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round three, the true meeting  

Icould 61M
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7/28/2019 9:05 am
round three, the true meeting

John sat in his office looking at the photo on his photo of his wife's sweet ass and wet pussy thinking about how great it had felt to slide into her when she was so ready for him. She had been so hot inside it drove him to fuck her harder then he had I a long time. He shot so hard deep inside her. He hadn't like for years at least not with Sharon.

Just as he was sitting back reliving the view of his cock sliding in and out of her glistening with her juices as he took her from behind. There was a quick knock at the door and Steve poked his head in.

Sharon said dinner is a ways of and we might want to have a drink to pass the time. John waved Steve in and Steve plunked down in the large chair in front John's desk. John glad to be behind the desk so his hard cock didn't show. While he was some what distracted with he set his phone on the desk.

Steve got an eye full before the screen shut down. Motioning towards the phone Steve asked who was ? John a little flustered Steve had seen the photo. After a bit of a pause John decide to confide in him. was actually Sharon. Steve said wow I wouldn't have guessed I thought it was maybe ahh what was her name you had the fling with?

John shook his head. Steve and John travelled for business together so they knew most of each others secrets. John went on telling Steve about how his sex life had improved greatly over the last few weeks and how Sharon somehow seemed emboldened recently.

Steve sat back grinned and said enjoy it chase it encourage it. John nodded and thought yes encourage it. Just then Sharon call dinner was served and they toss back there drinks and headed for the dinning room.

Steve pulled out a chair for Sharon and sat down beside her smiling as John did the same on the other side of the table for Steve's lovely wife Susan.

As the small take and courses went Sharon felt the now familiar hand of Steve's on her knee. She had worn a little shorter again dress and this time was nervous about her bare legs and even more so about wearing no panties. She was aroused before even coming down stairs and now with Steve's fingers slowly pushing the hem of her dress up she could but squirm.

Had she just caught Susan winking at Steve. Sharon looked at them both but neither one was prepared to give the game away.

John was startled as he felt Susan hand lightly brush his cock through his pants before she began to lightly caress it. He was at a loose as to what to do so sat and enjoyed the teasing.

the time they finished dinner and moved to the living room Sharon was sure she had left a wet spot on the dinning room chair and watching Steve run his figures under his nose like a fine cigar had been enough to make her quiver a little.

They sat talking laughing and drink wine. It was subtle at first Steve siting beside Susan his hand at times on her leg. Each time he moved it away he managed to raise the hem of her cocktail dress a fraction of an inch. Sharon could tell John had noticed and was watching with interest.

Sharon a little bit drunk and a whole lot horny started recrossing her legs regularly. At first out of nervousness but then purpose as she started to flash a bit of her bare pussy each time. Steve and Susan both seemed to notice right away and gave encouraging smiles.

the the time the ladies excused them selves to head for the powder room Steve had Susan's hem up far enough to expose her shapely thigh. As see stood a little bent over and pretended be a little off balance o her heels she pretty much landed tits first in johns face. Standing and pulling the top of her dress back up a bit she smile and apologized. John just smiled and said anytime.

In the powder room as they talked and touched up make up Sharon felt Susan's hand on her ass. I was right you are commando to night she giggled then slipped her hand under her dress and cupped her ass. Did you know Steve had talked about how sexy he thinks you are? Sharon nodded but didn't tell her less then an hour ago he had had his finger in her wet twat. She return the flavor saying I am sure John had enjoy her splash landing a few minutes ago.

When they returned to the living room Susan quickly sat down beside John. Susan settled in beside Steve and he put a arm around her so she snuggled in a bit. His right hand almost immediately land on her leg where he not so subtly this time started to raise the hem on her skirt. She caught herself trying to pulling back down before relenting and spreading her legs a little.

She was looking directly at John as she spread her legs and she could see his approval the twitch in his pants. Susan smiled as well slipping a hand between her own legs as she bit her lower lip.

Steve now had his fingers on her spreading her labia as she spread her legs wider so lost in the lust she found new courage and seeing Susan touching and exposing herself wasn't hurting either. She wondered how long it would be before John notice he had another show going on beside him.

It only took a minute actually and copying Steve john start to touch Susan. It wasn't long before both of them was watching another man finger their wife. Both of the ladies were slumped back enjoying the attention, watching the men and each other.

Susan unzipped Johns pants and worked his hard cock out. Sharon came moaned and soaked Steve's hand. Susan cheered her on before bending over and taking John in her mouth.

Sharon heed a cock in side her got up and pull Susan up with her giving her a hard kiss on the lip had just been around her husband cock. She then wasted no time sitting reverse cowgirl on John. She took him all and just stayed there letting his settle as she didn't want him cumming yet.

Steve and Susan were quick to shed some cloths and Steve was taking her from behind as Sharon began to ride and watch. Her lust so from the even of teasing and erotic seen before her she drifted off to a new place a place where she was sex. Her body had only had one purpose pleasure. Pleasure for her and those around her.

She rode John her pussy squeezing and stroking with skills she never new her body has but the it wasn't her body anymore it was pleasures body. She could feel the flood coming. It started so deep in her first just heat and the wetness. She knew john would react to it and pushed down on him hard letting him feel her on him as she shoot so deep. her eye closed she moaned as the second wave hit they would make a flood between them flowing lust.

There you go
That's all and none of it tragic.

Icould 61M
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7/28/2019 9:06 am

Well I enjoyed that. I hope you do too?

There you go
That's all and none of it tragic.

Tmptrzz 57F
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7/28/2019 11:10 am

Oh my yes I thoroughly enjoyed this story of yours, thank you so much for heating my morning up now I think I need a cold shower. I hope you enjoy a very peaceful Sunday..

Just your average every day run of the mill nana here!!!

Icould replies on 7/28/2019 11:56 am:
Thanks Tmptrzz
Glad you have enjoyed it. I know you turn out a few good ones of your own so makes for high praise.

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