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Sex with old friends  

Icould 61M
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8/19/2019 3:04 pm
Sex with old friends

It was Friday afternoon and I had had enough of work. Decide to ring an old friend and see if she was feeling the same and wanted to join me for a drink. We had worked together at one time and still met up for a a bullshit session how and then. We were both still in the same industry so there was always rumours to spread or start or fun.

Unfortunately she turned me down although she sounds like she could use the outing she sited work and family and having no time. I understood but had to admit I was disappointed. I hung up the phone wonder who else I could get to join me when Carly rang back. There was no hello just "fuck it lets go now"

Within half an hour we were warming up chairs in the back corner of our old watering hole. The waitress was still the same and still remembered our drinks which always amazed me as we certainly weren't regulars anymore. She even comment on how nice it was to see us again.

Carly headed off to the loo about the time the drinks came. I chatted with the waitress a bit about how things were in what had been my regular pub. She said thing were good but the clientele had changed a lot. She out of the commented on how nice of couple we made and she was glad to see us still together. I was about to correct her when Carly returned and they started chatting. The waitress flipping up the hem of her short skirt as she commented on it helping with tips with the young crowd frequenting the place. I just smiled think it likely worked on me too.

Carly and I had been friends a long time but had never been a couple. We had come close to a fling more then once but one of us always backed down in the end. We had a couple of drink and laughed, relaxed and started to enjoy our evening. The waitress kept us well stocked with drinks and by the thrid one I felt on pain. We seemed just to take up where we left off last time we were together, the comfort of old friends.

After circling though all our regular subjects we some ended up talking about sex or the lack of it we were both having. I was surprised because Carly was a hot as ever and I would have thought her husband an idiot not to be banging her every chance he had but then thought about my own sex life which had seemed a bit flat of late too.

We seemed to both have the same thought whether it was the drinks, the missing intimacy. or just something that was due to happen we both wanted it. I think there was a big change in our body language as we let go of our day to day realities and the idea of tonight became forefront in our minds. There was touching of hands, a hand on a thigh, a slightly nervous laugh as the dynamic between us changed. I have to admit there was a bulge in my pants with the though of being with Carly after all of these years.

The Waitress seem to notice the change in us and came up smiling I guess she knows people and knew we were oozing lust. Perhaps she could smell it. She quietly spoke with Carly and offered her the spare room of her apartment just around the corner. When she told me this I was blown away How did she know, why was she being so kind? Carly said there is one catch. To night we can use the room for free but next time she will want something in return.

In my mind this was going to be a one off and thing would be back to friends as usual tomorrow. Well normal other then maybe a little slyer smile next time we met. I said I am game it she is. I looked her in the eye wear what I am sure was a horny high school boy grin. We paid the tab, tipped heavily and head out the door key in hand.

Stopping outside the apartment I stopped took Carly by the shoulders and asked if she was sure this was right for her. She shook her head yes a grin a grin that I am sure made a little cum leak from my cock. I pulled her close and hard. I kissed her like it had to last until new years, deep wet and hard. I felt her tremble a little bit.

We tripped up the stair grouping and kissing our friendship changed for ever, better or worse. Carly said the second door on the left as I opened in and hit the light switch. Soft indirect lighting came on and we both stood there with our mouths open I am sure. This was a very well equipped sex room. A large bed cushions who's shape suggested several uses. A sex swing, even eye bolt here and there, tow sofas that I am pretty sure were design and built for sex not sitting. I pulled Carly in tight and we ground our bodies together while kissing like I hadn't felt in years. Ours cloth awkwardly fell away. Leaving the two us learn, lusting, admiring,sight,touch and smell.

We rolled on to the bed and found ourselves embroiled taking and giving all of those things that had built up in us. We fucked like there was no tomorrow and no yesterday. We shook and spasmed our way to orgasms that leave us week as kittens. Still locked in each others arms kissing , breathing life back into each other we set out to make it last and enjoy every second this time.

It was only latter as I walked her back that thought to ask what the waitress waited in return if we were to want to us the room again. Carly smiled and blushed a little. She said we would have to let her join us. She wait a moment and then said what are you doing Thursday next?

There you go
That's all and none of it tragic.

Icould 61M
3805 posts
8/19/2019 3:06 pm

inspired by Authors51 post.
But slightly different from the copy I left there

There you go
That's all and none of it tragic.

Homemadehealthy 53M
31 posts
8/19/2019 3:18 pm

Outstanding!! What a super sexy story! Made my cock swell!!

Icould replies on 8/19/2019 4:04 pm:
glad you enjoyed it

superbjversion2 65F
20836 posts
8/19/2019 3:39 pm

This was way better than old underwear.

Sex is to Fun as Square is to Rectangle

Icould replies on 8/19/2019 4:09 pm:
Thanks for reading BJ. Glad it went over better then the underware one.
I think I am going to staple them all together and self publish.

"How to abuse the English language in the writing of erotica"
"A series of short stories"

I am sure some composition teacher somewhere will take it up for examples of how not to write.

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