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November Rain  

Hvschickforfun 40F
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7/2/2019 6:01 pm
November Rain

November 11th, that’s the it all started and the it ended, the first time. He was an older guy and I’m not really sure when the<b> infatuation </font></b>started. I just know I had my eyes set on him and I wanted him. He was married, but I had heard stories of his unfaithfulness so I knew I had a shot. Savage, I know! But something about him drove me crazy. He was absolutely gorgeous!

We worked together so I saw him just about everyday. This is back in the AOL days and I don’t remember how it worked, but we were friends on there. I remember sending him a message and that’s when we started talking. Innocent at first, but he knew I wanted him. In fact I had gotten in trouble for asking another co-worker if he was a good fuck. Of course she went and told the boss and I got written up and explained that he was a married man and I didn’t want to open the can of worms. Hind sites 20/20!

So as the conversation on AOL went on, the deeper we got and it went right where I wanted. We talked for hours on AOL. And the next day at work was awkward. Sure it’s what I wanted but now here we and I have work with this dude with the conversation playing in my head. Now I really wanted him.

We flirted, but nothing too serious while on the clock. But every night when I got home and logged into AOL, he was there. The conversations were talk of “if” he wasn’t married the things we’d get into. Well the chick that ratted in me was moving of state (oh darn!) and was coming tell the staff (him) bye. She ALWAYS wore the same fucking clothes. I guess she thought that was her best outfit. But I had mention (we’ll him starboy, I’ll explain why in another blog) that she’d be wearing her best outfit. And we placed a $20 bet on it. He lost!

Now with her outta my hair, he was mine. A few days go by and once again we are in deep conversation on AOL. I was teasing him about the $20 he owed . He said meet me the spot. I knew where that was and so I got in my car and drove where he said meet him. HOLY FUCK, he’s there and waiting. He gets of his car and into mine. Where’s my ? He told he had it. Now I’m a talker, so I was just chatting about god knows what and out of the blue in leans over and kisses 😳! OMG by far the best kiss I’d ever had. I needed fresh panties!

Was that better than ? Ummmmm, well that was $3.00 worth. He smiled well how much was the bet for? 20 bucks, up! So he leaned back over and we made for a good 15-20 min. You’re up $10. $10 more go. He was game as Night Ranger’s Sister Christian played. My shirt came off and so did my bra. I was young and a full C- cup that were just full and perky. He was like WOW! Those are nice and his hands went straight for them and his mouth soon followed. His hands were down my pants...... THIS, THIS IS WHAT IVE BEEN WAITNG ON FOR MONTHS!

The kissing and fondling got intense. I went for his cock, it was rock hard. And he wanted a blow job, which I really hadn’t given many if any so I just went with it. Now of course I’m horny and I’m ready fuck his brains . NOPE, not happening. Not tonight, he said. The fuck!!!! I think I’ve off my debt and I’ve got get home, he said. I was soooo disappointed. I wanted it! I wanted him! But he got and drove off. I sat there take in what just went down. You fucken did it! I was proud of myself. Once again, savage, I know!

Going work was now fun! The ass grabs when no one was looking. The inappropriate banter between us. Oh, did I mention he was my boss? The big boss at that. I was in that office every chance I got. But still wouldn’t fuck me.

My birthday was in a few months. And once again we were chatting on AOL. He told me to meet him at the work place and I did. He was already there and he had made us a screwdriver. Happy birthday, he said. We finished the drink and I went to clean up the cups and he comes up behind me and grabs my ass. His hands go down my pants as he’s kissing the back of my neck. Shivers run down me. I can feel his boner on my ass. We start making as we make our way over a table. He picks up and sets up on the table taking my clothes off. I start rubbing his cock through his pants and he asked if I wanted it?

Nope, not all! He’d been teasing for months. Finally he pulls is cock and pulls my pants off. He’s starts teasing my pussy with his cock. Do you want it? Is this want you want? He’s teasing the fuck of . I lay back on the table and he is rubbing my clit, she dripping. I feel him start put the tip of his cock in and he ask again if that’s what I wanted. He then pushes it all the way in! FUCK, YES! He works that cock all around my pussy. Is that what you’ve been waiting for? As he starts pull and then slams it back in. He’s rubbing my clit and fucking nice and slow. I really didn’t know what an orgasm was till that night. But that night the bar for the ones who followed was set , really .

He pulls and cums I’ll over my stomach. He grabs some napkins and wipes his cum off and pulls me to a sitting positions and gives me a long deep kiss and says, HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY! And that’s when there was no turning back. I was in love with my married boss.

There’s a lot more to this.... so stay tuned! That was by far the best birthday I have ever had.

Nothin last forever and we both know hearts can change
And it’s hard to hold a candle in the cold November rain. - GNR

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7/2/2019 7:44 pm

Humanity peaked during the 20th century.
We can't even make a decent starter solenoid any longer.

RobK2006 54M
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7/3/2019 6:03 am

Loved the moment he finally slid it in. Your post got me rock hard.

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