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At the Movies  

IAGuy47 64M  
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9/19/2020 6:28 am
At the Movies

I don't usually like go the movies alone, but I'm only in the city for a -day meeting and arrived a day early - I'm bored, don't know anyone and don't have much else do. So, I decide check out a movie house a block or from my hotel. It was recommended, with a wink, by one of the bellmen - must show sex flicks. I enjoy porn if done well, but I don't want sit with a bunch of horny men in overcoats beating off the action, so I'm a little apprehensive, but curious. It's dark in the theater but not as seedy as I feared, and there are several people scattered among the seats, but it isn't filled with men in raincoats - so I sit down at the end of a row and take in the action on the screen, which starts immediately. I must admit it is pretty hot, and I'm beginning feel hot myself. I kind of chuckle myself about the prospect of ending up with my hard cock in my hand here - just what I was leery about finding others doing before I entered the theater. My eyes have adjusted the dark and I look around a bit, feeling slightly embarrassed at the bulge developing in my pants. Just a few seats away in my row, you sit, a very pretty woman by herself, seemingly engrossed in the movie - even though it's very dark, I can see you have a thin blouse on with no bra, and your nipples are very hard, and very long. As I swallow a gasp and catch my breath, I watch you move a hand up squeeze and pinch one of your nipples - my cock nearly rips through my pants, your movements are so erotic - or maybe it's just the setting. You continue with your nipples - moving your hand from one the other. I can't really see what your other hand is doing - it is in your lap, and my imagination goes wild with that, pumping even more blood into my bulging cock, which is straining at the front of my pants. Then you turn your head my way and smile - it's an inviting smile, and I blush thinking that you know I've been watching you and can see the huge bulge in my pants, but I finally manage to return your smile anyway.

You then quietly stand up and moves towards and ask, "Is this seat taken?", motioning the seat beside . My jaw drops, and I find it hard not just stare at your hard nipples practically punching holes in your blouse, but I recover enough shake my head "no" and motion with my hand for you sit. You do, and we both turn watch the show. I still watch you from the corner of my eye, and your hand slowly returns your breasts and those incredible nipples. I can't help but turn my head and watch, my cock, which had lost a little hardness during my less than smooth exchange with you, now returns again make a tent of my pants. You lick the tip of your fingers and slide them through the front opening of your blouse, and I can see the motion under the fabric as you with a nipple. I moan, almost imperceptibly, and my breathing becomes louder, and you turn your head , smile and ask, "Would you like touch?". I smile, what must have been the biggest shit-eating grin ever, and nod "yes" - as I move my hand towards you, you say, "Lick your fingers first", but, before I can do so, you take my wrist and guide my fingers to your mouth, slowly and sensuously sucking each finger into your, warm, inviting mouth. As you suck my fingers, you look directly into my eyes, where you can clearly see the incredible lust I'm feeling as your oral stimulation causes moan out loud. Finally, you guide my hand through the opening in your blouse - I don't need more guidance, and my fingers, wet with your saliva, easily find the incredibly long, hard nipple of your left breast. Just touching and feeling how excited and rigid it is it makes light-headed for a moment, and I'm afraid I will cum in my pants. But I recover and begin notice how turned on you are also - your eyes are closed and your mouth slightly open, tongue sensuously licking your upper lip.

You raise your hand to your mouth, sliding your own finger inside, wrapping your luscious, full lips around it sucking it like a little cock, and I can feel, but not really see, as you lift your short skirt and slide your hand and finger wet with your saliva underneath your panties, playing in some way with your pussy and clit - I also notice the distinct, sweet aroma of your hot, wet pussy. As I continue to massage and caress your breasts and your hard nipples, you move your other hand to my lap, cupping my throbbing cock and rubbing it - both of us breathing so hard and fast I'm surprised the whole theater wasn't aware of our actions. Your hand stroking my cock through my pants encouraged me to move my own hand from your breasts, although I almost hated to leave your nipples, and down to your lap - you pull your hand out of your panties and I replace it with mine, finding a very hot and very wet pussy. As I touch the moist, swollen lips of your pussy, you almost melt, slumping against my shoulder and moaning quietly. I slide my finger into your hot, tight, wet hole, probing deeply as your pelvis rocks forward to give me better access. While I continue fucking your steamy pussy with my finger, you manage to get my pants unfastened and finally release my achingly hard cock - as you grasp my hard shaft in your fist, I try to control my breathing, again worried I'll either pass out or cum immediately.

I slip my finger out of your hot, tight channel, slide it up your wet slit to your hard, throbbing clit and begin to move it back and forth, stroking your hard, little shaft. Your breathing is getting heavy, and your grip on my rigid cock as you stroke it is getting urgent - I'm desperate for you to lower your mouth to my lap and take my thick, rock-hard cock inside, wrapping your luscious lips around it and sucking it to the back of your throat. My cock is ready to bust, and I know I would cum immediately in your mouth, but I need some release - I can tell by your breathing and the humping of your sopping wet pussy against my hand that you're ready to cum also, but, rather than engulfing my throbbing cock in your mouth, you stand up quietly and sit on my lap without ever losing grip of my hard cock, pulling the soaked crotch of your panties aside with your other hand and lowering yourself very slowly while guiding my aching cock deep inside your hot, pussy. You move your pelvis forward and back, enjoying the full feeling of my thick, hard cock inside your wet pussy - my hand never left your hard clit, stroking both sides of the shaft now, as your pelvis rocks faster and faster, slapping my rigid cock back and forth inside and bringing us both closer and closer a powerful orgasm. The sexy sex scene on the screen stimulates us further, and just as the couple on the screen reach a thundering, loud simultaneous orgasm, we both climax explosively, my throbbing cock erupting deep inside your spasming pussy, each spasm of my cock spurting hot cum inside you and matched by a simultaneous grasping spasm of your pussy walls, milking all the cum from my coc As we both collapse, spent from the excitement and exertion of our orgasms, you lean back and kiss my neck, then move your lips mine - the first kiss we've shared. After a few moments spent catching our breath and luxuriating in the afterglow of our orgasms, you stand, shifting your skirt back down as you step by me into the aisle. Without a word you walk up the aisle and out the back of the dark theater as I struggle to get my pants fastened and follow you. By the time I'm able to exit the movie house you're nowhere to be seen. I'd love to know who you are and to spend more time with you - my cock is swelling again just with the thought, but I have to be satisfied with the incredibly erotic and passionate encounter we shared with each other -<b> strangers </font></b>in a theater.

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