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Gender Tags in AFF  

IdahoBiCD 57M
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12/27/2019 8:21 am
Gender Tags in AFF

Good morning, afternoon, evening , night to you:

I'm debating on starting a regular blog here, time will tell. For today though I'd like to chat about something I've seen occur on my own profile page here. This is NOT a slam to our often visited website--rather it is a comment on something I am trying to understand as far as how AdultFriendFinder categorizes gender in members.

When I signed up I selected Male and Bisexual as my option. On a dare one member teased me about wearing panties to work. I took his dare and since have learned I enjoy wearing lingerie, panties, hose, and the occasional bra. I don't often wear them in my daily life and I don't wear external women's clothing.

As I've begun play with these clothing options I've posted several photos here on AdultFriendFinder. 90% of them aren't accepted for Profile photos and are moved over to the Other folder. I either leave them there or move them around to my other albums.

AdultFriendFinder Customer Support has actually been great. We are emailing back and forth as I try to better understand their policy on why some lingerie-ish images are okay for the Profile album and some are rejected. I have images of me in stockings, garter, bra, and<b> crotchless </font></b>panties... It's pretty apparent what my gender is. But they don't work on a profile page.

The reason I received from AdultFriendFinder Customer Support is "Gender Mismatch."


Here is the main part of this entry... I don't identify as Trans. Maybe I should? I am asking other members and doing a bit of research elsewhere on the topic. I am a middle aged, married, bisexual, bearded, male with body hair who enjoys periodically wearing women's undergarments. Of course there isn't an ID designation for that on AdultFriendFinder but I'm not entirely sure it qualifies as a "T" for gender. And really, how many of us men out there really know what we are looking for when we search for the T classifications other than what we may have seen on porn sites?

My concern is that I do not want to offend any member of the Trans community by accepting that "T" gender ID just because I want to display panty photos on my Profile Page. I think that is self-serving and inconsiderate to those who live a lifestyle difficult enough as it is to have also deal with additional misunderstanding.

Yeah, I know, it's my own concern and quite possible extremely rare on a site primarily used for hooking up. Still, I'm thinking about it.

As I wrote earlier this isn't an anti-AdultFriendFinder post at all. If I can't post some images on my Profile page because of policy due to my selected gender designation that really isn't an issue. I have several albums that contain what doesn't get accepted as Profile worthy. It's not that big of a deal. None of the photos have been rejected for display, only for display in the Profile Album.

I think really it is me wanting to understand more about the true Trans community, a more respectful way to use my language, and maybe even to better grasp my own fluid nature.

Thanks for reading. I'm not going to use a bunch of colored, different-sized text if I continue to write here. That gets difficult for me to read and remain focused on. Your mileage may vary.

To your best life,


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