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Hvschickforfun 39F  
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7/22/2020 4:49 pm

I should be getting ready go get some dick but I’m writing this instead. I’ve been under a lot stress during this whole pandemic bullshit. My job has taken more turns and twist than I was prepared for. I’ve thought about leaving several times but I couldn’t have a better boss than the one I’m under. Makes it hard leave. My husband took and new job and he’s gone all the time now and when he is home seems that summer chores and sleeping comes before anything. He got a huge raise and even told me that if I wanted to quit work and stay home for a while I could. I’ve been a SAHM and FUCK THAT! With the uncertainty of the upcoming school year, I’m not gonna be cooped up in the house with these minions of mine. I love them more than anything but I just don’t have the patience for it.

I also decided to end the sexual relationship with my FWB. I found myself getting mad at things I shouldn’t. I knew that I had to end it before it got out of hand and having things end on a really bad note. I mean we both knew that feelings were gonna get involved and I was up front and honest from the when it became more than just a fuck for me. And he stayed quiet to spare my feelings, which is smart. Pussy is power, right? Lol

I can’t fix his emotional problems and he can’t fix mine. Especially when that’s not why we started this whole thing. So for those of you that want nothing more than than a sexual relationship with just one person, think about it and make sure you are both on the same page. That takes communication from both people. When it becomes one sided, end it! It’ll save you tears and unnecessary heartache.

I think he was over it anyway and probably relieved that I made the . He has a way of doing that without drama. Now he doesn’t have feel bad for hurting my feelings and he can move on someone who can just fuck him and be ok with the “lifestyle” so speak. I’m too damn stingy to be unfazed to know about about the the other women. I plan to remain friends with him and keep in touch. I don’t want to cut all ties because I do care very much for him.

So what’s next for me?? Fuck if I know. I’d like to find someone who is married and kinda far away and just available for maybe once a month hookups. Someone I can’t get attached to. Because clearly I issues with that. I have 0 plans to end my marriage. I’ve got and I’m not sharing them with anyone either! Maybe this is just part of it and I know lots of married folks that understand that. But I also don’t think that one dick can keep me satisfied for any length of time.

So when life get rough just take Whitney’s advice and just exhale! Everything will eventually work itself out. But don’t be like Mrs. Huston and smoke crack. That didn’t end well for her! 😂

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