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Age -- myth and reality  

Ianpoman 76M  
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3/17/2017 4:02 am
Age -- myth and reality

I'm hornier at 72 than I was at 27. I got hard fast and often at 27 and loved sex. Really, though, I was too busy to engage in it as often as I wanted. Plus I believed it was all wrong to be queer, bisexual--whatever you want to call it, if you want to call "it" anything. I don't. I don't like labels. I like labia, tits, clits and yup labia and pussies, f and m. Too much NO NO NO and not enough guidance in the ethics of pleasure. So I let work and family and culture DICKtate sexual function. I was flush with a cultural circle that was as tight as a toilet hole. Age has broken down rigid social frameworks and metaphysical binders and allowed in the light and fresh air of a new regard for pleasure. Same bubbly joy of being sexual as ever but without the social corks (repressive strictures) to squelch the fizz, the physicality of mutual pleasure. Instead age slows function, not passion. A slower function is NOT an absence of interest. Far from it. Just need more non-anxious presence in the present moment. Woohoo! Cum join me

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