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you know what happens at conferences right? (erotica)  

Icould 62M
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8/20/2020 12:39 pm
you know what happens at conferences right? (erotica)

you know what happens at conferences right?

So I know you didn't trust and why would you?

Being faithful is not exactly one of my best qualities. I failed at it time and time again but his was the first time I fell for a setup.

I knew you were friends with Sharon who worked with a similar firm the one I worked for.

It was a day out of town conference that both I and Sharon were registered for. It was one of those light work load ones with time for some fun in the sun and taking in a bit of night life.

The first day after arriving , checking in and the welcoming lunch a few of us were up for cocktails in the hotel lounge. There was the usual flirting and what not and more then a couple of ladies that seemed like they were looking for some evening entertainment.

Joe and I would had met a couple of other conferences decide to team up and made arrangements to meet ladies at a club down the street a bit latter. A quick nap, a shower and a bit eat and off the club I went. Joe was there already and we chatted a bit about the ladies that were meet us, nothing solid as I like see what they might have in mind.

There arrival was amazing. They both showed up in some pretty hot club wear and immediately drag us up on the dance floor. my surprise and pleasure it seemed they likely knew each other better then I thought and seemed want make dancing a group effort. They also made it plain that they weren't shy. With the them taking turns getting close and personal with bot Joe and I on the dance floor i had developed a raging hard on.

Nancy noticed it first and came in close as she slipped and down and rubbed me as she smiled. Getting Samantha attention she some had a hand in my crotch as well. I knew then I would be hard all evening with these around. A couple of songs and a drink and we were also horny at the first mention of heading back the hotel everyone was keen.

We all landed in Joe's room and with a drink in our hands we were all dancing in a group again the only difference was the touch had turned into out right groping. A hand up under Nancy's short dress found her bare wet pussy and a moan from deep inside. Seeing Joe had Sam's top down and his mouth on one of her nipple as her massaged her other breast. She smiled as she saw watching.

Clothing slipped away as we enjoy the excitement of each others bodies. Every time I felt a wet slick pussy felt my cock jump with excitement. I couldn't wait feel that warm wetness around and bent Nancy over the deck and hiked her skirt up. I slide in slowly enjoying every second. Once fully impaled she push back grinding against . My hands gripping her tits as we started fucking hard and fast. In the mirror I could see Sam riding Joe. twerking on his cock as he cheered her on.

Whispering in Nancy's ear that she should go sit on Joe's face she turn and grind at as her dress hit the floor and she climbed on the bed slowly lowering her soaking pussy on Joe's waiting mouth. I was just happy watch as the ladies enjoyed fondling each other breast and kissing deeply. I could tell if Joe was suffocating or about cum I am not sure he knew either.

Nancy swing off of Joe's face waved over. while bending Sam down she grabbed my cock and puled in. She pushed my cock into Sam's pussy along Joe's. The feeling was incredible. the tightness of her double filled pussy plus the movement of Joe's coc I must have been good for Sam as well because a she very quickly stiffened, grunted and soaked all of us. This of course only spurred us on. By the time the of us uncoupled the bed was soaked and there was such a mixture of cum.

This just left the lovely Nancy ready for some fun and all of us turned our attention her. We positioned her on her side so that I could lick her sweet pussy and Joe was licking her tight ass, Sam was again fondling her breast and kissing her with great passion. I am pretty sure she came at least a couple of times like this before telling me she wanted what Sam had had.

She had given us boys enough time recover and we were more then happy oblige. She climbed on Joe in reverse and laid back on him as she worked his fat cock into her pussy. I wasted no time in joining him in her pussy. We managed to get a nice rhythm going no small feet for people but when it works it is great. Sam head was back and she was moaning and asking be fucked, saying how full she felt and how hot it was. Nancy start figuring Sam's clit and I knew that would be it for all of us when Sam's pussy start pulsing with a life of its own.

I felt Joe jerking and felt the heat of jizz lube Sam's pussy even more. She was swearing and frantically try fuck all of us at once. I felt my balls tighten and Sam growl she was cumming again. I push in deep and let it all go in a wonderful orgasm. As the peek ebbed we ended up in a quiet sweaty pile lazily touching and kissing.

It was a night to remember that is for sure.


