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Simply put. Are you enjoy sexual intercourse?
Posted:Feb 25, 2021 1:12 pm
Last Updated:Feb 27, 2021 9:39 pm

Simply put. Are you enjoy sexual intercourse?
Most people will give the quick answer "of course I do". Yet when you talk openly and take the time there are many who will admit things could be better or that intercourse for them is anything from terrifying to painful, lack lustre to boring.

People that have a had bad experience will often carry this for years or their entire life. The only real hope is someone patient and caring enough to work past it if possible. If that is you I truly wish the best in finding the right person to bring back the pleasure.

Not all women want or can physically accommodate a pounding from you giant slong. Some ladies don't always lubricate at the drop of a hat so be considerate. For guys there are problems from premature ejaculation to erectile dysfunction either of which can be embarrassing and the pressure to preform can exacerbate the issue.

If you and you partner aren't of the same page kink or no kink there will be a problem sooner or latter. No one likes faking it for very long. issues with different idea of what and for how long about foreplay can be troublesome too.

Now we have this lovely virus around which I am sure is interfering with many meeting up. Or at least it should be stopping you as far as I am concerned.

If you can truly say you enjoy intercourse you should rejoice and be happy for your partner and yourself. If you are not over the moon about it perhaps you need a serious talk with your partner about what is working and what isn't.

If you are in the that experiences pain or serious apprehension perhaps professional is the way to go?

Simply put. Are you enjoy sexual intercourse?
two for one
Posted:Feb 22, 2021 9:18 am
Last Updated:Feb 23, 2021 8:24 am

Flowers chocolate candles and wine.
One lustful look and you are mine.
A evening out dressed so fine.
Pushed against the wall.
The word an looks across the table.
Pulling up your dress.
Home to a slow strip tease together.
The crotch of your panties freed in my hand.
A soft bed and a warm blanket.
Spinning you and pinning you.
Our lips melting over bodies.
The first thrust deep and hard.
The slow heat building.
One hand in your hair the other on your breast.
Wrapped in each others lust.
The guttural sounds primal.
The sighs soft and deep.
The need so great.
The motion now unstoppable.
Our passions join and as one explode.
A woman's neck
Posted:Feb 16, 2021 4:16 pm
Last Updated:Feb 27, 2021 8:35 pm

A woman's neck can be a wonder.
A light finger brush, perhaps to move back her hair.
The scent of her there, .

A finger finding a path to the hollow at the base.
My nose, my breath so soft on you.
Teeth just grazing in contrast to my lips.

Can it be just right ?
Teeth, lips, tongue.
Never a mark but not easily forgotten.
Where do you take your selfies?
Posted:Feb 16, 2021 11:07 am
Last Updated:Feb 27, 2021 8:38 pm
It seems to me there is a disproportionate of selfies are taken in cars. I find this a little worry some as lot appear to be in the drivers seat when they where taken.

Do you take one before starting the car, here is me leaving and then another on arrival?

Hopefully you are not taken mid trip?

Tell me do you take selfies in your car and why?

Give and take
Posted:Feb 11, 2021 11:04 am
Last Updated:Feb 13, 2021 10:49 am

I am not a thief I do not steal.
I do not want steal from you.
But yet I feel I must have you.
You must give yourself up me then.
You must offer and let be known.
So that I may take what I need.
How much have you offered?
How much is for me take?
Is a wide straight and solid line?
Or is narrow and winding?
Will I come a stop when I see ?
Or well try and curve with force?
Is it given or on loan?
Such a subtle dance at times.
Other times so blatantly obvious.

Being sure enjoy the scenery.
And take in the attractions along the way.
We might not travel this way again.
The echo seems louder in here these days.
Posted:Feb 9, 2021 8:01 am
Last Updated:Feb 27, 2021 8:39 pm

The echo seems louder in here these days.
It comes back a little tinnier.
The crowed a little thinner.
Perhaps it is virtual social distancing.
Getting to know a pussy
Posted:Feb 4, 2021 9:36 am
Last Updated:Feb 4, 2021 12:09 pm

Have you ever really taken the time just to lie back and really get to know a pussy? To investigate fully and complete every portion of this wondrous creation?

My first experience was with the girl next door as curious and wanted to know exactly what the differences were. There was much ok I will show you and then chickening out until finally we showed each other and with each viewing we became bolder and looked closer. even touched a bit, we were very young and had yet to reach puberty.
I am sorry to say she moved away not to long after that. I have wondered more then once if She had stayed in the neighbourhood if we would have continued to be good friends and perhaps we would have lost out virginity together.

