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Feeling Wholesome, Whole  

Ianpoman 76M  
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8/22/2018 8:33 am
Feeling Wholesome, Whole

Feeling a tug to take a break from AdultFriendFinder. In "All That Jazz" the main character choreographs an erotic dance--very hot--after which he concludes "We promise so much and deliver nothing." That was before social media and places like AdultFriendFinder.

I love corresponding with W and M, remain hot and horny even more than ever, but I miss the whole experience. My wife and I love each other deeply but sex is out and going to explore "senior living facility". My awkward gait and unsteady balance make using a cane easy. Caregiving is exhausting and I've neglected my own care. We've grown apart together and now I need an environment of greater interaction. She doesn't seek the same and is not ready to come with me.

I seek safe, sane, consensual sexploration. It's integral to my whole being. We've talked out our differences thoroughly. Being wholesome is not about shutting down who we really are, nor making one aspect of who we are the whole of our being. I simply love giving pleasure fully as much as receiving it. More and more I am attracted to the philosophy of Epicurus and the relatively new Society of Friends of Epicurus. It's about being whole as individuals with friends and family and living pleasantly with what it takes to have enough, to be satisfied with sufficiency and let go of insatiability and all that is perturbing.

letting go of patterns, prejudices, pre-conceptions and engaging my whole being as musician, philosopher, "masseur", pleasurer. What keeps me on AdultFriendFinder is the passion, the searching, and the deep longing for wholeness. If you've read this far, you're a friend. Thanks

pocogato12 68F  
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1/22/2019 10:52 am

This will be sitting in AUgust= forgot the first comment

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