The next day Sharon approached me and asked if I had fun at the club? What could I say but yes it was fun to let off a little steam even though I hadn't seen her there. She replyed that we had left early before she had a chance to take us down. I was thinking ohh shit re-living the dance floor groping session in my mind.

She went on to say how she had run into Samantha this morning and she told her that you and Joe were fun guys and that I should spend an evening with you if the opportunity was ever to arise. So now I am thinking I am completely screwed when she asks what we were going to be doing tonight. Causally I shrug and mumble something. She can see the confusion in my eye as she suggests 8:00pm. I give her Joe's room number and hope he is up to having sex to saving my ass. Strange but it seem to be the way it is working out.

After much joking on Joe's part and pleading on my part he agrees. We are sitting around his room having a drink when shortly after 8:00 there is a light knock at the door. It seemed a bit awkward as I invited Sharon in and made her a drin Joe taking pity on and seeing I was nervous he took the lead and start kissing Sharon and folding her breast through her blouse. It didn't take her long to back and she had Joe's cock out and her blouse unbuttoned in no time. Joe with a node of his head gives me the get in here.

I get on my knees and gently spread legs. Kissing here stocking clad legs, removing her shoes and massaging her feet. reaching the top of her stockings I push her skirt higher finding a lovely<b> bush </font></b>smelling of shampoo and her. I can't help but bury my face in her as Joe had a nipple in his mouth while he Twizzles the other one. This women seem right at home with guys crawling over her trying learn her secrets, I had no idea how sexual she was.

We took turns eating her and she was more then happy to do a little face siting. She fucked my face so hard I thought I would either cum or suffocate, luckily neither of those happens. Sharon was bent over sucking Joe's cock much to his pleasure and he moaned every time she took him deep. with her ass boobing in the air I could help myself as I knelt behind her and worked my cock in to her. She was of those woman that seem to cream on your cock continually, a trait I very much enjoy.

We took turns fucking her and I am sure she came several times. Her pussy was sloppy mess just the way I like it before we got to the DPV. joy underneath her and me behind as ai work to squeeze my cock into her as well. It seemed she was made for this kind of fucking and certainly seemed to be enjoying it by the sounds coming out of her. Then she started begging to have her ask spanked and her nipples squeezed, of course we were happy to oblige.

I have to admit this lady knew what makes her cum as I reddened her ass with my hand and Joe worked her nipples relentlessly she started to shake squirt and scream. it was all we could do to keep inside her as she thrashed. Man I like fucking this woman she knew what she wanted and knows how to cum hard. I think we all let go on her Que and how could you not as she took us all over the edge.

We lay there relaxing in a puddle of cum and lust. Sharon left looking dishevelled, blouse partly buttoned and her bra in her hand. At the door she turned blew me a kiss and said don't worry every thing will be fine. i took this to mean she wasn't going to say anything to my wife.

My first day back at home went pretty much as expected getting home a bit latter then usual and falling on to the sofa with a beer. My wife Sandra sat down beside my and asked how the conference was. I replied tiring which was the truth. She nuzzled in and was kissing my neck whispering not to tiring she hoped. We started making out and I had her blouse open and her bar undone, she had my pants unzipped and we were just enjoying teasing each other. She says quietly that she spoke with Sharon today and she asked that we call her next time Joe is in town. My guard up a little she says what I think is "doesn't Sharon have the juiciest pussy ever?" While I try and process this information the door bell rings.

She says you had better get it. I was about to ignore it but straighten myself up a bit and try and get my hard cock back into my pants. I find Sharon at the door and my mind gives up trying to make sense of things. She says hi gives my cock a squeeze and heads straight for the sofa where my wife is sitting. She has made no effort to cover up, her tits out and her skirt hiked up. She is sitting there lazily playing with her clit.

My mind slowly pushes through the fog of not understanding and into enlightenment as Sharon sits down hugs my wife and then kisses her passionately. She spreads wider to let me enjoy watching her with herself.

She says that she heard I had been a very naughty boy at the conference and as punishment I would be made watch but not allowed join in tonight. I was told to undress and pull up a chair as they wanted close watch .

I sat there cock in hand told not cum as I watched my and Sharon become completely free with each other, the inhibitions gone as lust and pleasure became all that mattered.

There you go
That's all and none of it tragic.

Icould 62M
3807 posts
8/20/2020 12:40 pm

Commenting to make AdultFriendFinder come one more time....lol

There you go
That's all and none of it tragic.

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