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Everything that glitters is not gold  

Hvschickforfun 39F  
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1/21/2020 3:30 pm
Everything that glitters is not gold

I like watch cams from time time. I like the interaction, especially if they cum which is rare catch. I know most of the ones I enjoy watching like edge for awhile and well after about 20 minutes or so I lose interest and I’m on something else. But of course I like watch the hotties with a body and I nice thick coc There’s usually more guys watching than chicks so more times than often I get a message and the cyber sex is on! It’s fun. But most of them are too far to actually fuck but there have been a few that I’ve gotten to with.

I was going write this blog a lot sooner but I’m not into calling people out or want to hurt someone’s feelings, so I’ve waited a few months before blogging about this experience. I wanted to write about right after it happened.

So I was watching cams and saw a hot dude stroking his very nice cock and almost immediately he said hey. He was one of those that was too far away to actually meet but he said that he worked in Huntsville from time to time and would love to meet up. Sweet! He was gorgeous, very nice bod and his cock wasn’t bad either. The good thing about cam dudes is you see exactly what you’re getting and don’t have to go off pics and wonder if they really look like that and are be disappointed later when they look nothing like their pics. That happens way more than it should and I know that goes both ways. So we made plans to meet.

We chatted about our likes and dislikes and I sent him some photos of me. He was for sure that I would like him and his bedroom skills. Actions speak louder than words. So I was ready to put him to the test. He told me he’d give me his room info when he got here and settled in. I couldn’t get free the night he got here so we made plans for the next day. He had some free time that afternoon and it worked out perfect.

He had sent me several pics of him at his room with his gorgeous body and I was excited! I texted him when I was on my way and we had sexual banter the whole way there. I was horny as fuck when I got there and though I already knew he was attractive I was still a little nervous. I get to his room and knock on the door and he answers. He’s gorgeous! We had small talk for about 5 minutes or so and it was show time!

We began to make out and he’s a great kisser and usually if they’re a good kisser they can fuc He takes off my clothes and he takes his off, that body YES! He lays on the bed and eats my pussy, again he’s good with his tongue. In fact I came rather quickly and that doesn’t normally happen that fast but hey, I was ok with it. After I sucked his cock for awhile I was ready to be fucked. He gets a condom and I’m super horny. He flips me over into the doggie style position and I feel him slide in. He’s fucking me at a pretty good pace and I’m like WTF, maybe it’s the position so I flip over on my back and he starts again. Like minutes later he starts convulsing. I was thinking WTF is happening?

Now I know everyone cums differently. Some are loud, some let out a sigh of relief and some are quiet. Never have a had one go into convolutions though. And after 2 minutes. He quickly got up and took the cum filled condom off and asked me if a came. If you have to ask me if I came, I assure you I didn’t. I left very disappointed. I know I have some good pussy but minutes, missionary position.... after all the shit he talked about how I would love his “fucking” skills! No.... just no. He asked if I wanted him order food and have “dessert” but I was ready go. I gave him an excuse of why I couldn’t stay for another round of disappointment and he said he’d stay in touch if he ever came back to North Alabama. He’s blocked on here as well as my chatting services.

So just because they look good naked, doesn’t mean they can fuc False advertising....

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