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Making others happy even if only briefly  

Ianpoman 76  
76 posts
11/20/2019 3:27 am
Making others happy even if only briefly

I grew up desiring to be human. It's what I was taught. It's what I bought and considered what I ought to be. Then I learned that "to err is human--to forgive divine". Un hunh. Right. Sooo, to be human was to be GOOD, honest, truthful, virtuous, courageous, wise, strong, moral, virtuous, admirable. But it was also to be, uh, um, er "human" as in vulnerable, flawed, have weaknesses and imperfections.

So which is it? Well, both inseparably. We are not Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde unless our souls are broken. No, I do not like to use the term "human" for our species. Rather I have come to regard us as "humanimals". Yup. We're on a continuum with the animals, with nature and her ways. We may aspire to be "human" in some exalted way, but we become hypocritical if we deny our natural functions, including our sexualilty. It is so easy to avoid, deny, ignore our sexual self understandings (I'm not fond of the term "orientation" because it seems fixed, static, as if we don't change or evolve over a lifetime).

I have evolved. From a confused, naive, messed up boy who allowed wet dreams to equal sextasy, whose fantasies were oh so delightfully gay, whose discoveries were passionately straight, whose self-understanding was increasing bisexual. Wow.

And now I realize that for me sex is a gift of happiness, not a possession to hoard, but a moment to enjoy with mutual satisfaction from those who want to have a happy moment with me. Yes! Yes! Yes! So what that it doesn't last forever. For me I'm not sexclusive but it's fine if you are. We are not enemies. . I am into safe, sane, consensual pleasure even if brief and singular. Just needs to be genuine and happy.

Sorry to be so long-winded. It's just time to be happy, long or short. Too much pain in the world--so much unnecessary, imo. Happiness is a renewable resource. Enjoy reality.

Smooth_Michelle 68  
15 posts
11/20/2019 4:37 am

That is so beautifully written and so very true! Yes our lives change as we get older...some changes are accepted, and some are hidden and not realized. Shortcomings? Most definitely, but most don't admit them. Personally I have quite a few and admit it. Overall, I am happy to be me and Happy you are you!

Awesome blog!

Ianpoman 76  
74 posts
11/20/2019 6:00 am

What a beautiful response. Thank you so much, Michelle. Being as honest as you are (and I try to be) does help to smooth over the rough spots that we all live with, whether we admit it or not. "Smooth Michelle" fits you well.

pocogato12 68  
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11/29/2019 5:22 am

We are each responsible for our own happiness. This is a beautiful explanation of how we can "be"

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Ianpoman 76  
74 posts
11/29/2019 5:44 am

Excellent point/reminder. Thank you for your comment. I read your Feb. 2019 comment (Virtual Symposium Group) about your surgery. Bet you're fully recovered now. Health and happiness make a great pair. Warm regards.

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