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The Gambler  

Hvschickforfun 40F
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10/14/2019 2:21 pm
The Gambler

Ah, Mr. Smith, he was a dirty fucker . He was a professional poker player and quite good it too. I mentioned in my last blog about my friend who thought she’d never find love again. She was on (very popular the time) Plenty of fish, more like plenty of ass. But she figured I needed to have too. I really didn’t want one. I wasn’t looking for anything other than a hookup. This was around the same time I discovered AdultFriendFinder. So the POF site was a perfect way to conceal my inner whoreness. That way if anyone ever questioned how we met I would be like POF. Though I’m not one to care what others think, it just worked.

Mr. Smith and I exchanged a few emails and he seemed cool, I was into it. So he finally came over on a random weeknight and I had a couple of my girls over enjoying a few beers on the patio. I guess he heard us outside and came beebopping around the corner and introduced hisself and he had brought a bottle of whiskey. Now I have to working the next morning and so did my girls. But like I said he’s a gambler so he doesn’t work a conventional work schedule.

He offers us some whiskey and of course here we all are doing shots. I got a little inebriated. Both of my friends excused theirselves from the gathering and went home. So it’s just me and him and I’m drunk (per usual).

The cool night breeze felt great and we decided to walk around the complex. There was picnic table and we decided to sit down and talk about god knows what. Nether one of us is shy. So I was very comfortable and the conversation just flowed. He was easy on the eyes too. Out of nowhere he leaned over and kissed me. Imma get into some trouble with this gambler!

We then discovered that we both were out of beer and needed to go to my place to get more. Once we walked in and he shut the door, it was on! Like he pushed me against the door and his tongue was down my throat and his hands were down my pants. My shirt went flying, then my bra. He told me to get on my knees (which I don’t really like when they demand it) and suck his coc He held my hair and watched as I slurped and sucked his cock! It was one of those sloppy blow jobs and he loved it!

We made our way over the couch and he wanted sitting up with my legs spread and him on his knees eat my pussy like it was supper time. YES SIR! Now not all men know how eat pussy but he needed no lessons. He wanted in his mouth and I did! Probably the best oral I’ve ever had. So far he exceeded all my expectations. So I was ready see how good he was with his coc

When I say he was a dirty I mean some of the things that came of his mouth was dirty AF! I loved it. I love dirty talk while I’m being fucked. He wasn’t huge but he knew how work that cock and I was very impressed. After we both go off. He put his clothes on, grabbed his whiskey and gave a peck and thanked .

We hooked up quite a few times after that. He would and tell leave my door unlocked because he was coming over when he got done playing cards. That was fun. be waken up by that tongue of his eating my pussy. He became a good friend and even helped me pack up my apartment when I moved. After I moved when lost touch and I haven’t heard from him since. Total sweetheart and a great fuck!

RobK2006 54M
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10/15/2019 9:57 am

Sounds like a nice time!

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