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Lay me down  

Hvschickforfun 39F  
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9/20/2020 8:12 pm
Lay me down

Over the last couple of months I’ve been working on myself, both mentally and physically. Fucking a personal trainer does have its perks. With a little help from Lanny, I’ve found my passion for running again. It’s very therapeutic and I feel so much better afterwards.

I’ve been working part time and going in little later than normal so I usually meet L for a 2 mile run. He pushes me when I don’t want run anymore. He holds me accountable for the things I put into my body and I him with blow jobs and sex. But our relationship is more of a friendship than anything. When we make plans it’s normally either run/workout or just hangout by the pool. It’s not about the sex, we just understand each other. It’s been almost a month since we’ve fucked.

The last time we really hung out was the night he told me about his brother. He went to California to check on his and then I went out of town so we really haven’t had time. I did get to FT him once on my morning jog along the beach until my husband freaked out about human trafficking. Shiiiitttt they’d bring my ass back.

But I finally got to hung out with him last week. We had made plans to grill some kabobs and to catch . I told him I’d pick some beer and I’d see him around 5:30-6. I always shoot him a text when I’m my way and normally he responds but this time he didn’t. I wasn’t really too worried about and when I got his place I grabbed the beer and walked in like always. The house was quiet and so I started yelling for him. I expected him to greet me with a big Ol’ hug. Instead I found him the couch.

Immediately I could tell he was upset. What’s going ?? He sat up and he told that his family had got some life changing news and it wasn’t good. I would say what it is, but it’s not my news share. I was kinda lost for words, and that doesn’t happen often. I’m not really sure how handle this one. I asked him if there was anything I could do and he just grabbed me and snuggled up. We didn’t move for almost 2 hours.

When he did set up he asked if was hungry and that he would still cook like we planned. I was far from hungry and I asked him if I could fix him something eat. I don’t really know anything about working his grill but I’d sure try. He made a couple of jokes but decided he wasn’t really hungry either. I stayed till about midnight just talking and reassuring him that it’ll all be ok.

Im not sure what’s gonna happen but say a prayer for him. Say one for too, as I try to figure out how to be there for him.

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