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Simple pleasures  

Ianpoman 76M  
76 posts
12/23/2017 3:39 am
Simple pleasures

What I like about AdultFriendFinder is the freedom to be sexually expressive--yes, from self pleasuring to mutual pleasuring, to watching others pleasure each other, to corresponding about pleasures, to meeting others and participating in whatever level of pleasuring is mutually desired. This just seems so healthy to me. Yes it can be complicated by overdoing the pleasuring compulsively; by insisting on behaviors that are disrespectful of others (thinking of the #metoo outrage); by losing interest in other pleasures or obligations; by risking trouble more than respecting safety and maintaining sanity. But that's also true of competitive games, even of eating and drinkinggambling, binge this, binge that!

Here's where the slogan "Keep It Simple Stupid" is useful. Yes is Yes. No is No. And MAYBE is just that--maybe yes, maybe no. It may take time, honesty, acceptance of ambiguity to find out what maybe means. Another slogan comes to mind: "When in doubt, DON'T!" Mistakes happen but they don't have to be repeated, in fact recognizing the mistake is the beginning of making sure it doesn't happen again. This site shares the fun, often for everyone. That's enough for me. How about you? Simply have a happy ...

Smooth_Michelle 68T  
15 posts
11/6/2018 6:20 am

I completely agree with you. This is the perfect5 site to be expressive with someone else......as long as that other person is willing to be expressive with you.

Ianpoman 76M  
74 posts
11/6/2018 8:05 am

Thanks for your warm, affirming post. It's been wonderfull relating with you here. You're special Michelle.

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