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Las Vegas Green door 2021  

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9/11/2021 11:39 am

Las Vegas Green door 2021

Well the pandemic has caused a lot of changes. Some people are just now realizing that life is to short not to enjoy every minute of it. I just recently went to Las Vegas May 21st to May 30. It was the first time I did any traveling in over year. I was very excited to finally get out of state. So many changes in Las Vegas not all of them good. Anyway I digress. I had been in Las Vegas almost a week. When just on a whim I decided to see if one of my favorite pre pandemic hangouts was opened. I was both surprised and shocked to find out it was. The World Famous Green Door Club was wide open. Hearing this news I decided that I would stop in on Saturday night. I arrived about 10 pm. I was told there was only two couples there at the time. I knew I was early but I just wanted to check out the place. They had done some remodeling. They even shutoff a whole section that I use to call the vouyer pit. Only couples could enter so everyone else could only watch the action from a short distance away. By 11pm the place was starting to really fill up. I was really amazed at how many black couples and single women that were there. The sex action was happening all over the place. There were a number of single guys. However because of the size of the crowd you could hardly tell. I decided that I would just spend my time watching the action. There was a short very aggressive black woman there. She was bi sexual and made it very clear that no one was going to fuck her until she ate some pussy and eat pussy she did. I saw her drive 3 women to a number of screaming orgasms. They all claimed they had never been with a woman before. She was so aggressive that they literally didn't have a chance to say no. I was really impressed with her skills. One of my favorite was a young black couple. He was tall and very slim she was a little shorter and thick body with great curves and she was beautiful. They were actually in the act of fucking however it was like watching paint dry. She was just lying there taking it. He was was thrusting with every ounce of his body. When this little black woman said "Hey can I eat your woman's pussy?" Before he could say anything she was already pushing him out the way his woman was saying I ain't never been with another woman and before she could finish the sentence that woman had dived head first into her pussy and was licking it with a vengeance. She began screaming and moaning and moving like she was possessed. Her man tried to get back in on the action and she literally kicked him away. After she came she settled down and began to give him some head. That little woman took charge again. "Naw you eat my pussy while he fucks you and I eat you pussy. " That shit looked like a rodeo I felt bad for the guy he was being tossed around like a rag doll. And his girl was screaming like a banshee the whole time. I can tell you for me fucking is in fact a spectators sport. There will be more to follow stay tuned.

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