Since then I have been lucky enough to get to know a pussy or two quite well. Of course there has been casual friendships but i not think you can count those. Can you imagine the first time you are in bed with someone and they want to spend two hours looking at you pussy, touching and asking questions? Well maybe that is how it should be and we would be better off for it but that is not my experience.

Real detail knowledge of a pussy for me has always come with real knowledge of the person. To be comfortable laying back and saying so what does this feel like and would it feel better with a flat tongue, a pointed tongue, a soft tongue, a hard tongue or maybe just a finger. Things like I noticed when you masturbate you do this. Nothing better then following the directions of the long term owner of the pussy as they have had yeas to figure it out, that said sometime an outside source has a anew idea.

It can be a wonderful thing when achieve level of knowledge that allows you to create pleasure on a level. To be able to your chosen instrument creatively and with inspiration.

Of course knowing a pussy intimately is important but lets not forget all of the other wondrous body parts and of course as we all come to realize at some point to the most erotic part of a person is their mind.
The Opening V erotica
Posted:Feb 1, 2021 5:46 pm
Last Updated:Feb 1, 2021 5:47 pm

I sat there spent. Lucky the bus boy brought ice water and filled everyone's glasses. My hand still on right guys throbbing cock when I felt someones mouth above my hand. peek under the table left guy had decided finish off right guy. I moved my hand down tickle his balls and give left guy run of his coc

Looking at right guy I could tell that he too was falling victim to left guys talents. I kissed him hard and our tongues swirled. I couldn't help but lift up the table cloth and the of us watched left guy do his wor The boy gave good head i could attest that but I had never really watch a guy suck cock before and I found it very erotic that these guys guys would go at it. I could feel his balls tighten and knew left guy was about get his second desert. I could feeling right guy pump about half a dozen shots of gizz into him. It was quite a sight.

Left guy crawled out from under the table looking a little worse for the wear. The front of his shirt was coverd in my cum and and right guys leaked from his lips. I could help but kiss him taking the the taste of our cum. I them turned and kissed right guy make it a a way share. There was no offence just pleasure no preconceived ideas just lust. I straightened my dress and tuck my tits back in. Left guy motioned my panties in the bowl and ask "may I" I told him why the fuck not and he dropped them into his pocket.

We seemed to be one of the latte groups to finish and had drawn an audience that I am not sure any of us were aware of until now. There was a light round a light round of applause that caused me to blush. With this small groups moved back to the rotunda for a drin It was funny think how proper everyone looked going in and rumpled and cum stained they looked coming out. People made quick returns after freshening up. Most had a second outfit on hand by the look of it. Some quite a change from the evening dress and tuxedos they started with.

In the ladies room I found my young girl waiting for me. I guess I should have expected it. She had brought me a change of clothes as well and there were hair products and makeup set out for me. As I looked at what she had brought for me I wondered how things would turn out. High leather boot leather hot pants with a zippered crotch and a leather corset with the niple area cut out. The girl looked at me and said Miss you are free do as you like I know you have had a what must be quite a day. You have settled in well and if you would like call it an evening that is quite all right. She had known less then a day but already she knew well.

She took my hand and lead up some back stairs to my room. She helped undress and remove my makeup. I had a quick shower and was ready for bed. It had been a wonderful day but the tension had been exhausting. The girl asked If I would like company in bed and looking at my reaction she said perhaps as sisters? We crawled into bed together and spooned. Her warm smooth body comforting mine in a deep sleep.
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Sunday Sex VS Wenesday Sex
Posted:Feb 1, 2021 4:03 pm
Last Updated:Feb 4, 2021 5:02 pm
The Opening IV the ongoing saga more then ten lines, no pictures.
Posted:Feb 1, 2021 11:12 am
Last Updated:Feb 1, 2021 11:19 am

The Opening IV the ongoing saga

The girl had finished her massage leaving her completely relaxed, skin tingling and her mind refreshed. The girl offered Sharon a hand to climb of the massage table. It took a minute for her legs to firm up. She couldn't but notice her self in the mirror. Her skin slightly flushed. her breast taught, her nipples firm. She could but turn and check her ass. Should could thinking the glow it had reminded her of when she had received a bare hand spanking. She flush further at the thought.

