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Slave encounter  

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3/3/2020 9:32 pm
Slave encounter


This file has sexual situation binding and slight humiliation.

You receive in the mail a letter with an all expenses paid voucher for an Alaskan cruise leaving Seattle on royal carribean . balcony cabin. A card is attached saying this is a reward for being such a good sport and subject from your hypno partner and online master. Dan.
A prepaid credit card is included to cover any special needs like dinnergowns or passports.

You are obviously wary but that night as you intend to say thanks but no thanks.
Too many potential problems. And you really don't feel right taking such an expensive gift having really done nothing to earn it. Dan assures you that its fine. Nothing you need more than a nice relaxing tranquil cruise up the coast. And it has WiFi so he can still talk to you nightly for updates on the trip. He had booked it for himself but suddenly he can't go. Finally after many protests you give in and agree. Over the next few weeks you shop for what you need. A dress for formal night. Cameras and video to document your experience. Luggage. The spinner kind that rolls so easily. You begin to get more excited the closer time comes.
Finally the day arrives and you depart for Seattle.
The ship is huge and beautiful. The stewards announce your arrival as you walk onboard. They take your picture for your I.d. card and certify your passport before showing you your room and itinerary. Finally in your cabin you begin to relax and unpack. Your room is small but functional. Bathroom with a single person shower. Loveseat and queen size bed. Before you can flop on the bed. Its time for the Muster drill on deck. You grab your lifevest and head to the appropriate deck to learn all about what to do in an emergency.
After about 30 minutes of well rehearsed speeches about where the lifeboats are and how to inflate your vest, you make it back to the room . Time for a quick tour of the boat to get your bearings and then dinner. You put your best away and head for the door.
But as you open it You swallow hard. There stands Master Dan.
You recognize him from his photos instantly. Your heart jumps into your mouth. Real life meet is a hard limit . can't....can't.... The words stick in your mouth. Now now Carebear Dan coos. We're past all that. Besides I put those limits in your mind to protect you from predators. Not to deny you your own fantasies. My fantasies you whisper?
Yes Dear.
Your fantasy to
Sleep and obey. Carebearpanties!!
Sleep and obey. Jennifer.

Dropping deep for master.
You love dropping deep for master.
Still able to read and respond as needed. From this point on; you are in the story.
You are on the ship. You will see and feel whatever I describe. Your sleepy mind will fill in any blanks not described in detail just like a vivid dream.

Continue now.
You can't believe master is here before you. Finally. Fantasy is reality. But you shouldn't be here you mumble backing away scared. Timid . unsure if this is really a line you want to cross. But Jennifer's pussy is alive wet and excited.
Now let's get acquainted properly. Master says. Commanding you to stand and turn around like a model. You obey. Of course you must obey.
Good girl. Hearing master's voice for the first time sends shivers down your spine. Deep firm smooth. Music to your ears.
Are you ready Jennifer? Master asks.
Ready? You question.
Yes pet. Ready to Sleep and obey Carebearpanties. His voice, his presence. You drop hard.
Good girl. Now open your shirt for me. Slip off that bra and panties. You obey stripping as quickly as possible. Yes master .
I obey. Good girl. Put your shirt back on but leave it unbuttoned. Yes master.
Master leads you out on the balcony .
Put your hands on the railing slave spread a few feet apart.
You grab the rail and enjoy the view of the dock and channel slipping away. The ship now underway. The sendoff party happening two decks above you.
Master slips handcuffs on your wrists cuffing you to the railing. His hands slowly exploring your entire body. Massaging your neck and shoulders. Reaching around and tenderly cupping your breasts. You melt at his touch.
He leans in and whispers to you.
What you are about to feel will no doubt be overwhelming to you. No matter how embarrassing it may be. You will be unable to remain quiet. In fact the more vocal you are. The more pleasure you receive. Understand pet?
Yes master you whisper . your mind fuzzy empty. Yearning to obey. Bound helpless to resist what was coming.
Masters hands dropped to your ass now. Squeezing . rubbing. Then a spank. As you whimper out loud a pulse of pleasure rips through you.
Anotherslap. Another moan . another pulse. And as you gasp out loud. The pleasure heightens. You hear the people above you talking and dancing. You know that means the reverse is true. Need to be quiet but. Slap. Ohhh God you gasp. Louder than before....and it felt better than before. Master gins widely as he continues to redden your ass with random slaps, each one making you more vocal. Drawing attention as people begin to look over the railing to try and see where the woman's voice is coming from. Master then grabs your hair wrapping his left hand up in it , pulling your head back and up where you stare straight up and into the eyes of a young woman above you.
She stares wide eyed as masters cock begins to rub itself against your wet pussy folds. You feel the hypno cock lining itself with your virgin canal. So wet and eager. Your eyes pleading for help to the woman above you. Your hands bound. Helpless to resist as master begins to take your virgin status away.
Jennifer's cunt finally being fed.
So slowly and gently at first. Masters helmet only popping inside . filling your clit area with warmth. Another loud gasp. Oh God yes .
You lean down as much as possible master still holding your head up. You try to arch your back and make the angle better for master. His cock felt so look good. So much thicker and warmer than that damn hairbrush. Master continues with gentle slow thrusts. Only invading you a half inch at a time. It hurt just a little as your tight lonely cunt stretched to accommodate its new inhabitant. But the pain gave way instantly to pleasure. You no longer had to imagine it. It was real. Master was real. Masters voice in your ear taking you so much deeper than before. Cock goes in. Mind goes out.
And by God cock Was going in . His words filling your mind.
Taking ownership of Jennifer's pussy.
Ownership of Jennifer's mind. Ownership of all things formerly Jennifer.
Jennifer's will slipping out her juicy cunt.
Masters cock all the way in now. Filling Jennifer's cunt like nothing before.
Stretching it. Molding it to his for.
Yes . Please master Fuck Jennifer's mind away.
You heard the words come from your mouth but you can't remember thinking them. Can't think at all.
Only pleasure. So much pleasure . but master didn't hesitate to comply.
He begins the slow rhythmic thrusts of a good Fucking.
One voice deep inside Jennifer is yelling . this bastard is you. Call for help.
But Jennifer's cunts voice is getting louder as it begs Jennifer to surrender to this amazing cock. Cock goes in mind goes out. And finally after all these years . all these countless fantasies. Cock is definitely In.
Your mind goes fuzzy as master increases his pace. Like a steady piston he pummel your fresh exposed. Pussy.
Lube God you're so wet. Makes it so easy to have that beautiful cock take you. The small voice of Jennifer's mind growing weaker and more silent as she focuses on cell phones hanging over the railing video taping. Omg I'm gonna be on Tumblr. But then the voice goes silent. Masters cock savagely pumping into you now. You're moaning and gasping and writhing in complete pleasure. Loudly shrieking yes yes God yes. Fuck mmmeeeee.

