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Restless, lonely, hopeful  

Ianpoman 76M  
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5/14/2018 4:17 am
Restless, lonely, hopeful

A youtube video by a young Norwegian woman on loneliness got me thinking about the prevalence and harm it causes among so many people of all ages. I was surprised to read that loneliness affects those 18--22 in large numbers. I thought it just applied to folks around my age. It's even more serious than smoking or obesity in affecting the heart and mind. And here's a young woman, Karen, bravely explaining how it had affected her, too. I was moved.

It has touched me too even though I have a loving family. True I am in a sexless marriage caregiving a whole lot. Ill health takes a toll on intimacy and sexual differences complicate matters a lot: me bi, she str8. One of the things I like about this AdultFriendFinder site is the variety of men and women who have so many different interests. I think many of us are restless and lonely. And yet we're here because we're hopeful to connect with others who are at least somewhat like us in mutually satisfying ways.

I love being naked, giving/receiving massages with guys and gals. I like safe, sane, consensual interactions and have been lucky to find satisfaction and passion here. Yet existence is rough and unpredictable. Many complain about fakes here and I suppose there are some who are just plain lost in frenzied pursuit of the elusive thrills of sex. I feel that way at times. Mostly, though, I think many of us restless, lonely souls are just hoping for some easing of the emotional pain we experience in the many daily responsibilities we face. We are not free to play for many reasons. We'd like to but other things come first--caregiving for example. Or family. Or work. Or hobbies. Or activism.

I feel for the restraints that hold us back and don't blame others or myself. I just keep hoping that schedules, health, hosting and so forth line up to allow delightful encounters of the happy kind. And I love corresponding as well. Brothers and sisters, happy hunting. Don't give up. We only need to find one another.

Ianpoman 76M  
74 posts
8/24/2018 2:11 am

Beautifully said, Michelle. Thanks for commenting.

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