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Shadow and Substance  

Ianpoman 76M  
76 posts
6/16/2017 7:03 am
Shadow and Substance

My latest photos included a morning shadow silhouetted from a bright bedside light. I didn't see how to copy it here but it's among my profile photos. It's my left breast and nipple. At 73 there changes be in body chemistry, as is plain to see. Estrogen + Testosterone - . A harmonization in me of masculine and feminine. Something not unexpected in a Gemini I guess. Not into labels personally--bisexual--they're way too definitive for an experience I consider fluid.

Soooo, cyber fun is more like the shadow on the wall, or like this electronic ink you're seeing. The substance of my mind=body=spirit trinity hologram (ho, ho, ho is really just suggested in photos and videos. These representations are history the moment taken. We never step in the same stream twice, as they say in the classics The substantial me is a present experience far more complex and engaging than my unshopped photo/vids! Age is substantial, undeniably, but it's also a huge social construct, fabricated to box us into phantoms or cartoons or caricatures representing who we substantially are.

You see my shadows but just maybe a few will get to enjoy my ..., uh, my substance. Be good to yourselves, everyone. You're so much more special and substantial than your shadows. Woohoo

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