The girl brought her concentration back as she said she had put out a few things for but she was free to wear what ever she liked.The closes sat on the bed the top of the pile would be the first item ion and worked its way down. Sharon decide to give the selections a try and picked up the the garter belt. It was black lace and lovely. next she rolled the stocking up her legs, they seemed so much nicer then what she normally wore and she wondered if you could still silk stockings? She fastened the garters and enjoy a glimps of her self in the mirror the girl smiled and nodded. Next she picked up the panties they were a french cut witch seemed a bit retro these days but she pulled then on. The sides up on her waist. The combination was perfect together.

The girl helped her slide into the dress. Both the front and the back where cut deeply and hung loose over shoulders. the waist was fitted and hugged her ass nicely. The slits up the side were enough to show the top of her stockings easily as she walked in front of the mirror learning how to use the dress to her advantage. The top was loose enough that you had a fine view of her breast for the right angle. She looked great and felt sexy as hell in this outfit and after the attention the girl had her.

The girl offered up a pair of diamond studs and a set of pearls to complete the look. Sharon sat and between to two of them they did her makeup and hair. Slipping on the strappy come fuck me heels her off fit complete. The girl knelt to do up her shoes and as Sharon looked down she was very tempted to pull her face into her pussy and ride her. She was very sure the young girl will be well versed in the art of cunnilingus. It now was not the time though and she headed for the door and down the stairs.

It seemed the cocktail hour had begun and as she walked down the stairs there were several gentlemen and ladies enjoying the view. Who was she to disappoint as she made sure her dress moved well and from their angel below there would be few left to wonder what colour her panties were.

One of the Gentlemen met her at the bottom of the stair case, offered his hand and introduced himself as Dee giving a brief explanation that it was short for something else. He seemed to know her name as did some of the others as Dee took her around a did introductions. A Gin and tonic arrived in her hand with out so much as a word. Tom must have left a list of likes she thought.

There was light conversation, much flirting and touching on all accounts. A couple of drinks in and everyone seemed to be enjoying them selves. An Announcement was made that they should find their way to the dinning room. Dee guided her to a chair as she was making her self comfortable a gent sat either side of her. To the left a young man perhaps late 20's, clean shaven and well groomed. looking fit and very tidy in his tux. on her right a gent of perhaps 60? His neatly trimmed beard was grey but looked soft and thick. He certainly was well cared for and his movement comfortable and confident, his tailor was like of some renown.

They introduced themselves as Tee on the left and Gee on the right, she noticed the trend. Looking around she was somewhat surprised as both the ladies and gents seemed to cover a great range in age as well as shapes and sizes. While they all seemed fit and cared for themselves it wasn't like they were all your stereo typical model in build. There were like her self a couple of somethings, a few older, some voluptuous ladies one portly gent. It seemed to run the whole scale.

Each course was light and varied as was her company. During the first course the young men on her left had placed his hand on her thigh while making conversation and flirting. His fingers trace the top of her stock teasing the bare skin before slowly working his way up to her panties. She noticed he was quite comfortable eating with his left hand. no sooner had his hand found the edge of her panties then the second course arrived and he retreated.

This seemed to the signal for the my dinner companion on my right to strike up a conversation as his hand first on my knee magically crawled up my leg. The attention of these tow lovely men both so different yet both sexy as hell was going on notice me. My nipple were sticking out half and inch and plainly visible through my dress. his fingers again finding the edge of my panties and teasing.

Looking around I was very sure i was no the only one enjoying some attention. One lady across from had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction and one of her breast had escaped her dress. She had large lovely breast with huge nipples. I thought mine were hard but her long stiff nipple were enough to even make me think about sucking one. The gent beside her was kind enough to slip the escaped boob back in her dress although he seemed hang on longer the what was need.

The food had been excellent the wine wonderful and my alternating pussy petters had made for a most interesting dinner. Although neither of my companions had penetrated the armour of my panties they had both done a wonderful job of teasing me to a point where there fingers were wet as the brought them back above the table and I am sure either could have made me cum at will.

As desert was announced I reached under the staff set new cutlery, a pair of scissor for each of my dinning companions and a bowl for me. I very soon found out what the scissors were for as from each side they careful cut the sides of my panties. Looking around and seeing how the game was played I sat up slightly, reach down and removed what was left of my panties and placed them in the bowl as some of the other ladies had done.

some predetermined order it seemed I would be receiving this evening and the Gentlemen to my left slipped under the table to enjoy his desert as did about half of the dinners. He wasted no time coax my legs apart I slid down in my chair to give him better access. It was so bizarre watching the faces of the other men and women knowing they had person attending to them under the table.

