that’s why she had an affair that was just my guess.

I thought I’d never hear from him again but a couple months later after his shift he wanted to come over and have a beer. He was kinda drunk when he showed up. I guess he wanted to try and redeem hisself. We went to the bedroom and he didn’t disappoint. He tore the pussy up! He fucked me hard. It was good. But it wasn’t like the first night. And as pretty as he was to , I didn’t want to see him again. I was afraid if I fucked him again he’d get stage fright again and I wasn’t going through that shit again. That was horrible! I was gonna take that last memory of the good sex and just let it be.

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9/24/2019 3:32 pm

He tore the pussy up!

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9/24/2019 3:51 pm

*Hellava Story*


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