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8/1/2020 2:32 pm

I got a song filled with shit for the strong willed
When the world gives you a raw deal
Set you off 'til you
Scream, "piss off, screw you"
When it talks you like you don't belong
Or tells you you're in the wrong field
When something's in your mitochondrial
'Cause it latched on to you, like
Knock knock, let the devil in, malevolent
As I've ever been, head is spinnin', this medicine
Screaming, "L-l-l-let us in"

I usually don’t stay mad or too upset for long. I get over shit pretty fast. My husband tells me I’m bipolar all the time. Nah, I just know how short life is. I’m not an angry person, even after all the shit I’ve been through. But after last weeks episode of, “ I’m over this bullshit”, I just needed a break from it all. So I sent my off and my husband and I loaded up with some friends and got off the beaten path for some fun. I got from my cousin asking if they could take my the beach with them. A week without my ..... ABSOLUTELY! My husband also said he’d be gone all week as well. See ya! I have an entire week myself. It’s been at least years since I’ve had alone time for any length of time. I was here for it!

My first thoughts was what kinda trouble am I gonna get myself into? I looked through the sausage fest on here to see if maybe someone sparked my interest. Dug through my emails and after awhile I just gave up and thought welllll I’ll just shoot my FWB a and see if he’d break off. But then I learned that my instincts were point and basically I needed know my place and stay in my lane and accept the fact that I’ll never be good enough be let “in” the thoughts in his head. Got it!

So after I gathered my thoughts and went through the emotions of processing what I had just read I needed him understand something and this is the reason I’m writing about here Incase someone else finds theirselves in a similar situation, that just because someone catches feelings doesn’t necessarily mean they want you wife them up. And it’s absolutely ok if the other person doesn’t have those same feelings. I’m a pretty strong female but I do wear my heart on my sleeve always have and always will. What you see is what you get. If I’m mad, you know, if I’m sad, you know it and if I love, you’ll know.

I hope this is not how my week of “freedom” is gonna pan out with feeling sorry for myself. So work came and went and I kept myself busy harvesting the garden and getting a few projects done around the house. But when it was bedtime the thoughts were in my head. Not how I foreseen this week at .

It had been awhile since I’d heard from Will and he always cheers so I texted him the next morning and we chatted for a bit. He said he wanted see so we met and he’s so weird about shit. Always thinks someone is gonna spot him and tell his wife. So I jumped in his truck and we hit the back roads. We got about a mile down the road and he lifted the console and pulled out a blunt. I haven’t smoked in years other than a toke here and there but at this point I was down. So he fired it and of course he’s got a system in the truck. Why? You’re are almost 40! He’s said, “BECAUSE I WANTED IT!” His wife asked him the same thing. Kinda felt like times.

We spent a couple of hours just catching up and him making fun of me because I don’t smoke and I was high as hell! He took me back to my car hugged me bye and told me not to be a stranger. I didn’t really want to go home but I had nothing else to do so I went home and worked with the pups some. I was right back in the head space I didn’t really want to be in. I need some dick. I kept fighting with myself.... just fucking text him and go get some good dick. But I wasn’t up to be told no either. So I went to bed.

The next morning I was getting ready for work and I got a text ,it was Will and of course he was like let’s go get a hotel room. NO! I’m not starting that shit with him. And he doesn’t do anything for me. My pussy is dryer than the Sahara dessert when I with him. A perfect example of I love him very much but I don’t want to be with him. Now you take his demeanor and Doc’s dick and you can bring me the divorce papers NOW! Ha!

I get to work and I just so happened to check my emails on here and there he was.... please be real! He sent a couple pics and left his number. I don’t people and I don’t like give out my personal number. I sent him and by 5 I still hadn’t heard from him so I sent him a text the number he had left. If worse comes worse I can just block him. About 5 minutes later he replied with - is this the chick from AdultFriendFinder? I said, maybe! So we texted for the next few hours. He was interesting. He asked me if he could call me, he had some things he needed both hands for but wanted continue the conversation. Sure. So he calls and we talked till about 10 :30. He said he need get a shower and asked if he could when got out. Sure.

