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So who good with an iron?  

Icould 62M
308 posts
1/22/2019 2:07 pm
So who good with an iron?

Wondering if I should find someone to try and iron the kinks out of me?

It would be simpler if having her get on top was considered the wildest Saturday night yet. Saturday night of course being your scheduled time for sex. At least if the mother in law is not staying over.

It would be easy and quick say half a hour and hit the shower. No set up time. No hooks in the ceiling. No worrying about whether you put everything away before the cable guy showed up. Or maybe no worrying about what to leave out for the cable guy to see?

Nothing much to cleanup, might not even have to wash the sheets.
So maybe ironing the kink out of me would be a good thing. No wondering what the next thing that kidnaps my mind will be.

No more if I build that where will I keep it? Can I build it so it looks innocent? Do I care?

No more strange scenes appearing in that time between wakefulness and sleep that spark a desire..

If you ironed the kinks out would life be simpler?

There you go
That's all and none of it tragic.

Icould 62M
3807 posts
1/22/2019 2:08 pm

where would you start...where would you stop?

There you go
That's all and none of it tragic.

superbjversion2 65F
21169 posts
1/22/2019 3:34 pm

Have you ever paid attention to the way a human brain is constructed? It's full of kinks and curves and twists. Nope --- no ironing the kinks out of your brain!

Sex is to Fun as Square is to Rectangle

Icould replies on 1/22/2019 3:49 pm:
Leave it up to you to come with that one. Sitting here now picture all sorts of odd sexual acts hidden in the wrinkles of a brain.

It would make for an interesting drawing or sculpture.

izwat 100M

1/22/2019 4:54 pm

one trick maybe? before you throw wet cloths in dryer fan them, for lack of a better term.


Icould replies on 1/22/2019 10:12 pm:
thanks for tip Izzy.
not sure how that relates but thanks

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