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Autonomous sex toys. discussion and story.  

Icould 62M
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11/20/2018 1:02 pm
Autonomous sex toys. discussion and story.

With the advent of the autonomous cars, sex cyborgs, sex toys controlled over the internet I wonder how long before there is a giant change in sex toys.

The Chinese one baby rule caused most of generation of baby girls to be lost. This has left a generation of men either serving themselves or paying for sex. I think this plus the disconnect many people are feeling from their local society will bring on a big jump in sex toy development.

The cyborg end of thing will flourish for sure as people want to touch and be touched. Can VR and a few simple attachments be a less expensive and or better experience.

I think it will be the convenience factor as well. You come home tired but horny and just want some satisfaction before going to sleep. Be it man or woman some simply realistic or perhaps better then real experience would be welcome for many.

Perhaps it will be a two way internet connect with all the right attachments some cameras and add VR that will give people the personal connection most people seek but open up the whole world to possible partners. Making long distance romance something that could work.

Will you wear it, walk into it, or swallow it I have no idea but I am sure it is all going to change.

Ok this part is fiction.

He lay back in the chair wearing his tactile feed back suit as it reclined a slide back into the sphere. The lighting was soft, the air warm with a hint of her scent. He inhaled deeply as the door slide shut. He slide on his helmet and at once the screens inside came to life. menu down one side was controlled by a combination of eye and finger movement. It had become second nature to him.

He logged in and buzzed Sharron. Her voice reply came back clear and close like a whisper in his ear saying she would be right with him. She logged on fully and pulled him into a a VR bar setting. Drinks arrived just as he sat down.

She looked wonderful in her summer dress, her hair up and it fairly obvious she was at least braless and he was hoping to find out about the panties latter. They had meet a week or so ago and had spent a fair bit of time together since. They had had sex twice now. Once was the rushed heated frenzy of lust and once was a more planned even of slow exploration and enjoyment. At least their machines had had sex or was it they had had sex with their machines?

The drinks were cool and tropical as they looked out over the beach and the waves roll in slowly and softly. It was like a little vacation as they talked and touched, teased and flirted. It was a lot like being there in person yet not. You could make some adjustment to you actual person so your partner often saw or felt an enhanced version of you. If you had the money you could hire a desinger to make a VR you from scratch. There were even programs where you could enhance your partner to your liking. Did you have preference for taller, fitter? it could all be done.

Steve ran his had up and down Sharron's leg felling the smooth warmth of her skin. On Sharron's end she felt his fingers tracing up and down each time raising the hem of her skirt a little more. She enjoyed it and encouraged him with a smile. Her panties were very high cut or not there either way he felt himself aroused. he was pretty sure they would have sex again this evening.

They finished their drinks and decided to walk down the beach. Kicking off their virtual sandals to enjoy the warm sand on their feet. They stopped to look out to sea inhaling the salt air hand in hand. Steve turns and takes her in his arms they kiss. Steve is so glad that he paid extra for the kissing software and hardware. it made a huge difference and by Sharron's sigh he figured the up grade he had sent her had been installed. They kissed a long time holding each other closely Steve's hands on her ass pulling her into his fully hard cock. Sure enough no underwear.

playing with the menu's he flipped by a lot of bed types before hitting on the beach type with the roof and billowing sheets on the sides. Sharron noticed the bed appear and said you think I am that easy do you. He slipped his fingers between her legs and found her juices he raised the finger to mouth and tasted her. The hard ware on her end telling his end what she would taste like. He kissed her again sharing with her.

Steve wondered if this beach existed in the real world and if someday he could afford to go there. Of course i real life it would covered with people. They rolled into there bed and she slide up on top of him looking him in the eyes as she on did his belt and pants. Fuck she was hot. Her skin radian for the sun her hair light and moving just a little in the breeze. Her blue eye deep and clear. He played with the menu and her tight little Bcup breast s became C's. He brushed the straps of her sun dress off her shoulders. She held it up for a moment before letting it slide down slowly. She adjusted her settings to enhance her nipple a little. SHe alway thought they should stick out a little further then they do

more to come

There you go
That's all and none of it tragic.

Icould 62M
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11/20/2018 1:03 pm

wondering how this format will do

There you go
That's all and none of it tragic.

superbjversion2 65F
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11/24/2018 5:17 pm

It's a good format...and a good story.

If the future goes this way, I feel sorry for those that never will know the real thing. Like that Sylvester Stallone movie Demolition Man when he makes VR love to Sandra Bullock.

Sex is to Fun as Square is to Rectangle

Icould replies on 11/25/2018 9:54 pm:
it will be a loss but I have a feeling there will be more and more like this.
Sometimes It is good to be a bit older and not have to worry to much about it.
I will have to look for that movie

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