And master does.
He commands you to mantra for me and Cum.
Master owns my pussy.
Master owns my mind
Master owns my pusssssyyyyy.
The shiver of your first cock driven orgasm rips through you. Mind too blank to speak. Empty now. Riding a wave of orgasmic bliss as your cunt grips and spasms on your masters swollen rod.
Feel it so deep inside you. Bonding you to it like a bonda with its mother. Master's cock owns your pussy now. This is your last thought as your legs go weak and your eyes close.

You slowly open your eyes to find you're no longer tied to the railing. You are face up on the bed. Arms and legs tied to each corner. Not so tight that you can't move and twist and squirm but tight enough to make it impossible to untie.
Its still early master says . still over an hour till dinner. And we have unfinished business. You passed out before I got my big finale. By the way....I didn't pack condoms.
Master opens a bottle of some kind of scented oil and begins dripping it onto your naked body. Liberally up and down . then he begins to<b> massage </font></b>you. Literally like a professional masseuse. What are you doing. ? You ask. You should be giving this pleasure not receiving it.
Master continues on . kneeding your neck and shoulders. His strong fingers feel so good as he slides his big hands down over your perky breasts. Squeezing them as he circles them. His voice back in your ears. Relax and breathe.
That's it .
Relax and let go.
Focused on my touch . listening to my words. His touch was easy to focus on. Firm hands gliding up and around your breasts. Flirting with your nipples. Pinching them. Rubbing. Circling.
Your nipples hardening. Becoming rigid.
Your feel his breath on them as he teases. His mouth finally clamps down and swallows one nipple as his hands thrust down your abdomen and over your aching mound. Still wet from your first fucking. His fingers slipping effortlessly into you while he teases and sucks your breast. You struggle to move to grab something. Desperate to participate but its no use. You relax. Limp and squirming slightly as master teases licks and sucks your body. Bringing you right back to orgasm as he rubs your clit furiously. Gently slapping it . rubbing it. Penetrating fingers. Bring you back.
You here your voice again.
Master owns my pussy. Master owns my mind.
Orgasm 2 rocks you now. Spasm after spasm you surge against your bindings. To no avail. Masters fingers relentlessly driving your thoughts away. Only pleasure. And surrender remain.
You close your eyes.
When they open. You are naked. Tied to a chair. Master circles you like a bidder on a slave auction.
He slaps and grabs your buttocks.
Could be in much better shape. We'll work on that. Master runs his fingers through your curly hair. This is a mess he mumbles. Titties are small barely functional. But the pussy is tight and wet. The ass is willing. And the mind is ripe. My almost broken girl. So close.
Wanting deep inside to be broken . smashed. Demeaned. Humiliated.
I have decided to help you. But first. Before dinner you must learn how to suck a man off. Master grabs your chin and looks you in the eyes. You must not spill a drop. Do you understand. ?
Yes master you mumble lowering your gaze. Master drops his shorts and puts his hypno cock right before your eyes.
Just like Mary before you. He begins the seduction. Commanding you to stare.
The site of it alone has you wet and beginning to drop deep. But this was no picture. This was it. You try to reach for it but find your hands bound. You can't touch it. Stroke it. But the urge is overwhelming. You stick out your tongue. Trying to stroke it that way. Master smiles at your effort and comes closer. Finally your tongue can taste his flesh. Licking slowly up and down his shaft. It swells before you. Good girl. Master whispers. You kiss it gently. Puckering your lips to smear them up and down his length. Masters eyes flare with lust at the site. You lips are so full and soft he remarks. He lowers himself to you and kisses you firmly.....passion exploding as he does. Feel the yearning Jennifer. Hunger for that soft warm passionate kiss that makes you weak in the knees. Holding your neck he comes back for more and more. His tongue exploring your parted lips. You know from these kisses there is no return for you. No fantasy will do. Master owns you. Your body responds to his touch.
He stands up and shoves his full erection into your lips. No longer gentle and loving. Desperate is more accurate. He grabs your neck and burys himself in all the way to the back of your throat. Hard to breathe . hands tied so you can't push him away. Can't spit him out. You can only. Relax and swallow more. You want to gag but fight the urge. He's thrusting now and all you know to do is suck. Tongue wagging from side to side like a wagging tale and lips sucking wildly. He has a crazed look in his eyes. Pure lust as he fucks your mouth. His eyes focused on your lips you can tell. You purse and pucker them each time his cock leaves your mouth and he can't help but thrust again. Finally after 5 or ten minutes he moans deeper. Straining almost . you know what's coming and prepare. Precum smearing across your lips. Salty and sweet. Its good. Then master grabs a hand full of hair and jerks you forward as he groans and thrusts one final time. Hot bitter cum splashes down the back of your throat. Coating your tonsils and tongue. Pulse after pulse he moans and spurts more than you can swallow. Masters Cum dribbling down your chin and onto your chest and tits. He pulls out of you. Spent. Breathing hard. He untied you and grabs you by the hair bringing you to the bed. I said don't spill a drop didn't I you filthy cunt.
Yes master I'm sorry. You must be punished. But first. Lie here a moment. Master lies on his back and puts your head on his chest. He wraps you in his arms and cuddles. I need a little rest. Master nuzzles your face and gives you gentle kisses. On your lips. Your forehead. Your neck. You smile and cling to your new Master as you fall asleep.

