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The way I talk  

Hvschickforfun 40F
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10/15/2020 7:58 pm
The way I talk

This meet has been in the works since December of last year. Though it seemed the odds were stacked against us, we still managed make it happen. Here’s how it went.

Last December I got a message from Jon, saying he would be down here in March for a fishing tournament and would love to get some action off the water. Over the next few months we texted and sent a few pics. March couldn’t get here fast enough for both of us. Wellll we all know what March brought- fucking Covid, shutting the entire world down and that meant no fishing tournament.

At the time we really didn’t know what would happen but the fishing trip was postponed till October.

Over the summer we didn’t really talk that much. Maybe a “hey” here and there but that was about it. I really didn’t think much about him coming. If you follow my blog you know I was going through some shit anyways and so things have a way of working out.

Fast forward to September; he messaged me and said he’d be down the first week in October. He said he was still interested in meeting up. I told him to let me know when he arrived in Alabama. I’m in a different head space and definitely still wanted to see him.

He arrived on a Saturday and Bama had played early so I was about 6 too many beers to drive anywhere and I told him that I could possibly get away the next night. Now my husband has switched jobs since the original meeting date and it’s hard to know when he’s gonna be home and when he’s not. So after the 4th night of me saying I couldn’t meet up, he was getting frustrated and rightfully so. But he didn’t give up and neither did I.

The last night of his trip I finally got free and so he had the dinner and awards that night and didn’t know how long that would last and I couldn’t be out all night so time was of the essence. He tells me where he’s at and I head that direction. He told me to go find us a secluded spot. Yes I was born and raised right here in north Alabama but I know shit about where he was at. I knew how to get there and that was it. I tell him to meet me at a store and we’d go from there.

So he finds me and hops in my car and we are off to find a spot to fuc Immediately he makes fun of my accent. He’s from Wisconsin so I sounded funny him and vice versa. We find a spot and chatted for a few minutes, but he’s not here chat, he’s here fuc So he goes in for some kisses. They were soft and sweet, not too much tongue and definitely a turn on. So we moved into the backseat so we’d have more room. After he quit bitching about how messy my car was (I’ve got 2 ) we had another make out session and he made sure I was wet.

We both were extremely horny and was ready to fuck! He put on a condom and I slipped it in. OMG..... he felt so fucking good. It’s been a while since I’ve had a cock his size in me. He stretched me out nicely. A few minutes into it he said he was gonna cum. I’ve been told many times how good my pussy feels so I wasn’t shocked and honestly impressed he lasted as long as he did on the first round.

We fogged up with windows and it was hot as shit so I rolled down the windows to get some air flowing. We spent the next 45 minutes making fun of each other’s accents and him telling me that I should have prepared my car a little more. He’s 6’3” so fucking in the backseat of a car isn’t ideal. So the next round didn’t go as planned and we gave up. He had left his phone in his car back at the store and got worried that the fellas he was down with might try to call him or his wife.

So I took him back to his car and I think my driving and singing on the back kinda scared him, lol! He kissed me bye and got out and got his phone and saw he did have a few missed calls. I wanted a hug so I hopped out and ran around the car and although he got to see my ass a couple of times up close in the car he couldn’t resist grabbing it one more time before saying goodbye.

We texted while he made the long drive back up north and I told him to keep in touch. I don’t know if I’ll ever see him again but I’m glad I got to meet him and we got a small taste of what the sex would be like if he lived closer! All the time and without the condom. Even if we don’t ever meet up again, I think we will definitely stay in touch!

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