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Legit Ballers  

Hvschickforfun 40F
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8/23/2020 2:05 pm
Legit Ballers

This blog is gonna be a long one. I was gonna try split it but the way this site puts these blogs, you’d read it backwards and it wouldn’t make sense.

I’ve seen a lot of people call this non monogamous sex a lifestyle. I prefer to call it being a player in the game. I’ve been in it really since I started my first affair with. I didn’t know that’s the kinda girl I’d be at the time because the 18 year old was in love and thought he was the one. But after the first time he broke my heart and all the shit that he did and didn’t tell me, I realized it was just about the sex for him and I’d change him eventually. Yeah, right! But until he was ready to settle down and wife me up, deal me in and let me play this game.

I’ve NEVER gotten caught on my end or with the married men I’ve been involved in so I’d say I’m pretty good. I cover my tracks well and the most important one, I keep my shut! Now, I’ve had some help from friends along the way but these are very trustworthy friends and usually I had dirt on them. But being a player in this game doesn’t come easy. It’s a lot fun but there’s also a lot of hurt feelings and just straight pettiness that goes along with it. The story I’m about to get into is how I almost got caught up. Right before I met my husband.

I was having lunch at a fairly new restaurant. If I go alone to eat I normally sit at the bar. The manager brought my food out and asked if I needed anything and I heard the printer. So he grabs the paper and gets a glass out of the cooler and pours a beer from the tap. There was a lot of foam and I told him to tilt his glass and he wouldn’t have that problem. He asked if I wanted a job. He was dead serious. I wasn’t really looking but extra cash , why not. So I filled an application and a few days later he called.

Now they didn’t need a bartender which is what I thought I was going be doing. That’s where my experience was but I was cool with waiting tables. Most of the people there was really cool. I’m a very outgoing person so I make friends easily. Now, once again I work nights and it wasn’t long till I was a closer. Most of the time the other server that closed was the same chick and we became really good friends. We’d go have drinks at one of the dive bars after we closed. She was single too and often we’d talk about the good looking guys at work or who we’d fuck and who we wouldn’t. The manager that hired me was very attractive and flirted with everyone. He also had a on and off ghetto ass girlfriend (I couldn’t stand her).

One night my friend and I got into a discussion about how fine she thought he was and if she was given the opportunity she’d fuck him. I totally agreed that he was attractive but I wouldn’t fuck him, he just wasn’t my type. I’m not sure if I was trying to convince her or myself that I wouldn’t fuck him. Now he was the closing manager as well so we all spent a lot of time together at work. He became a really good friend. We’d talk about everything from relationships to smoking a blunt after work. He never went for drinks with us. Just smoked and bounced.

I had bought a pos car and I was having trouble with it so my friend took it to his shop and was gonna fix it. Leaving me without a ride for like 3 weeks. Now this was when I lived in the apartment by myself and my dad took me back and forth to my daytime job and the restaurant wasn’t too far from my place so if I couldn’t find a ride I’d call a cab. My girl friend would always take me home or my manager friend because it was his way home. My friend said she wished she had car problems so he’d take her home. It wasn’t like that, I wasn’t into him like that. Wellllll one night he dropped me off and went about his business just like always but about an hour later he called and asked if he could come over and drink a beer. Sure, come on. One thing led to another and next thing I know I was fucking him on my couch.

My first thought was, what just happened!!! My next thought was my girl friend is gonna kill me. All this time I was telling her that I didn’t see him that way and there was no way in hell I’d fuck him. Sure I thought he was cute, but nope, not gonna happen. So work was fun and trying to act like nothing happened and listening to her drool over him. One night I was like I gotta tell her because it really wasn’t that great. He could eat pussy but the fucking part was too vanilla for me. He wanted to make love and NO! I need ya to beat it up make me cum. So I pulled her aside and I told her what happened. She was surprised but wasn’t upset, with me anyway. But then she said she had a confession of her own, apparently they’d had been fucking for awhile and just kept it under wraps. Why didn’t she tell ??? In fact he fucked her after he dropped me off went home took a shower and came and fucked me. I was pissed! She was hurt by him.

I know he didn’t come over to fuck me but he knew he had just fucked her a few hours before and knew we were good friends. I felt bad because had I known they were fucking I would’ve never touch him. I’m a but I don’t fuck around with my friends men or interest. That’s why she was hurt too because why would you go and fuck one of my best friends after you fucked me? So it was me and her against him and work was not fun anymore. We couldn’t wait to get outta there. We only talked to him if we absolutely had to. He did call and apologized to me but he didn’t to her and so she really hated him now.

Very seldom did another manager close besides him but there were a few nights. So one of our female managers was closing and one of the guys she used to work with came in. He moved with his job and was in town visiting family and dropped in to see her. I didn’t really talk to him other than the quick introduction she’d given us. She wanted to go have a few beers after we closed and so we all went. We sat at our normal table and had a few more friends join us. We were having good time and then he walked in. WTF is he here for? Well turns he’s friends with the of town guy and came by to say what’s up and have a beer.

