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The hardon between the ears  

Ianpoman 76M  
76 posts
11/5/2018 3:43 am
The hardon between the ears

What's a lonely old guy in good shape for the shape he's in do with the adjustable hardon between his legs? Many complain about fakes and phonies on AdultFriendFinder. Not me. We may all be here because we value sex in all the different ways we value it, but actually finding matches that really light our fires is like ... like what? Finding a hardon in a haystack. While some of us may want that one and only (with exclusive access and a whole, healthy person to go with the pleasures of intimacy), seems to me most of us are looking for relief from loneliness and/or variation from the sameness to which we have become accustomed and want something more. Let's face it, some of us are just hot and horny a whole lot and it messes with our lives in many ways.

I have lots of views, flirts, hotlists, even correspondence andI love it all. What's going on in anyone else's life is beyond my control. If something nice happens between me and a woman and/or a man, that's great. It's mutual and without insistent expectations and may or may not happen again. So it goes. It's natural and feels necessary within certain consensual limits. I am at the center of no one else's life but my own. I don't want a or a pussy for a pet but rather a humanimal who is thoughtful, kind, affectionate and passionate. That allows for a wide range of behaviors and individualities. So be it. That's life.

If your eyes have swept through this much text, you're my kind of woman and/or man. The rest is getting behind what's up front. Maybe you're a care-giver or burdened by a physical condition--well that's me too. What we have to give one another that is sane, safe and consensual matters more than what we hold back. I love pets. Mmmmmm

Smooth_Michelle 68T  
15 posts
11/6/2018 6:25 am

Well said! To some degree, I think we are all wanting and needing to be able to "give" to someone else. It is definitely a pleasure to give more than receive. That definitely applies to more than just physical....mentally is just as important.

Ianpoman 76M  
74 posts
11/6/2018 8:07 am

It's such a pleasure reading your comment, Michelle. Thank you so much.

HGMDale 67M  
50 posts
11/30/2018 1:19 pm

Loved reading your post. Agree there might be fakes and phonies but hey I enjoy the chatting and cams when they work. Love just being horny and looking at the pics and getting that hard on between my legs you mention hehe

Ianpoman 76M  
74 posts
12/1/2018 2:02 am

Thanks. I'm hard up for hardons between the legs and ears, mine and others. Every opportunity is a gift.

Ianpoman 76M  
74 posts
6/21/2019 1:11 am

Thanks, Silver. I think most of live between our ears, after all, it's always "on". But to actually mix it up with someone "between the legs" is pretty special. The only fakes are the mistakes we make judging that others are going to think and feel and want what we do. It would be nice to meet up with kindred souls and see where it goes, if only between the ears Your comments touch my heart and horniness.

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