After what seems like only moments you awaken to the sounds of Master in the shower. You stretch out in the bed tensing your muscles and yawning. You wonder what's next for you. Should you run? That would be pointless. Master knows your trigger. He could drop you anytime. Make you forget.
Besides you've never been wetter than when master took your virginity . just replaying that feeling and memory in your mind makes you wet again. Being bound and fucked by a nice cock was amazing. You wanted more. You want more.
Master comes out of the bathroom naked and sees you wet and needy. Your fingers tracing your labia as you daydream.
Well well. Up I see. Lets get you ready to explore the ship. Master opens a suitcase and pulls out what looks like a maids outfit made of black silk.
Put this on . he commands.
This had to be a joke right.
You expect me to wear this?
You stopped suddenly not realizing you said that out loud.
Fear filling you.
Master turns and stares.
Yes pet. You will.
Perhaps you need some help with that huh?.
Master opens another smaller suitcase and pulls out his handcuffs again.
He grabs your arm handcuffing it to the headboard then the other. Now you're on your back on the bed. Bound again.
Master puts a virtual reality helmet on you and hits play. Spirals fill your eyesight. There's no looking away. It covers your field of vision completely.
You hear master give you your trigger.
Sleep and obey Carebearpanties.
You love hearing his voice say it. You drop . I am asleep. I obey.
Yes dear you will obey. Now watch and listen. Do not try and close your eyes. Watch listen and learn.
Jennifer's cunt will speak for you now.
You feel ear buds going in and masters voice filling your deep sleepy mind. You feel a vibrator being pressed against your pussy and straps placed around it.
It turns on . slow steady vibration consuming your already wet pussy lips.
A voice reciting in your mind.
Changing mantras
Spirals make you drift away
Spirals wipe your thoughts away
Only thought left: I obey
Jennifer's pussy controls her mind.
Master controls Jennifer's pussy
Master controls Jennifer's mind. Must obey.
Pleasure erupting from your pussy .
You grind against it as you embrace your programming.
Master owns my pussy
Master owns my mind.

Master owns my pussy
Master owns my mind
Must obey.

This ends chapter one.
In a moment I will count you up from trance Jennifer.
You will remember this file up to now as though it really happened. You will remember being taken handcuffed AND fucked on the balcony. You will remember the oil<b> massage </font></b>and being bound and throat fucked receiving your first load of semen. You like being bound and helpless.
You look forward to the day you can be bound and fucked by master for real.

Master owns your mind.
Master owns your pussy.

Waking on 3.
Start feeling yourself drifting up out of deep trance.
2. Feeling and control returning to Jennifer.
Up up up.
3 awake refreshed. Feeling good.
Ready to play.
Tell me about your experience with this file.

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