This young man had some skills as he ran his tongue from my ass to my clit. probing and licking. i could feel my pussy respond and my juice flow in earnest. My right hand companion had managed to free both my breast and was sucking one while twiddling my other nipple between his fingers. Normally I would have found this all quite shocking but some how the whole days events had lead me here. I reached under the table and crushed his face into my wanting pussy, my hips gyrated on him but he kept to it, faster now, more attention to my clit. I grabbed the gent to my right and rammed my tongue deep in his throat. He responded grabbing my hair and kissing me the way I need to be. with force and lust.

He was managing to undo his pants and free a very lovely feeling large cock as stiff as a fence post. I stroked him in time to tongue sometime buried deep in me and some times flicking my engorged clit. I still held him with one hand as I bucked on his face. My kisser graded me hard seeming to know. The young man below was about to get a surprise as I clenched holding my breath. Willing god and the earth pushing down my body as my hips began to shake. I could feel it well up inside of me and with all of my might I came. Not a soft quiet orgasm but a screaming push of one. I knew my oral friend would never keep up and would reemerge soaked with my cum. I didn't care a hard cock in my hand and two talented mouths it was just going to be one of those days.
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opening III erotica
Posted:Jan 31, 2021 7:57 am
Last Updated:Jan 31, 2021 7:59 am

With a wiggle of her hips her skirt her skirt slid to the floor and she stepped back. The girl quickly picked it up added it to her other clothes. Before the girl could get to her she pulled off her own panties, balled them up and throw them at the pile of clothes. Sharon was a bit embarrassed that the girl would find she made them quiet wet.

Sharon slid into the deep tub sinking to her neck in its water soothing waters. The girl sat on the edge eager to help supplying soap, shampoo, a sponge. She washed Sharon's hair and massaged her scalp, As Sharon stood she was there to wrap her in thick towels.
Climbing from the tub the girl suggested a massage her movements a bit like the women on a game show indicting the massage table.

Sharon thought why not as she had no plans until possibly a drink before supper. She climb on to the table let her towel be taken from her as she did. The girl offered a bowl of warmed oil for her approval. It was extremely light as she dipped her finger in it seemed to all most immediately be adsorbed her skin yet it left a little sheen made the skin warm and smooth. It was also all most scentless Sharon could not place it at first but new it gave her a contented feeling. She eventually decided it reminded her of a bed that some wonderful love making had happened in, a combination of people and hormones.

Sharon said yes this would fine and soon after felt it trickle in a line down her back. The girls hands were stronger then she had thought likely as began to work on her from her shoulders down. Spreading the warmth of the oil as she went. relieving the muscle tension with skilled fingers. Sharon felt the world fade slightly as she closed her eyes, she dozed and enjoy.

The girl worked on buttocks now and Sharon seem to wake a little as warm oil was drizzled over each cheek and down the crack. She enjoy the sensation as the girl pressed firmly and smoothly over her cheeks. She relaxed and let the muscles loosen. When the girl had her very relaxed she began alternating between massaging and relaxing her cheeks to running her finger down her crack, which felt lovely but caused her to tense. The combination of the two proved most interesting and as her finger past over Sharon's tight ass hole there was a little quiver added to the mix. with each stroke the girl hand ran a little further and was now causing Sharon to part her legs slightly. A little oil ran down onto her pussy as she did, now that it was needed.

The girl was now pausing to circle Sharon's tight sphincter not probing yet just sort of massaging it before running her finger between her labia and brushing her clit, then back to the muscle massage. Sharon could actually feel her ass and her pussy relax and tense although the tensed a little less with each cycle. Then without her really noticing any change to the girls technique she had slipped well oil finger in her ass and her other hand was probing her pussy. Sharon found herself completely relax and yet working towards an orgasm. the girl thumb her oily clit and added a second finger to her ass with causing any stress. She felt it coming but not wanting to break her trance like state she just let in wash over her. It seemed so simple in the moment an completely rushed orgasms that built over several minutes until it was all consuming, devouring her entire body but at the same time the most relaxed laziest orgasm she had ever experienced. It was almost like a it all happened in a dream. Sharon's seemed actually return to er dozing state and the next thing she knew the girl had worked her way to her feet.
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The opening II
Posted:Jan 28, 2021 3:17 pm
Last Updated:Feb 1, 2021 12:55 pm

was a block full off older multi-story homes well kept and stately. He opened here door and gave her his card. If you should need anything Miss just call. He took her hand and helped her from car curb in exchange she allow her skirt ride as she slide out of car, opp she said and smiled at driver knowing he had had a little peek. She so enjoyed playing tease and knew most men enjoyed just as much.

