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What really matters to me! What matters to you?  

Ianpoman 76M  
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10/21/2020 4:34 am
What really matters to me! What matters to you?

Fact of life: still horny every morny . Love seeing people having fun together sexually. Too risky for me to "get out there". Very frustrating, I'll admit, but I can wait for a safer day and safer play. That's the thing about aging: everything that matters is present, alive, curious, interested. However, for me the urgency or insistent expectations are tame now.

What matters to me is cultivating friendships. Yes, I'm married. Wife has beautiful qualities but they do not include sex any more. She has always been fond of gays and always known that I'm bi. She's straight. Physical frailty has robbed us of the passion that meant so much for so long. Now we are here for each other as best we can. Perfect? Hardly. But loyal friends.

As I look back I've never been sexclusive. But like Cole Porter's song "Always True to You in My Fashion" from "Kiss Me, Kate", I am passionate about sanity, safety and mutuality. What matters to me most is the cultivation of friendship. I accept differences. Differences often get seen as faults or flaws. Sure, they can be. But only people we don't know well are really GOOD or are really BAD. We're a mix, imo. And our differences can be very enriching.

AdultFriendFinder offers the possibility of opening us to realities about ourselves that the society at large considers taboo or immoral or unfriendly to families. I feel I can be more whole with at least a number of people I meet on AdultFriendFinder. That enriches my life. I think it's great how different we all are, while sharing physical and emotional similarities. Let's nurture beauty and cultivate friendships that enliven and gladden us. Being sexy can be so refreshing.

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