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Let it go (Keyshia Cole)  

Hvschickforfun 40F
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10/25/2020 7:05 pm
Let it go (Keyshia Cole)

I got a message from a some dudes wife asking me why I think it’s ok to fuck other married men. Apparently he forgot close out his AdultFriendFinder account and she found it. We had been messaging back and forth for about a month. It wasn’t going anywhere (on my end at least) but the banter was fun and entertaining. But she did dig into my profile and read my blogs. I got to give it to her, she did her homework before she came for me. Told me she had saved the messages and she was gonna find out who I am and expose me. Good luck, lady!

This isn’t the first time someone has came at me because they thought I was fucking their man. I had two gang up on me and really thought they were fixing do something back in college, here’s how that went down.

SB and I had a falling out and I was over it. So my girlfriend that I went to college with decided we needed to go to a party over at one of the frat houses. So we got all dolled up and went to this party. We knew a few of the people there and chatted it up with them, played a few games of beer pong and proceeded to get drunk.

There was a very cute boy that was flirting with me and so he was my partner in beer pong. After winning a few games we found ourselves in the corner talking about god knows what. He asked me if I wanted go back to his place and chill and I knew exactly where this was going and so I went. We hooked up over the next couple of weeks. It was one of those “what are you doing” at 1 in the morning kinda hook ups. Nothing more, nothing less. My girlfriend said he had a girl he was seeing but he said it wasn’t serious and in fact he had called things off a few nights before he met me. She didn’t want it to end so she was hanging on to whatever she could.

I wasn’t trying get involved in any drama so I just let it go and was hooking with this other guy I had known for a while. He too had just broke up with this CRAZY chick. I mean this girl would call him non stop and show up at his place randomly. She had key so she’d let herself in and I was definitely not about that shit either. I mean I had plenty of drama deal with seeing my “going thru a divorce” married boss. The only reason I was hooking up with other guys was because he pissed me off. I’m a petty bitch....

Anyways come to find out these two guys “ex” girlfriends so happened to be friends. They hung out at the frat houses way more than I did and I knew who they were but they weren’t friends of mine. So one night I was at one of the bars close to campus where most of that group hung out if there wasn’t a party going on. I was sitting at a table waiting on some friends and these two girls came and sat down and started asking questions. Wanted to know why I was hooking with their men when I know they had girlfriends. I really didn’t know they had girlfriends nor did I care. If y’all were taking care of ya man, they wouldn’t be calling me!

After they both realized I really didn’t give a shit about their relationship with their so called boyfriends, they said they was pretty sure I wasn’t the only one they were fucking. I let them know that I was definitely not into either of them like that and basically they was just another name in my black book. They didn’t need to worry about me anymore. I bought a round of shots and we all moved on.

Listen, if you catch your SO cheating, don’t come for the one they’re cheating with. That’s something you need to handle with your wife/husband. Call me what you will, at the end of the day it’s about the sex and I don’t care about whoever’s wife I’m fucking. I don’t wantcha man just his cock.

You need to get if he don’t wanna
Love you the right way he ain’t gonna
It ain’t where he’s at, it’s where he wants to be

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