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Beyond the "dust and injury of age" to happiness  

Ianpoman 76M  
76 posts
9/18/2017 3:37 am
Beyond the "dust and injury of age" to happiness

AdultFriendFinder has introduced me to so many interesting, hot, sexy, thoughtful, spiritual men and women. It is so liberating to celebrate of our sexuality in a still-mostly-fearful and ambivalent culture where sex is a code word for slurs, shame and guilt. As I see it we're a society that mixes money much more easily and frequently than we mix microbes (you know, like kissing for example). But somehow we prefer "filthy lucre" to risky passion. We accept the risks of driving at rush hour more than the risks of showing affection.

We tend to adore what's "new", "young", "athletic", fashionable and pass by the etchings of time and injury. But that's not always true as so many on AdultFriendFinder have shown me. There is a kindness along with passion I've felt and experienced from a number of you. True, it's been 99% correspondence but touching all the same.

Some of us have also been deeply touched by loneliness, by complex but stable relationships, by what Shakespeare called "the dust and injury of age". But we don't despair. We don't give up. We recognize something priceless and juicy and alive in one another--perhaps between office visits, work, and a cascade of responsibilities. Our happiness, though brief and less frequent than craved, delays time's sickle. Those in the know still go with the flow. Thank you, found friends, for dwarfing time. Woohoo

coranimuscorcill 55F  
801 posts
9/18/2017 7:22 am

Sipping coffee while reading blogs of on-line friends. You are among the "many interesting, hot, sexy, thoughtful, spiritual men and women" on the site who exist beyond the superficial, Ian.
Sharing one's humor, mind, and heart is a risk, be it on-line or in person. There are risks in life, that cannot be disputed. This blogging forum can be an interesting place for one to risk written expression and receive feedback. I think it also has the potential as a confidence builder for real-time life.
Your posts are always well written, thought provoking, and sprinkled with humor. You also take the risk of being vulnerable, which is something that this reader appreciates.

You're invited to CorPlay anytime.
Kinky-ish coffee or before bed time fun in favorite chat rooms.
Life is too short not to laugh!
Peace, light, love

Ianpoman 76M  
74 posts
9/18/2017 9:24 am

Thanks, Cor. You're an exceptionally gifted writer. Vulnerabilities and risks are worth moments of shared authenticity. Wow! Way too academic a description for priceless affection. Oh to fill the world with that which sickens violence, "a satire to decay". Yes, yes, yes!!! We pray for the love of the Holy and too often miss the organic love all around us.

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