My friend said she didn’t want stay there with him being there and wanted leave. I rode with her so it was either leave or find another ride. My other friend said she give me a ride if I wanted stay. It didn’t bother me with him being there so I stayed. He sat at a different table anyway. So that night goes on and he leaves. My ride said she was needed to go “meet a friend” and that JP (the of towner) would take me home. He quickly said, “ummm No I’m not!” I’ll call a cab, it’s not a big deal. I’ll get home, go get some dick.

Soon it was just me and him the table talking and he asked if I was ready to go yet. , I thought you wasn’t taking me home? He paid the tab and we left. On the way to my place the other manager texted and asked what I was doing, he wanted to come over and talk. JP was like you know that’s my homeboy, we go way back. oh really! The playa wheels in my head start turning. I’m about to do him what he did to me and my friend and see how he likes it. So I told him to meet me at my place. I told JP that he was on his way over and I really didn’t want go home. So we headed to Monto Santo Mtn. and soon he was blowing my phone wondering where I was. So he called my female manager because he knew I was with her and she told him she left me with JP.

So now he has an idea that I’m with JP. He called him and he didn’t answer it. What kinda shit do you have me in? I told him what had happened and this was about revenge. I just wanted him to think I was fucking his homeboy. I had no intentions of fucking him but while we were on the mtn. things got flirty and well we ended up fucking. It was like 3 in the morning and he asked if it was safe to go back to my place. It had been awhile since our phones had went off so we went back to my place and fucked again. Some of the best dick I’ve ever had and I’ve had a lot of dick. We were laying in my bed and I noticed his wedding band. You’re MARRIED?!?! He said yeah, I’ve had the ring on all night. I hadn’t noticed it. He asked if it would have made a difference if I had realized the ring before we fucked. Nope! You’re not my first married man.

He had go back home the next day after he went saw his mom and family. We exchanged numbers and I told him to hit me up when he was in town. He left and about two hours went by and he called and asked what I was doing . It was Saturday and I didn’t work till that night so I was just chilling and he wanted come by on his way out of town. He wore me out! We fucked till he couldn’t anymore. He told me his dick needed to rest and he had to go.

I went to work that night and my female manager had questions. What went down last night??? “You fucked him, didn’t you??”, she asked! “ You knew it was gonna happen when you offered him to take home!” It was well worth it. I thanked her and she asked me what happened with with our co-worker. Why was he looking for me. Soooo I told her the what had happened and she was like...... don’t hate the player hate the game.

Over the next few weeks I talked to JP almost every night and he got to where he’d come to town at least once a week to see me. My female manager warned me not to get too invested in him, he’d never leave his wife. Have fun but don’t fall. I told her I knew what I was doing and I was good.

Soon we all left that restaurant and I had moved to where I am now. When I first moved, JP came and seen me a couple of times but it was a bit harder because I was staying with a friend till I could find a place of my own. And him being married wouldn’t settle well with the friends I was staying with. So it was either see him or find somewhere else to stay and I ended things. Soon after I met my husband and found out I was pregnant. This raised some questions.

JP and I was friends on FB and so when I announced that I was pregnant he contacted me and asked if there was any possibility that the baby was his. I was 99.9% sure he wasn’t. There was too much time between the last time I fucked him and when I fucked my husband. After that I didn’t hear from him and he unfriended me on FB .

After I had my second and I was a SAHM I was going through some boxes that I had in my storage and I found his hat. He had left it at my apartment and I told him he couldn’t have it back. When he’d come to visit he always asked for and even put it on like he was gonna wear it but when he left he always took it off and put it on me. He said as long as had his hat, he’d have to come back and get it. The memories flooded my mind and so I looked him up on FB and his page is public so I knew he was still active on it and sent him a message. It had been a few years since I talk him. The conversation quickly went to what happened. Ummmm well, you’re married and dating a married man is kinda frowned upon. He thought it was because I was pregnant. No, I ended things before I met my husband. That’s why he unfriend me because he was pissed I didn’t tell him I was pregnant. He felt that I should have called and told him. But I did! No I found out on FB and I called you and asked. He was hurt and mad and I get it. I didn’t mean to hurt him that wasn’t my intention. In fact I never planned to have this full blown affair with him. It was about proving a point to his friend and it backfired!

I thought we’d be friends since reconnecting and even planned to meet up but then SB came back in my life and all my focus was on him and I was married with two now so my men juggling days were over. I had never been on this side of a affair and needed to play my cards right. There’s no room for error. So I never saw him and the conversations stopped.

Last week I was going through my clothes and getting rid of the clothes they no longer need. At the top of the closet was his hat. I guess I threw it there. So I put it on and took a selfie and sent it to him. It was serval hours later he messaged me back: looks better on you than it ever did on me. That was it. No how are you? I did look at his FB page that is still public and he’s still married and doing good from what I seen. He does follow me but still won’t accept my friend request.

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8/23/2020 11:18 pm

usually I had dirt on them


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8/25/2020 4:07 am

wow u need to write a book not a blog

Hvschickforfun replies on 8/25/2020 6:35 am:
I probably could.

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