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intro to a new story  

Icould 61M
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2/12/2019 4:35 pm
intro to a new story

It was perhaps a little late in life to be looking for patron. He did all right out of his studio but sometimes thought a overseas holiday or a new car might be nice. These things always seemed just out of reach these days. He had never really suffered for a lack of female company and since starting up his drawing classes he found he had a steady amount of ladies showing interest. Although many were married and looking for some excitement. Many of them asked about private classes. He had quickly learned that most would drag him into a quagmire he had no interest in.

Then recently he changed his advertising and and began see more interest in his classes from female executives. He enjoy them as they were generally straight forward, looking for a little relaxation and a change from the office. They were general on time and didn't hang about to much after class which shortened his work day as well. Many had take some arts of one form or another as part of their post secondary education so that also helped out as they weren't starting from scratch.

For this group it was time management and getting the most out of there leisure time. That didn't mean they didn't hit on him as a mater of fact it might have been more often. I was more direct though not asking about one one classes or trying to time things to when their hubbies were at work and or the were at school. There was one women who he enjoyed very much. She was quite demanding as far as the where and when went. He would also say she was aggressive in bed to point. The really interesting part was he could make her cum like gang busters and from her reaction he would say that wasn't the usual for her. Once she had a couple of orgasms she was pure joy and seemed to just flow to his wants and needs.

There you go
That's all and none of it tragic.

Icould 61M
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2/12/2019 4:36 pm

I think it has potential.

There you go
That's all and none of it tragic.

bitchkitty2017 67F  
5299 posts
2/12/2019 5:10 pm

nice start but the outcome will always end up the same..lol

superbjversion2 65F
20836 posts
2/12/2019 6:07 pm

Art class, hm? Good start.

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