She looked back from door driver waiting make sure she got in safely or perhaps he just enjoyed watching her walk stairs. She smiled back at him as she slipped inside.

Her heals clicked as she walked through tiled entry. first room she came across brought word sitting room mind. there were an assortment of sofas and chairs, a baby grand off one side. nest room obviously a den and decorated a man's classic taste. Over stuffed leather chairs, a deck in the far corner, the bar trolley finished the look.

Further back she discovered a well appointed kitchen. Just as she was peeking in the fridge a male voice quietly uttered Miss. Turning mind immediately said butler. His dress and action let no room for any other conclusion.

Again starting with Miss, I hope I didn't startle you. The Master said you were likely arrive. As this is your first visit perhaps I can answer some question and offer a few insights. He has set room second floor what he hopes will be your liking. Please let know if not and I will try and accommodate and changes you wish. There will be others arriving later this evening you of course are welcome join in as suits you. I would suggest that a brief rest and freshening in your room . May serve you well for evening. Please feel wear any of item in your room and request any others you desire. Dinner will be served at or you may simplify request eat in your room although I am sure you would enjoy meeting some of others. There a maid available attend you and she will stop by your room shortly if that suits you Miss?

A little over whelmed she followed his suggestion and headed stairs. She found door open was hers, number . rest of doors number one through seven were closed. Although tempted open one of others just see she thought better of .

Stepping into her room she was surprised. room was large fresh a bright. Large windows, a big canopy bed, a small desk she thought she had once heard someone call such a deck a secretary. Also a dressing table with lights and a huge assortment makeup, look through a bit of it most of it was brands she had at home. Stepping over closet and sliding doors one way she found a large assortment of clothing. start with jeans at end worked its way ball gowns and finished with latex and leather.

She laugh just think of what his choice might be for her wear. Sliding doors other way revealed a large assortment of shoes and a dozen dresser drawers. The shoes ran the gambit from trainers thigh high leather. Pulling open a couple of drawers so an assortment of lingerie the would put a specialty store to shame and the was also an assortment of toys ranging from a simple dildo to crops and restraints.

She turned to find a young lady dressed as a maid. She curtsied and asked if she found everything to her liking and if there was anything she need added to the collection. Sharon was still pretty much over whelmed and shook her head no. The young women smiled and asked if she should run a bath. Sharon nodded yes. The maid was off to the bath Sharon sat at the dressing table just taking in. was like a luxury vacation better. She wished Tom would be back tonight. She didn't know how we did but her body ached for him when she was not with him and she turned into a she junky when he was near. She seemed to have no control and found his touch so erotic that she that he could make her cum in seconds. thought of him had her a wanting women and she was sure about cream her panties.

young maid stepped back in and announce her bath was ready. She followed Sharon in large cast iron tub. water steaming and a slight scent of sandalwood emanated from thick layer of bubbles.

Coming around I front of her maid began unbuttoning her blouse. Sharon at first stepped back but look of disappointment young ladies face made her smile and step closer. As she step around slide blouse off of Sharon's arms She then unfastened her bra and let Sharon slide off over her arms. Draping blouse ad bra over back of a chair she asked , may I Miss? Sharon's puzzled look was enough was enough for her offer further information.

Your lovely breast have lines from your bra Miss. I was wondering if you would allow massage them alleviate this? Again girl seemed so eager do her job Sharon agreed figuring she could always ask her stop. As turned out stopping was about last thing she wanted this young lady had talent. What started as a simple cupping of her weighty breasts then became a full handed massage of first one breast and then the other. Sharon's breath caught in he throat as she massaged around her nipples. Sharon felt her hips move slightly as wondered why anything do with this man made her so wanting.

girl must have noticed her arousal as she felt her warm mouth over nipple, sucking slightly her teeth grazing its hardness. Her mouth mimicked other breast by her skilled fingers. Just as Sharon thought she would need sit down before she sprawled floor clutch herself young lady reversed her advances a full hand massage once more before stepping back, smiling and saying now they look perfect miss.
Sharon looked down see her breast flushed and her nipple hard buds. She agreed they looked wonderful. Her breath still short she smiled back.

The young women unbuttoned her skirt and pulled the zipper down slowly.

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