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Part of room three (erotica)  

Icould 62M
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2/4/2020 2:42 pm
Part of room three (erotica)

You may want to start with a couple posts back if you haven't been reading along. If you have been reading along I am glad you have.
I hope you enjoy part three

She awoke to soft murmurs around her. She blinked taking in the room which seemed to be padded with hook and apparatus hanging here and there. She was still in her wonderful chair.

She stood as some of the others in the room came to greet her. All touching her softly and introducing themselves. They were all lovely six men and five women so with her six of each sex, all perfectly naked except for one of the women who worn a blue belt. Noticing this she looked down to see someone had put a red belt on her and in the middle of the room there were more of both blue and red.

The blue belted women asked for everyone's attention and she could help but notice a couple of the guys were already at full salute. Ok here are the rules she said. We will take turns picking out teams with our honoured guest getting first pick. Once everyone has been picked there will be a five minute strategy session were you will get a quick look at the files on the opposing team. You are free to use anything in this room and the first team to make each member of the opposing team reach orgasm will be the winners. Remember losing is fun too.

She look at each of them closely and her first choice was a guy that she was pretty sure could have any lady melting pretty quickly, fit, dark, rugged looking and with a cock she was sure she had see in her dreams. He grabbed a red belt and joined her belt. she lightly slapped his ass as he came to stand beside her not because she was big in to sports and was used to doing it but because she wanted to touch his tight ass.

The drawing of players went back and forth and it was really hard to say who would be the key players. They all differed some big some small but they all had that certain something that oozed sex it was going to be tough to keep from cumming with any of this group around. The excitement and expectation all ready had a certain buzz going in her body as she felt her warm thighs rubbing together. She was pretty sure her pussy was getting wet all ready.

Teams chosen the files were handed over and distributed between the team members they only had five minutes to learn all they could. She went straight for known likes, wonder for a second what her file said as she looked down the list. Things like hard nipple stimulation, soft nipple stimulation, G spot and P spot reference points given, Favourite toys, favourite positions it was all there is detail.

She tried to concentrate and take in all she could. The official gave a two minute warning and then one. She nodded at her team members as took one last scan of the files looking for weak points in their opponents. 15 second was announced and the the lights went out. As her eyes focused in the dark she realized the belt were glowing so you could tell which team people were on but nothing else without groping. The blue team was going for a swarm technical as was suddenly surrounded by at least eight arms and four mouths or possible five.

They worked quickly to break down her defence. One was kissing her their tongue was like a snake but the most luscious snake she had ever felt. there was another mouth on her neck, at least one mouth and serial hand work her breast and one getting the nipple work just right. Someone was sucking her clit and their was another tongue running up and down her crack, something she had not know how much she enjoyed until just now. Her knees were weak and her body trembling already as she could see her red belted team mates move in to save her by distracting those that so expertly exciting her.

She was about to give in when they all landed in a pile on the floor and there was a cock twitching right in her face. she took a breath licked her lips and took the cock in her mouth. Her tongue working the underside her head bobbing it was if nothing else a distraction from what still seemed to several people doing there best, which was pretty damn good, to make her cum. She could feel her juices running freely which was always a sign. She concentrated hard on the cock on her mouth pumping hard and ohh so deep. She was sure she must be down to his balls. Ohh yes his balls, she worked a hand free and started massaging his balls. There was another hand there with apparently a finger or tow up his as. His cock was rock hard in her mouth and he was holding her head now. She had him she thought as she swallowed him deeper then any cock she had ever sucked.she gripped his balls and she felt the pulse run through him as the first squirt of semen hit the back of her throat, she swallowed. It all surprised her at her new found ability, she hadn't gagged but as he continued to squirt she had to back and just squeeze those lovely balls him still shooting every where, one down she thought.

They had not relented on her and was she someone had lapped up a quart of her one juices as she felt a vibrating butt plug being inserted. Fuck how did they know that she thought. There was a clip on her left nipple and a mouth on her right they were both on fire. She moved around as much as she could looking for another distraction. There was a blue belt and with some groping she found it to be a women with some reluctance she pulled them close. She had gone girl on girl in college but it had never really been her thing. She pulled he self in close.

Think ok all I need to do is what I would like as she meshed her face into the wet pussy in front of her. She thought this women maybe full cum which would mean she had taken out one of her guys, this really made her want to make her cum. Her clit between her lips and her tongue flicking.

There you go
That's all and none of it tragic.

Icould 62M
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2/4/2020 2:43 pm

That's is it for now. Hope it is enough to keep you happy...grin

There you go
That's all and none of it tragic.

superbjversion2 65F
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2/4/2020 2:51 pm

Now you have me wondering …. who, in Blogland, would I want on my team?

Sex is to Fun as Square is to Rectangle

Icould replies on 2/4/2020 3:19 pm:
would prove interesting wouldn't it. Much more fun then picking teams for a baseball game.

you could send out invites for your team...who knows what would happen.

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