I had gotten ready for bed and put my hair and taken my makeup off and washed my face. I crawled into bed and grabbed my phone to read our banter from earlier and it rings and it’s FT. 😳 NO! I didn’t answer it and called him back and he asked if my FT worked. I didn’t think he meant do that. He did. I explained that I was ready for bed and he said he didn’t care and wanted see who he’d been talking . Then went through the scenarios of why I wouldn’t FT. So I was like fuck it.... this week can’t any worse. So I pressed the FT button and...... he’s pretty! Like really pretty! We talked till like 2:30 and he asked if I wanted come his place and hang by the pool. He’d cook dinner and just chill. Sounds good .

I had an appointment at :00 the next day but I could get free after that. So I texted him when I was done and he sent his pin. I was nervous even though I knew he was attractive I was still doubting myself. But went anyways.

I pulled and noticed the Trump flag immediately, I already knew he supported our President but didn’t take him for the type that would have a huge flag outside his home. I knocked the door and he greeted with a hug. “I like your flag”, I said. He said, “ I hope you like more than my flag.” Calm down, we’ll see! He asked if I wanted a beer. We talked about this during the hours the phone so he knew I wasn’t too picky. He grabbed a beer and I pulled my coozie outta my swim bag.

I followed him through the house the back yard were the pool was. Nice place. We sat at the table in shade next the pool. It was hot as shit. He asked if was gonna get in or was he gonna have throw in. You better not throw in! You don’t know if I can swim or not. I’ll throw you in the shallow end. Fuck you! So he jumps in and tells it feels a lot better in the water than sitting in my chair. Bring your beer and get in. So I took off my shirt and my tank and went to the diving board. Thought you couldn’t swim? So I dove in and grabbed a float. He was easy to talk to and had the same personality as I do. We get each other’s banter.

He cooked me dinner and we played a drinking game that we found in the App Store on the phone. Who knew? It was fun and it had been awhile since I had laughed that much. He was hilarious and just gentleman. I knew I had to stop drinking so I could drive home and he told me I could stay there. There isn’t anyone at your house anyways. I’ve gotta go to work! Ok, well I’ll get you in time. Stay here and have yourself a good time! You are having a good time, aren’t you? I was having a great time. I said I needed some fireball..... let’s go get some. So we hopped in his car and went and got fireball. We barely made it in time thanks memaw and her can’t buy alcohol after order.

When we got back I immediately jump in the pool and we took a couple shots of fireball. I was feeling pretty good and things got flirty. All this time and he hadn’t made a move. We’d been a little touchy feely in the pool earlier and he’d made a few comments during the drinking game but that was it. I wanted him to kiss me.... bad! So I got outta the pool and he soon followed. I grabbed the fireball took a shot and handed him the bottle. He sat down and I sat in his lap. Oh, you like me now that you got some liquor in ya. Ha! He finally slid his hand around the back of my neck and kissed me. Fireworks went off..... in my head anyways. Sooooo you staying the night? Yes, I’ll sleep on the couch. I bet that’s exactly where you sleep.

I found another drinking game on my phone but this was a sexual game and after we laid out some ground rules it was on. After we were completely naked he picked me up and jump in the pool. We finished off the fireball and it was almost 3 in the morning. So it was time time to go inside. He gathered up some blankets and a pillow and threw them on the couch. Really!!!! That’s where you said you wanted to sleep. He grabbed my ass with one hand and my hair with the other and gave me one of those “I’m fixing to fuck the shit outta you” kisses. He did not disappoint! It’s around 4:30 and he said you’re not going to work. No, no I’m not. So we passed out and I woke up to the smell of breakfast cooking. Did you have a good time? I had a great time! Thank you. He told me I’d already thanked him several times. Got time for one more? He was down!

So I fucked him goodbye and told him to call me later. He had told me during dinner that he was selling his home and moving to California to be closer to his . It’s a gorgeous home so it’ll probably sell fast. He’s already got a place in some city I’ve never heard of but told me I’m welcome there anytime.

I got in my car and as I was driving home everything that was trying to not think about came rushing back. WTF.... Yes I had a great time and it’s what I needed but it didn’t change my feelings of last weeks episode of: He’s just not that into you. I still want to fuck him. I don’t want to just walk away from something I’ve invested time in. That’s not who I am as person!

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