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Age and rage, sex in the mix  

Ianpoman 76M  
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8/31/2020 3:14 am
Age and rage, sex in the mix

For sex is a natural high and a reliable renewable resource! True, the drive is gentler and not as insistent as it used be. Being AdultFriendFinder I've discovered that men and women and trans are unique with different stories, attitudes and desires. Wow. That is so attractive. Sex is common ground even though it is expressed in so many different ways. I just don't understand why it is so taboo, so sketchy in our culture.

I still get angy when I read about people being abused for being part of the rainbow. Labeling sex orientation has a place I suppose, but I prefer seeing others differently. Growing up I wondered if I was gay. Thought so but also considered myself bi. At some point I have also been fascinated with being both male and female. For me that mystery called "chemistry" is more important that any label. If anything is going to happen I want it to be sane, safe and with mutual consent.

Just because I'm older now doesn't mean my passions have disappeared. Far from it. But I'm better at taming the rage and feel more sage for the new pace of things. Abuses, violence, being out of control kindle that sense of rage in me. But remembering there's more to each of us than rage, I'm grateful that sex is still in the mix. This virus calamity is a natural warning to stay well and safe and to recalibrate our passions for a possible future.

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