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she knew exactly what he wanted  

Icould 61M
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7/28/2019 12:31 pm
she knew exactly what he wanted

She knew exactly what he wanted as she squirmed around on the bed on to her back with her head hanging over the edge.

She still had the vibrator in hand he had caught her with. He was so quiet peeking in behind the door stroking his cock without a sound while she worked the vibrator over her clit and then deep inside her before heading back to little bud.

She just happen to catch motion out of the corner of her eye. A couple more minutes she would have been so busy cumming she never would have saw him. She didn't let on at first she even slowly moved to give him a better view.

Finally she said honey is you and poked his head around the corn. Yes it was his little head. She grinned and said bring here and lets see what we can do with it.

Now she was laying there the head of his hard cock on her lips as she lay there looking up. He put his hand on her throat as he slowly pressed his cock into her. Watching her eye were still saying fuck my face baby.

As he got deep he cock feel his cock in her throat and he moaned with pleasure. She knew just how much he liked this and she worked he clit as he watched the show. His hand never left her throat feel each stroke as she felt him grow harder and harder. She knew he wouldn't be long, he never was like this and she know he would press as deep as he could when he came. She would be ready.

She took him all as shot onto her he could feel he struggling to swallow it all. push with each shot of deeper in to her until his spent cock slide from her mouth. His leg shaking he sat down on the bed.

Assume the position now you are going to return the favour. Nodding he slowly assumed a position not to much different then she had been. She turned a placed her wet pussy half an inch fro m his lips and grabbed his hair.

She pulled his face into her pussy and he started licking. She moved her hips and pulled him here and the hair. She squealed when she steered his tongue to her tight little ass, he never missed a beat. She even let him breath now and then when she remembered.

She was grinning her clit on his nose while he fought to get his tongue deeper inside her. She felt it coming and knew it would be mouthful for him as she fought to let it all go. Her shaking gave it away and he redoubled his effort as she moved his flicking tongue back to her clit. She had both hands on his head now applying so much pressure he thought he was sure to be buried but he continued on to bring her across the finish line.

Her thighs shaking as those to clamped on to him. her head back a deep guttural moan started in side her search for a way just as her did. He lapped and swallowed,lapped and swallow as she shook lost in it now.

They lay there touching breathing quietly now as their bodies relaxed and then recycled.

There you go
That's all and none of it tragic.

Icould 61M
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7/28/2019 12:32 pm

that's been a bit of typing

As always enjoy.

There you go
That's all and none of it tragic.

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