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Round Two. See below for part one  

Icould 62M
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7/26/2019 9:22 am
Round Two. See below for part one

She wore her special panties as she began to think of them several times week. Each time they made her think of him and she found herself sneaking off the masturbate. She had gotten herself off more this week then she had in months and she had sex with her husband twice which was a big increase over recent months. Her new found lust had energized her and she was loving it.

She went shopping again, more stockings and another pantie, bra and garter set. This time each item covered less and more. They had the wonderful effect on her as she turned in front of the mirror she could feel her pussy twitching with delight.

She had no soon gotten her dressing gown around here when her friend Clair tapped on the door and walked in. She had heard the bell and guess John must have let her in. They had been college room mates and besties every since.

She felt sure Clair would notice the stockings a little out of place with the dressing gown so she decided to show her. Saying want to see what I bought as she open her dressing gown bent one leg at then knee striking a modelling pose.

Clair was a little surprise as even in college Sharon had been a bit of a prude. She reach and touch the ultra sheer stockings. Ohhh nice she quietly complimented. Special occasion she asked? secretly wondering if there wasn't more to it.

Bold beyond her norm Sharon let the dressing gown drop and did a turn for Clair. She knew Clair was a bit Bi and had a few female friends. She supposed she was being a tease and pulled the dressing gown back on while Clair was lost for words.

Clair's curiosity had gotten the better of her and she ask what had gotten into her smile at the "into her part" Are you having an affair she whispered?

Sharon replied with a quick no and then followed with a not really. She confided in her friend about her under the table games and how excited it had made her even wearing the lingerie was now exciting to her. She confessed sex with John had also become better then it had been in years.

as they sat on the bed Clair's hand found it's way to her knee. they looked at each other and laugh a little but she didn't move her hand as a matter of fact it crept upward as Sharon told Clair about her little strip show she did for John and how wet she was from the under the table games.

Clair congratulated her on her new found sexuality as her fingers worked under the barely there panties. Clair found her slick and warm as lightly massaged Sharon clitty. Sharon trembled a bit but told Clair no she knew she wasn't like . All the time wondering why she wasn't. She was very sure Clair was an expert with her tongue.

Clair shaking off the idea decide it might be best if she left for now and promised to get back over soon.

Sharon was now left wet and wanting as she walked into johns home office dressing gown hanging open she climbed up on his desk kneeling her ass towards him and reached back and pulled her panties aside revealing her wet and wanting sex.

At first slightly startled this out of character behaviour and then commenting he liked it. He couldn't but pick up his phone and take picture of her sweet ass with the tiny panties wet and pulled aside. Her pussy actually dripping as he unzipped his pants and slide ball deep into the heat had become her.

There you go
That's all and none of it tragic.

Icould 62M
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7/26/2019 9:25 am

All in good fun

There you go
That's all and none of it tragic.

Dutch071122 32M
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7/26/2019 9:43 am


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