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First timers  

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11/3/2019 6:17 am
First timers

I've always been very interested in bi or bi curious first experiences. Love to hear what your first time crossing that tabboo line was like, if you care to share. Thx.

grampaakela2 73M  
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12/19/2019 10:22 am

My first time was in December 2015. I had contacted a couple on AdultFriendFinder who were in their very early 70s. The man was fine with me joining them but had 1 request. He wanted a BJ. I had never thought of doing such a thing in my 67 years; but, at that point I had been without sex for almost 7 years. we exchanged several e-mails back and forth and I agreed to give it a try. We met at their local Timmie's and then went to her place. we chatted a bit and he said that he would meet me and his girlfriend i the bedroom.
I kissed and fondled her for a few moments and he called out "are you coming?" She and I went to the bedroom. She went to the left side of the bed and stripped off and I went to the right side (where he was layin naked) and stripped off.
"give us a kiss" he said and I did. I got between them and after a little fondling and kissing he asked if I was ready to blow him.
i looked down at his cock. It was flaccid and uncircumcised. the first time that I had ever done more than give a very quick glance at a cock. i took it in my right hand with two fingers and the thumb and raised it off his belly. I drew back the foreskin and slowly neared it with my mouth pursed and open. I drew his coc kinto my mouth and began sucking. He groaned and shifted so that I could get at it easier. He didn't ejaculate but he did orgasm. I was then allowed to go down on his girlfriend and as I did, he slipped down and started sucking my cock.
All things considered, I learned that afternoon that there is more to making love than just sticking your cock into a pussy.

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