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Dream part of the book
Posted:Apr 10, 2017 4:32 am
Last Updated:Dec 1, 2018 2:24 pm

Start by kissing me, slowly move to my earlobe, where you suck on it, then move down to kiss my neck

While kissing my neck, you move your hands up under my shirt

Slowly move your hands up my back, lifting my shirt

With my shirt, you have my arms up over my head, and then you kiss your way to my bra

After you pull my shirt off, you start to undo my bra

When you free my breasts, you kiss a nipple, then suck on the nipple

While sucking on my nipple, you take off my shorts

Now you kiss your way down my chest to my kitty

Your finish removing my shorts, but leave my thong on

You spread my legs and kiss my kitty on top of the thong

Then you slowly move the thong to the side so you can lick my clit

As you lick my clit, you start licking my whole kitty, and then with your tongue and finger, you can feel the heat

Then you lick me from the bottom to the top of my kitty

When you reach the top, you keep running your tongue all the way up and kiss me again
Then you take off your clothes

After you undress, you hold your cock in your hand, and put it in my mouth

You fuck my mouth while your cock gets harder and harder

Then you pull out of my mouth and rub the head of your cock against my nipple

Run your cock down between my breasts all the way to where you lay it in my lips of my kitty

You touch me with your finger, to see how hot and wet I am, and then

You slam your cock into my hot, tight, wet kitty

You fuck me hard, and then you fuck my breasts, and shoot your hot load in my mouth
an expert of the book I am writing
Posted:Feb 11, 2017 7:31 pm
Last Updated:Dec 1, 2018 2:22 pm

I get a hotel room. When I arrive, I text you the room number, and then I start to prepare the room.

I have on something very special, and so cannot wait for you to knock on the door.

As the time passes, and the deck of cards are on the table, the lights down low, the tv on a movie channel, and the bed turned down, you knock on the door.

I answer your knock as when you step into the room, you grab me, pull me to you, and you kiss me on the lips. Not just a peck kiss, a kiss that involves lips, teeth and tongue. As we are kissing, you walk into the room and shut the door with your foot.

As we come up for air, you take my hand and put it on your chest. And then you pull me back to you and give me a hug.

After holding each other for a few moments, you notice the room. I lead you over to the table, and push you down into the chair. I then move to the other side of the table, and as if you would like to play a game of poker.

When the cards are shuffled, cut and dealt, we start to play poker. I am not a very good player, and have started to loose my clothing. But still have not lost enough for the suprise clothing that I am wearing.

You have only lost your shoes, but I have plans for getting you out of your cloths. After another couple of hands, and me losing clothes, I get up from the table and come around to where you are sitting, and straddle your lap, and lean in to kiss you.

When I leave your lips, I ask what would you like next, and you say you want to see the surprise clothing. I leave your lap, and turn to my phone, where I have a song waiting to be played. As the music starts I move back to stand in front of you, and start to slowly take off my shorts. You see a garter belt, and lay your head back onto the chair. Then I slowly take off my tee shirt, and you find out I am wearing a black thong, a black bra and a black teddy.

You laugh and ask if I have enough on, and I say that I wanted enough because I don't play poker all that great.

You run your fingers up my arms until you get to the straps of the teddy, and then you slowly move the straps down my arms to reveal the black bra. You then lean in and kiss my breasts above the cups. You let go of the teddy straps, and start to unfasten the front clasps of the black bra. As my breast come free of the bra, you start to kiss my nipples. One and then the other until, they are so hard, and then you start to lick my nipples. One after the other until you start to suck on them.

I ask if you like bananas, and you say yes. I move out of your embrace to the bedside table where I pick up a bottle of banana lube, and put a couple of drops on each nipple, then I ask if you would like to taste. As I hold my breasts for you to suck off the lube, you start to unbutton your shirt. You then ask me to get the lube and bring it back to you, where you put a little on your nipples and ask me to lick it off.

While I am licking your nipples, you finish taking off your shirt, and again pull me into your lap so that I can feel your cock, and you can feel the heat from my kitty.

You then kiss my neck, moving to my lips, then my jaw, and work your way back to my breasts. I put my hands on the back of your head and hold you to my left breast where you gently bite my nipple.

When I release your head, you stand me back up in front of you and start to finish removing the teddy. When you get to the black thong, you lean forward, and lick my belly button, then you finish removing the teddy.

The black thong is the only thing I have on, and you get up out of the chair, and remove your shorts, and boxer briefs. As your cock springs free, you tell me to touch it. I take your cock into my hand and start to slowly stroke up and down. You then take the lube, and put some on the head of your cock and ask me if I would like to taste. I say yes I would and then put your cock into my mouth. As you sit back down in the chair, my hand is on your balls, and I have you all the way into my mouth where I run my tongue up and down your cock while sucking on it.

You then move my head so where we are kissing again, you move the thong to the side and push me down onto your cock with my hot, wet kitty. I start to ride you, and it is just a matter of moments before you feel my muscle contract on your cock, and we both cum.
Calling out UNCC49erFan
Posted:Feb 7, 2016 5:53 am
Last Updated:Feb 17, 2018 6:39 am

Okay UNCC49erFan......you have just got on my last nerve. If I am stuck up, then you are CLASSLESS!!!!!!!!!! You are what they call a "bully" and I don't deal with bullies. You are supposed to be 50 years old, but you act like you are 5 years old. You know I had enough "balls" to put a picture up on my profile, where is yours? Did the girls in high school even give you a first or second look?

My advise to you is to go to a sex store, but a dildo and use it on yourself!

Yes I know I have a FAT ASS, but at least I can admit it. Your ass is so far stuck up your head, that you can not even see. I sure hope that you can find someone to even suck you off you fucking DICKHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No class at all looser UNCC49erFan

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